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How not to quarantine? 5 tips for students, teachers and parents

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Until April 30, all schools have switched to distance learning. Some of them had already started to use the possibilities of modern technologies little by little. However, most teachers, students and parents had to urgently learn new ways of teaching.

Distance learning requires respect

Everyone should understand and accept this. Today the world is in such a position that we have no other choice. But this does not mean that learning, acquiring new knowledge should stop. That is why the new circumstances imply additional responsibilities of all parties involved.

Of course, you can give the whole family a couple of extra hours to sleep, but the schedule for weekdays should be mandatory. Think over the regime: study, rest, entertainment. Moreover, the daily routine must be developed and "approved" by all family members unanimously. In the near future, we will all sit at home together, and it is better to do this amicably and in agreement.

Learn to use educational platforms

Consider that the future has come to us today. The most effective distance learning tool is educational platforms. There are also resources for writing written papers. Since help is needed in writing papers, help with essay can very well help with this. this will help save time in your studies. It contains sections with all school subjects, textbooks for download, Chinese classic literary works and films, motivational videos for children and parents about classes during the quarantine period. And, of course, information on the prevention of the virus. The educational section includes video lessons on all school subjects recorded in various schools in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities.

Set boundaries

This advice applies to everyone: children, parents and teachers alike. If you agree that you are doing 4 hours a day, then this time is declared "sacred" for everyone. To write the work, you also need to allocate time.There is a resource that will help in writing written works. This will help you compensate for the time for other tasks. Parents are busy with their own business, and do not rush into the room on trifles, students work, and do not sit on the sly on the phone, and teachers are in touch and answer all questions that arise. It should be noted that boundaries should be set and respected by everyone. Do only at the set time, and then do some other things, and parents do not send their children "to do their homework" if they suddenly think that the child "has nothing to do."

Develop rules for online communication

In conditions of general stress and uncertainty, the most effective and at the same time calming will be the established rules. Therefore, the teacher will have to develop and present to everyone the "Code of Online Communication". Describe in detail what social networks, instant messengers and groups you use to communicate with students and their parents, at what time you are ready to communicate and answer questions that arise, and also during what period you answer letters and messages.

Since everyone may be somewhat disoriented right now, the teacher can help everyone get their thoughts together. Explain how to communicate correctly and correctly, how to ask the right questions, describe the problems encountered, and seek help. Establish that communication should be as helpful and positive as possible. And most importantly, these rules now apply to everyone.

Get creative, experiment

The massive transition to online distance learning occurs literally in these very minutes. This means that new methods of work, approaches to students, presentation of material and much more are being developed and tested. This is why the teacher can now experiment with lesson formats. Introduce new types of lessons, set new tasks and ways to solve them. For example, try doing a lesson-task. It does not have to be solved in one lesson, it can include the acquisition or development of the knowledge provided by the training program, the study and systematization of information from the side of children, and also provide for discussion and joint work in microgroups of 2-3-4 participants.

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Reply bondjunior 12-7-2021 05:14 PM
This is very useful article, thank you!
Our life completely changed because of quarantine, and we have to find the ways to live like that, using online platforms. Now all my work is online, and I spend a lot of time near the computer. Thanks to now I have plenty of free time, because editors from this site are really helping me with my academic writing.


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