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Today, the age of computers is upon us, and it is hard to deny that they have become an integral part of daily life, not only at work. If you can type freely without having to look at the keyboard, or improve your typing speed and accuracy, you will be more efficient.

Today I am going to discuss WPM Typing Test to Speed Up Your Typing & Expand The Sped Of Typing By 10 Fingers, so if you'd like to find out more about it, keep reading this post.

The importance of typing

According to statistics from the site Ratatype, men type 44 words per minute on average while women type 37 words per minute with an average accuracy of 92%. With an average typing speed of 44 words/minute, you can type an A4 page (average 500 words for font size 12 and single line spacing) in about 12 minutes. When compared to the average of 15 minutes to handwrite an A4 page, this speed is relatively fast. Using a computer with a fast typing speed will be somewhat more beneficial than writing by hand if you want to record the ideas that come to mind.

Learn to type with 10 fingers

There are four main lesson groups on that teach free 10-finger typing in English: beginner (familiarize yourself with the position of keys on the Qwerty keyboard), intermediate (practice typing short sentences), advanced (practice typing text and familiarize yourself with symbols and numbers) and practice (play mini-games and learn the Dvorak keyboard - see more about keyboards here).

Here you can practice typing in Vietnamese. The typing study website guides users through 15 lessons on how to type with 10 fingers. After completing these 15 lessons, learners will be able to remember where the keys on the keyboard are, whether they are dealing with Vietnamese or English. Because it is translated from English, the interface is not always intuitive and learning to type in English does not teach many ways to remove accents, but, after completing these 15 lessons, learners will be able to type in any language, whether it is Vietnamese or English.

We (myself and my entire family) have used Typing Master software when learning to type with 10 fingers and feel completely satisfied. We recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to type with 10 fingers. The software interface is very simple, although it shows hands and fingers to type, so even my mother who doesn't speak English can learn (and now she is typing 50 words/minute. All she needs to do is type 10 fingers without looking at the keyboard).

This software incorporates more advanced features than the two websites above and allows you to see your typing speeds from the beginning to now, the key with the highest error rate (so you can focus on learning that key again), tests, mini-games, as well as widgets that let you see the number of times you typed incorrectly even outside the program.

The Ratatype page here allows you to test your typing speed and accuracy. The speed of 70 words/minute and the accuracy of 99.5% will be awarded Platinum, the speed of 50 and 87.5% will be awarded Gold, and the speed of 40 and 96% will be awarded, Silver. It's also difficult to hit 99.5% accuracy speed because I can only type 2 wrong characters, so when I type, I'm a bit shaky, fortunately still, but the speed isn't very fast. This certificate is a way to verify my current typing speed as well as confirm what it means.

Occasionally, I will use 10fastfinger to test my typing speed, not to practice. Typing speed is slower than in RataType because only short letters are typed without numbers and symbols, so typing becomes much simpler (I typed in Vietnamese with English). Up to 140 words per minute. Nevertheless, it has a strong point in that it can test typing speed in many languages (Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese are all available). The account is linked directly to Facebook and displays a list of the fastest typists, so you can brag about your accomplishments (haha).

Practice improving typing speed

Typeracer is the only site that I still visit occasionally in the hopes of improving the speed. The website is built as a race where participants will type the same text (excerpts from different books, when typing all the text will show the source of the passage and the complete path). (Links to Amazon). 

If you want to participate in a race, either register or race as a guest (Guest), and race against players around the world. On the bottom, there is a record of the fastest speed at which other players have typed the same text. Recently, this page also added the ability to open a private racing room and invite friends. Having the ability to invite friends to compete is also quite helpful.

While I have reached the highest rank of typeracer (which is Megaracer for an average speed of 80+) when I go to a race to type, I still lose and I also want to improve my English speed so probably still pop up from time to time. When bored, I normally type 1-2 paragraphs to feel more relaxed. Racing in this type of race is tiring, so I can never race more than a few laps, but it can be fun sometimes.

To improve speed, the most important thing is to focus on accuracy first. In the future, it will be very difficult to correct your mistakes if you don't focus on the correct placement of your hands from the beginning or typing by letter. With hard work, anyone can reach a point where they are not dependent on slow typing speed, but can completely turn typing into a habit so they can relax their minds and think instead of typing. For being dependent on it.

As well as the above websites, there are many more with the same purpose, but after learning and using them for a long time (and comparing different websites), I believe that they are the best.


How long does it take to learn to type with 10 fingers?

It takes less than 10 hours to learn to type with 10 fingers at about 15 words per minute, and another 5 hours to master handwriting at about 20 words per minute. The best way to learn is over a short period. An average of one lesson a day over 10 days is recommended, followed by five days of practice typing.

5 Tips for Improving Your Typing Speed & Accuracy

  1. 1.) Start with the correct position. When practicing your typing skills, it's important to use the right-hand placement. 
  2. 2.) Don't look down at your hands.
  3. 3.) Keep a good posture.
  4. 4.) Put your hands in a position that is comfortable for you. 
  5. 5.) Put it into practice!

What is type touching?

Touch typing is a method of typing without using the sense of sight, or by simply feeling the keyboard. As a result, the sense of touch is only minimally involved since this typing method is governed by muscle memory through extensive training with the correct typing method.

Why is it so hard to learn to type?

This is because your brain does not have to fully process the words you type; instead, your fingers are executing a sequence of movements. This is particularly true for words you type frequently. The main caveat to muscle memory is that you must learn the correct movements before you can automate them.

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With the help tips here I have for sure increased my typing speed. I will share this post on as well. I am impressed by the content here.
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I am always searching online for articles that can help me. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also. Keep working, great job!


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