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What do experts have to say about hpv?

Viewed 28 times23-8-2022 10:42 AM |Personal category:health

A. Advantages and disadvantages of various commonly used methods and options
(1) laser and electrocautery therapy: applicable to most clinical situations, hpv是什麼accurate positioning, small damage to the surrounding normal tissue. Disadvantages:Treatment depth requires skilled operators to master, deep wound healing is slow, especially in the external genital area. Wounds are prone to bleeding and infection, and fumes are prone to air pollution and medical-derived infection, requiring strict personal protection. So it is not suitable for warts that are relatively close to each other, very large in number, huge warts, etc.
(2): microwave for treatment: also applicable to most of our clinical research situation, with more accurate positioning, small damage to the surrounding normal social tissue structure, no bleeding and low recurrence rate, no smoke, no air pollution. Disadvantages: the depth of learning of the treatment technique needs to be controlled by our skilled operators, and the wound needs to be prevented from infection. Huge warts are not very suitable.
(3) Freezing: Suitable for single lesions, small lesions, flat clinical type, disadvantages: easy recurrence, sometimes the formation of autografts around the lesion.
(4) Photodynamic therapy: Applicable to mucous membrane and skin tissues, such as urethral orifice, vaginal wall, vulva, etc. It has the advantages of safety, effectiveness, low recurrence rate (can clear subclinical infection), no pain or mildly well-tolerated, etc.
(5) Drug therapy:Bamboo leaves, grass fat, etc. There is a certain degree of corrosiveness, so it is necessary to protect the surrounding normal tissues, otherwise it is easy to form the surrounding normal tissue implants. Not suitable for the application of mucosal warts. Genital warts are difficult to identify, so patients should not take medication on their own.
Imiquimod cream for topical use has immune response modifiers, the advantage is that the corrosive effect is not large, patients carry out their own choice of medication, convenient, disadvantages: need us at least 4-16 weeks of medication, too time-consuming, there is a certain degree of irritation, but also can develop some skin shallow vesicular surface, for large warts is not recommended for companies alone a rely on this drug treatment.
Second, the use of comprehensive treatment can prevent recurrence and achieve clinical cure
(1) physical methods to remove the tumor as much as possible;.
(2) application to carry out immunotherapy drugs: application as well as immune preparation injection and topical application, etc.
The combination of the above studied methods effectively carried out technique application, after 3-6 months of follow-up all types of skin lesions caused by HPV infection can be cured by clinical cure. But for the above analysis methods are only applicable to all kinds of benign lesions, so HPV infection caused by lesions early we find the problem very with important, but also some HPV infection and all kinds of warts can achieve automatic clearance, but doctors can not tell in time which patient belongs to their own automatic clearance of the virus and self-healing people.
(3) Treatment of site-specific infections: mainly for high-risk cervical HPV infections
Current scientific research techniques have shown that persistent high-risk HPV infection students of the cervix can cause cervical cancer by. Therefore, it is very important for us to remove the infection from the cervix effectively and prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer at an early stage. The current means of cervical cancer prevention is early and timely detection of precancerous lesions by means of vaginal speculum visualization, cervical smear (TCT), colposcopy (biopsy pathology if necessary), HPVDNA testing, etc. These teaching methods cannot be used just to detect cervical precancerous lesions so that different therapeutic management approaches can be taken in early childhood China. But they are not a better way for screening to detect cervical high-risk HPV and mild cervical lesions, especially corporate for young knowledgeable women who have not had children, the current society to remove the network virus and cure provide the corresponding lesions.
It is gratifying to note that after years of scientific exploration, we have figured out some experiences that can eradicate early cervical lesions and eliminate the virus, pending further scientific validation.

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