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The Basic Structure of a Case Study Template

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Now that you have’t understood the meaning of a case study template, how will you structure it if it is used in your research and writing? You should pick a template. It’s cheap and will provide you with a structure to start you off. A good template will give you the necessary information for your study and prevent you from run out of ideas or formatting your paper wrong. So, what are the essential elements of a case study template? Let’s find that out by reading through this post! Read more about  essayswriting review

The Use of a Case Study Template

A template is part of the introduction of a research report. Its primary function is to guide the readers on what to write about in their papers. In a simple way, it works as an outline for the whole report. So, you won’t have to worry about losing points when the template doesn’t show what to include. Now, what are the essential parts to have in a case study template? They include:

  1. Introduction

The first paragraph of a case study template gives a clear definition of the entire research report. What are the factors that need to be included in the introduction? These sections should be:

  1. Context of the problem statement

What does the audience say at the beginning of the research report? Is it a theory statement? Or an interesting question that the readers might ask? As such, you should tailor the template to have keywords that will explain the subject matter in the final section of the report. 

  1. Evaluation of the findings 

This is the section where you state the outcomes of your research. Is it a theory declaration that states what is present in the thesis statement? Or an exciting answer that justifies the hypothesis. When you have the accuracy, it becomes easy to apply the mistakes made by the writers and publish relevant reports. 

  1. Discussion 

Is the analysis conducted by the writers after the data collection process? Is it an overview of the entire case study report? Or is it a discussion centered on the results after the research? If you fail to determine the answers for the questions, you won’t be in a position to revise the template and get better results. 

  1. Conclusion

Lastly, the introduction should contain a summary of the entire research report. Here, you’ll indicate the thesis statement and link it to the study. Remember, this is the last part of the introduction section, and you should summarize it in this section. 

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