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Understanding APA Dissertation

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Understanding APA Dissertation

If you are not familiar with the basic dissertation citation styles, then you can simply utilize the style of the APA format. This time, we will be dealing with an APA dissertation paper. You can actually apply the same instructions form this style to the style that involves MLA or even Harvard. However, in order to make it clear for you, we will be discussing the three most important aspect of writing an APA research paper.

What is the significance of using a citation style for a research paper? The first reason is that you can actually make your paper more credible by putting details about your source of info. This is a good thing because you can make your readers appreciate the quality of your work. Through citation, they will know where you acquired your data so that they can also check whether you have a reputable info or not. The second reason why you need to reference your sources is to prevent plagiarism(read ). When you are going to use other people’s documents, you are actually copying it, intentionally or not. Therefore, in order to prevent the writer from thinking copyright infringement, you need to cite his work in your paper. This is also a professional way of recognizing the contributions of other materials to your research.

Let us now go to the three most important aspects in citation. The first one is the pagination and technical specification of the paper. Most of the time, APA research papers apply the one inch margin standard in all of the pages. Afterward, you should also include the title of your work in the upper right hand corner of each page. After the title, you should put the corresponding page number.

The second aspect in writing an APA dissertation is the application of in-text citation. This is actually the main process in citing your references. What you need to do is to copy the other document’s parts. You may do this indirectly or directly. The more important thing is you will put the author’s last name together with the publication year of his work. Enclose these details in parentheses after you copy the sentence.

Lastly, writing the bibliography page is an important citation aspect as well. You can have a small page at the end of the thesis for your reference page. It should contain a list of referenced materials. Each entry should have the author’s name, year of publication, title of his work, the place of publishing, publishing company and sometimes, the page and edition numbers will be required.

If you wish to see a sample APA dissertation, you may download a few copies from our site . We have a dedicated Samples page so that you can download free samples anytime.

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