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Classic Brands Hercules Heavy Duty Metal Queen Platform Bed Frame Review

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Classic Brands Hercules Heavy Duty Metal Queen Platform Bed Frame Review

A bed is what every piece in a room revolves around on. A frame can single-handedly elevate the ambiance of your room, making the choice of a bed crucial. 

Characteristics of a great bed are good comfort, style, robust framework, durability, efficiency, affordability, and most importantly, that it should lie within your tastes and preferences. 

Platform beds are currently one of the most popular bed frames in the market as they can embody all the above qualities and more. Well-known for their storage solutions, stability, flexibility, and versatility, platform beds are considered an excellent choice for a purchase.

They come in various styles and sizes, made of different materials and refined with different finishes, making you spoilt for choice.

We hope our review on some of the best platform beds will help in your decision-making, as we point out their main characteristics. Also, see this article if you are looking for the best heavy duty queen platform bed 

Robust Framework and Mattress Foundation

The frame is a sturdy construction that can hold considerable weight.  The bed can hold up to 700lbs, equivalent to 317.515kgs, even though it weighs 24lbs; 10.8862kgs. It goes to show the strength of its framework.

Moreover, the bed frame offers excellent support to the mattress and even memory foam and latex mattresses. Compared to the traditional structure, it can give support without the need for a box spring. 

The bottom of the frame consists of thick metal bars that hold up thinner metal bars running vertically across them. Forming a mesh structure helps increase the frame's stability and balance the mattress, most significantly, foam mattresses.

Furthermore, the frame helps to keep your mattress fresh. The absence of a box spring enables air to flow directly to the bed. The spaces between the metal bars allow free airflow through the mattress, keeping it fresh all through.

Durability and Easy Maintaining

Its heavy-duty metal structure assures you of its durability. It can withstand the tremendous force applied to it due to its metal construct and sturdy framework.

The foundation is also has capped legs that prevent floor damage such as chipping and breaking. It even rusts resistant thanks to its black coat paint, making it easier to maintain; all you need is a damp cloth to clean the bed.

More so, cleaning underneath the bed is made more accessible by it is spacious so that you can reach under the frame without a struggle.

Ample Storage

With it being a platform bed, it is sure to provide storage solutions for you. The frame is 14 inches high, providing 13 inches of plenty of storage beneath it. With this, you can fit in your suitcases underneath, adding a closet space or even have it as a hidden space for your private things.

Its storage solutions go beyond the space underneath the frame; it also includes its folding ability. When living in a tiny area, you can do with the situation by folding it in when you wake up and out when you need to sleep. Read more this article 

Noise-canceling Design

Everyone hates a noisy bed. The squeaking and screeching strip you of a peaceful night sleep and can keep you up due to irritation. The Hercules Heavy Duty Metal Platform Bed Frame saves you from this ordeal as its design ensures noise cancellation.

First, the bed is very stable with twelve points of contact with the floor, firmly holding it to the ground such that it'll experience little to no movement while you are on it. 

 Additionally, its capped legs help reduce the frame's noise when moved, such as cleaning.

Flexible Framework

If you travel a lot or move into places often, it is most advisable to have a folding bed at your car's back. The Hercules Heavy Duty Metal Platform Bed Frame offers you this leverage.

The frame is foldable in all sizes, making it flexible for situations like confined spaces, trailers, or a studio apartment. You can fold it in and make more room for your stuff and fold it out when you need it. 

It also makes moving relatively less task full as all you need it to fold it when you move, as compared to other beds where you have to disassemble the entire foundation when moving and re-assemble it when you move in.

Easy Assembly

The quick assembly of this bed tops it, making it one of the best platform beds you can find. We can all agree very few people like assembling a bed. It is time-consuming and is physically draining when you have to handle many screwing, hammering, and lifting bulky parts.

With the Hercules Heavy Duty Metal Platform Bed Frame, you do not have to go through this. Its quad- folding metal box spring makes its assembly relatively easy and fast. You do not even need tools for this; follow these instructions and be done in minutes.

Assembly Instructions
  • Take out the components from the box and place them on the floor. 
  • Unfold each of the halves and lay them on the floor.
  • Place all the six main legs in an upright position. It does not include the other four lend legs as they each have their separate support nuts. 
  • Hook on the support arms by rotating them onto the bolts, then tighten them using the installed wing nuts. 
  • Flip the base over for it to stand in an upright position. Bring the two halves together using the keyhole and lock them in place. 
  • Place your mattress (and foundation if you like) on top of the base and enjoy; 

The Classic Brands Hercules Heavy Duty Metal Platform Bed Queen is a sturdy, durable, flexible, and efficient frame that encompasses various qualities that make it one of the best choices for you to purchase.

Furthermore, it is quite affordable, with its price range being $75.99- $157.07. It comes in various sizes; therefore, its inclusive of everyone's preferences; Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, and California King Sizes. 

Without a doubt, this guide is going to be incredibly insightful in helping you choose the best bed frame that meets your unique requirements. 


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