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Evaluate the quality of your sleep with these 4 criteria

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We know how important sleep is for the body's balance and quality of life. We also know that not getting enough sleep and not enjoying a good quality of sleep ends up being detrimental to full health .

Indeed, getting good rest is the basis of good physical , psychological and emotional functioning.

Believe it or not, we sleep for almost a third of our life. And things happen during sleep: the body regenerates and grows , muscle pain is erased, learning is consolidated and a "big cleaning" takes place on the emotional level.

What is the quality of sleep?

However, too often, we neglect the essential periods of rest and we shorten the nights which should always be restorative. We should sleep well every night. But what is it like to sleep well? And what does it mean to “have a good quality of sleep”? 

Sleeping well is above all about waking up in good shape . Eh yes ! It is through its impact on the following day that we can assess the quality of sleep during the night.

Repeated discomfort and fatigue are a sure sign that “something needs to be done” to improve sleep.

Sleeping enough makes you look refreshed. If you don't sleep enough as per body requirement you may look older than your age, it happens because of not giving enough time to your body, and this makes people think about how old am i today, and why do I look older than my age. 

Sleep needs vary greatly from one subject to another. Some lucky people can settle for 5 hours, while others need 9 or 10 hours to feel good . It is so, and there is nothing we can do about it.

The only valid compass is the feeling you get when you wake up :

  • If after a short night, we wake up in good shape, it is because this period is sufficient and that the sleep has been serene.

  • If after a long night, we wake up tired, it means that we need extra sleep, or that the nighttime scenario did not take place in optimal conditions.

Does this definition of "sleep well" suit you?

The criteria for evaluating a good quality of sleep

If you are looking for more scientific arguments to measure your quality of sleep , I refer you to a report by the American Sleep Foundation * (National Sleep Foundation) which isolated four indicators of great relevance.

1. Fall asleep in less than 30 minutes

A time to fall asleep longer than 30 minutes can be due to two things:

  • You go to bed too early for your internal clock and therefore you are not ready to sleep,

  • You did too stimulating activities right before going to bed.

Taking a long time to fall asleep generates a vicious cycle that ultimately disrupts sleep. Adjust to your internal clock by going to bed when you feel tired and not before. Choose relaxing activities before bed and, of course, ban the screens in your bedroom.

2. Don't wake up (often) at night

It is considered "normal" to wake up once or twice a night, especially when you start to get older (over 65).

If you wake up more than once or twice a night, you have to find out why. This can be the result of sleep apnea, pain, or discomfort. talk to your doctor.

More commonly, this is due to a meal that is too rich or taken just before bedtime. It is therefore necessary to have dinner early enough and light enough to give the body time to digest.

3. Being able to fall back to sleep easily

As soon as you are more than 20 minutes awake in the middle of the night, it is important not to start ruminating on the difficulty of falling asleep . It is a vicious circle that is difficult to get out of.

It is better to get out of bed and leave the bedroom for a relaxing activity , such as reading a book or listening to music. Above all, avoid screens!

4. Sleep 90% of the time you spend in bed

To have a good quality of sleep, you should do nothing other than sleep once in bed (apart from a few cuddling sessions or more…). Even reading that can stimulate the intellect is not always a sure ally to sleep well.

Screens and anything related to near or far at work are obviously prohibited for a good and rapid fall asleep and restful sleep.

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