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Problems That May Occur in The Daily Use of DTF Printer

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Problems That May Occur in The Daily Use of DTF Printer

DTF Printer has been one of the choices of more and more garment printing factories. In response to the surge in global demand, we are constantly updating our technology and products, aiming to provide better quality products and services to our customers. All machines will operate normally in daily use, but after a long time of use or because of improper operation, and long-term maintenance measures are not done, as well as the storage of supplies is not done, may also lead to the phenomenon of printing results do not meet expectations.

1. White ink nozzle clogging test strip

DTF printer white ink particles than other color ink is larger, easy to precipitate caused by clogging. Many manufacturers in the design of the white ink stirring bar or white ink circulation system will be set to effectively stop the clogging caused by white ink precipitation.

So when you turn on the machine every day, be sure to clean the printhead before printing operations, the night before you can do a little maintenance of the printhead moisturizing. Many manufacturers now have the ability to self-start the printhead moisturizing maintenance function.


As shown in the figure: DTF printer out of the white ink nozzle is obviously clogged, so this time, you need to promptly clean the nozzle. After cleaning, and then test strip printing, if the excellent uniformity, no broken needles, broken strips and other phenomena, you can continue to print operations.

2. rubbing film

Film rubbing phenomenon occurs because of the film speed and printing speed differences, there is a reason is not set properly pressure pressure wheel. Scuffing film will make the entire print invalid, the screen is scratched, but also damage to the printhead. Because rubbing the film means that the printhead is almost pressed against the film in the print, the printhead damage is great.

Therefore, the above situation requires timely communication with the technology, temporarily stop printing work. Wait to adjust the speed and pressure, and then see if there is damage to the printhead, and then proceed to the next printing work.

3. DTF printer PET film oil return

Some customers may have questions, DTF printer supplies are not good quality, so it will return to oil. And PET film feel oily, will not be bad to peel. But the fact is: the greasy feeling of the release surface is mainly caused by the management system of the isolating agent, not greasy feeling items must not be good, in fact, some greasy feeling of the release film surface coating is more proportional, residual adhesion rate is stronger. But some pure shreds are not very dense, silicone oil is very easy to fall off. This can all be judged by inspection.

So if you buy a lot of PET film consumables, you must remember to store and protect them as required. Otherwise, a lot of waste will occur later. At the same time, after the design is printed on the PET film, timely cutting and pressing into the garment, so as to avoid long-term storage may be damaged by moisture resulting in the original print results all.


4. DTF printer printing process white ink flow

Some times customers will feedback why DTF printing process, not yet into the dusting stage, but the white ink flowing everywhere? There are three reasons. The first is that the PET film is not properly stored, affected by moisture, resulting in ink flow. The second reason is that the PET film is not good enough to absorb ink, the ink will not move to produce dripping phenomenon. The third reason is that the film and ink do not match, then the replacement of the appropriate ink or film to match. You also have to conduct the corresponding test, and then adjust the curve to achieve their own color standards. This is a lot of tossing and turning and a waste of time.

So when buying DTF equipment, it is recommended to buy the same manufacturer of consumables, you can do a high degree of adaptation to avoid the above-mentioned problems.

Of course, there are times when many situations cannot be avoided, so the most important thing is to remedy the situation in time. Listen to the technical guidance of the technician in time to stop the loss.

This time just to list some of the DTF in daily use may not be able to avoid the emergence of some problems, these are not the result of the product itself bad quality generated, but the user in the daily use of part of the negligence resulting in forced interruption of operations. In addition, some DTF printers may have the phenomenon of static electricity. Some manufacturers have a device to eliminate static electricity, some do not have static electricity device, it is necessary to control the room temperature and humidity to minimize environmental factors. If the DTF is then equipped with static elimination silent belt will have better results.

DTF printing at this stage still has many advantages over other garment printing methods. There are many specific advantages on the website, so I won't go into more detail here. If you have more interest in DTF, welcome to contact us!

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