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5 Tips On Working With Satin

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5 Tips On Working With Satin

The word “Satin” brings the impression of something soft, glossy and comfortable. When you start sewing something like satin on an easy to use sewing machine for beginners, you will understand how various you can actually perform while being in your sewing machine. Satin looks beautiful in appearance but it is absolutely hard to manage due to its slippery nature.

Today we are going to give you helpful and easy tips on working with satin.


  • Cutting tips for satin:

Satin is the sensitive piece of fabric so when you are about to begin the work, you should first check your sewing supplies. Your scissors or rotary cutter must be sharp enough to cut the fabric in one go.



If the blades of the scissors are not sharp enough then the edges of the fabric will look ugly as well as the thread of the fabric will be ruined.

Unlike the other garments which we can cut double layers or in some fabrics it’s easy to deal with double layers at one time. Satin is a bit different than the rest of the materials and we all know that just by touching it.

No matter if you are using a rotary cutter for cutting or you are using scissors, there must be a control over the fabric.


  • Use Good Needles:

When you are sewing a satin then your best sewing machine for beginners must be perfect to work with. The needle is one of the most important parts of the sewing. Hence, it must be sharp. If there is a breakage of the needle in the middle of the work, you have to do double work. First, you need to snip the stitches from the satin and then adjust the stitch marks.


  • Deal With Raw Edges:

Fraying is the nature of the satin fabric so if you are a sewing starter, you must be really patient to deal with such material for the first time.

In this case, we suppose a French seam can help you in hiding the raw edges of satin and you can complete the project in the most peaceful manner. No matter if you want to prepare a pillowcase or a dress, add French seam in your sewing criteria.


  • Use Fabric Adhesive Spray:

The next thing all seamstress can go through is the slippery nature of the satin. Once you are on the sewing table to prepare something exceptional out of the fabric, you must have some tricks in mind to handle the fabric better.

We advise you use fabric adhesive spray to keep the satin at its place and to improve the support. This spray will hold the fabric firmly at its place until you are done with the stitching. However, just use it in a small amount and keep it out of your children’s reach.


  • Use Decorative Stitches For Finishing Seam:



As we have discussed earlier that satin frays easily. Now what we are actually focusing on is a seam. How to sew a seam easily especially when it comes to the satin fabric? Let’s move towards something experimental and that is decorative stitches. We would recommend trying this on some rough satin before applying it on your actual project. Moreover, click here to find out Which is The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners and Fashion Design Students where we select top rated sewing machines for beginners and home sewers.

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