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Personalized customer experiences with digital signage

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Retailers and other businesses struggle to compete for customers' attention when they have access to information instantly on their phones. To address this issue, digital signage vendors provide personalized experiences.

Where did all this Digital Signage personalization come from?

Digital signage isn't just used to display simple advertising messages anymore. Moreover, they need systems that can deliver content tailor-made to various types of customers and employees.
Ashlee Franken, the marketing coordinator for SC2 Supply Chain Services and Solutions, said, "Our company utilizes digital signage to communicate everything from benefits information and payroll notices to employee events and recognition."

"Our primary objective was to find a digital signage solution that would be able to provide immediate updates, full support, and give our company creative control over the messaging and format," Franken said.

A vendor must excel at the top of their game to meet the growing demand for creative control.
What are vendors doing to meet this demand?
By creating a better content management system, vendors can deliver customized experiences by handling different types of content, including highly interactive content. Data-triggered content is also being integrated into CMSs for direct customer response.

In the email, Debbie Dewitt, marketing communications manager at Visix, said that the new idea is data-triggered content. "This involves setting up a conditional logic process set up with the data feed and then the software takes care of it all," Debbie Dewitt said. Depending on how you map data elements, the software can decide what to display on the screen.
A simple way for end-users to engage directly with their customers is by integrating social media feeds. For example, Santa Clara University uses its network of 80-displays to better connect with students using live social media feeds.

In an email, Nicole Morales, director of digital media technologies, school of engineering, Santa Clara University, said, "We can now securely incorporate URLs from outside sources and integrate live feeds from social media networks."

Vendors are continually developing new tools to improve the end-user experience.
Is there anything on the horizon?

End-users beyond basic tools will increasingly use digital signage. More and more advanced tools will be used to reach your customers, such as facial recognition, widgets, reporting, analysis, etc. These demands will have to be met by digital signage software.

According to Dewitt, the software will shift from 'show this to everyone' toward 'show this to this individual,' based on configured parameters. People will always want to post video or message now and then, but they will spend more time configuring than designing content.
Dewitt also identified a major trend for the next two years: "An expansion of the number and types of data sources and triggers that clients can use and the ability for the software to simplify and improve the feature set to facilitate the automation of data and interactivity."

Digital signage solutions must support relevant content - and that is a key takeaway for end users.

As long as they keep that in mind, they can maximize the potential of digital signage as the technology develops without becoming enslaved to "button-pushing."

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