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How to Cut Drywall Quickly

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How to Cut Drywall Quickly

Hanging drywall can seem intimidating especially for first timers but with the appropriate tools and methods, you will surely get through it. Drywall is made from the gypsum cement and then covered with paper to add extra strength plus a smoother surface. Drywall can come in thickness varying from ¼” to 3/4” and the ½” thickness is the most common type. The longer the drywall sheets the heavier it gets and you need a fairly strong tool like an oscillating multi-tool to handle the toughest drywall cutting. The following steps are very important to take to cut drywall successfully.

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Get the Right Tools

You need quite a few tools to cut your drywall effectively. The tools needed here are:

  • Utility knife
  • Measuring tape
  • straight edge
  • Drywall saw such as oscillating multi-tool
  • Drywall keyhole saw
  • Sanding block or drywall rasp.

Your drywall can be cut by sawing or scoring with scoring being a better option for cutting drywall sheets into lengths while sawing can be used in cutting holes, and openings for your windows and doors.

How to Cut Drywall Quickly by Sawing

Make sure you mark the locations for your cut before any other thing and measure twice before making your cuts once to avoid making serious mistakes. To cut your drywall by sawing, simply make the cuts from the front side and if possible, keep away from roughing up the surface paper.

For the door and window cutouts, a high-speed oscillating tool or rotary tool must be used to cut around the openings while the sheets are still in place. You should measure before cutting the sheet before any installation is performed after cutting. Simply measure horizontally from the room to the edge of the jamb before transferring your measurements unto the drywall.

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Make sure to mark the waste portion to avoid cutting out the wrong piece. Measure in a vertical motion from the ceiling or up the floor before transferring the measurement unto the sheet. Mark your drywall with a straightedge on the face before making the shorter of the two cuts with your oscillating saw. Score the other line before snapping off the cut piece of drywall.

Other Drywall Cutting Applications You Can Do Quickly

There is a wide range of drywall cutting you can handle quickly. For instance, electrical box cutouts, and hanging of drywall, can be handled in a similar manner. When cutting drywall, you should have a helping hand with you. Make use of pencil for your marking because some markers can bleed through drywall paints. For a clean-cut of surface paper, you should use a utility knife or sharp blade. Have a garbage collector nearby to collect all trash or scraps. You should consider taking breaks in-between and avoid doing too much at a time. Most drywall cutting errors do occur when you are tired. Read Top Product Tested LaserLevelHub for more reviews and guides on cutting drywall quickly.

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