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Exploring the development and future of e-commerce

Viewed 14 times29-6-2022 12:24 PM | general, monopoly

There is a lot of bickering in the headline platform about the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce and stores at the moment. As the saying goes, the public has a point, the public has a point! From here I feel to explore a little bit of their own ecommerce payment platforms hallow views for you to laugh!

The development trend of e-commerce.

First, the advantages of concentration (monopoly)

E-commerce platform can basically be called an oligopoly market, this monopoly is not a general monopoly, is a relatively high degree of concentration monopoly. At this stage in China's numbered network platform can not be more than ten, and involved in the field is very common. For example, those who sell food and those who sell innovation. For the upstream customers, I have how many registered users, you listen to me is how much; for the middle and lower reaches of myself, not in my shopping here you can buy no place.

Second, the industry profit migration

Industry profit migration I am explained in this way. Originally you want to go to a large shopping mall to buy objects, you have to take a car or drive to it. By car, you have to buy a ticket, driving to pay for gas and parking fees. This profit is now all migrated to the logistics company. Since you don't have to go out anymore, there are two or three monopolistic organizations that let you solve all the stages. Then this product from the moment it leaves the factory, all the profits are also occupied by these few industry monopolies. The original set of old distribution links involved in all aspects of revenue sharing companies, all completely defeated prototype fabrication by a good number of monopolistic oligopoly market.

Third, social development technically touches the bottomization

The original old circulation industry must have a variety of excellent talents, including public sex traffic drivers with A driver's license, welders and plasterers for store renovation, and also mall event planning staff for these. Such positions, a very large part of which must be higher vocational education diploma. And today? Sorry, no longer needed. If you are young, literate (secondary school can be) physical and mental health, so that a good number of oligopoly market in the freight logistics (the future is likely to self-driving), express and other areas, basically no big technology content, and do not need you to become a generation of talent before you can serve.

Fourth, the socio-economic development of harmed

Bourgeoisie this call recently very fashionable, I feel is the rise of e-commerce after the old proper nouns grant new meaning. No evaluation here! Before often said 360 lines, pay it forward. It is a pity that in the future there are not so many areas, at least appear to shrink above half. In addition the dominance of e-commerce along with the increasing number of areas of serious harm with each passing day. I will give an example, hundreds of freight companies each go and Sinopec to talk about oil price discounts and monopolistic large logistics companies a go, we feel that Sinopec will make a compromise on who? Some partners want to say no concessions, which is good, monopolistic oligopoly monopoly market turn around you can find China National Petroleum, CNOOC. And at this stage of e-commerce in addition to monopolistic mine box and other injuries, but also has a citizen information personal privacy collection problem. The people watched the TV series Yongzheng Dynasty, right, in which a corrupt official wrote an extremely bullish book called Hundred Officials Act. I think all of you thoroughly figure out the damage of this, the key time to be stuck in the neck by others you think to take a life not afraid to die?

Five, social issues divisive

How much of this e-commerce is really a private enterprise? How many are foreign assets of the project investment? Behind the golden father obtain all your information content, our country's security, personal privacy in addition to the problem by who to bear? At the same time the use of a good number of areas of oligopoly market monopoly, so that many traditional industries have gone bankrupt and closed down one after another, these old employees who contributed to the construction of the country how to install?996 blessings, etc., you are also preparing in advance to sing in opposition to the labor contract law promulgated and implemented in China? On a related note, the use of religious beliefs to hoodwink the big guys just brass murderers, and the use of fiscal policy tools to hoodwink the big guys is the way of the bully.

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The development trend of e-commerce industry

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