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Ecliptek LTC6903 Programmable Oscillator

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When choosing a programmable oscillator, you should first choose one that matches your frequency requirements. There are several types to choose from, but the LTC6903 is probably the most popular. In addition to its high stability, it is also easy to program and can be set to any frequency you want. A programmable oscillator's frequency is determined by the control code (OCT).

The Ecliptek programmable oscillator uses a proprietary resonator design and exclusive programming methods to customize its frequency and functional configuration. It is available in several package sizes and supply voltages. The programmability of Ecliptek programmable oscillators reduces the design cycle and helps customers get low-volume production quickly. It is also perfect for industrial applications. This article will discuss the benefits of this product.

The crystal oscillator 20 is a programmable device. The crystal blank 30 is electrically connected between two pads on an integrated circuit chip. An oscillator circuit 34 contains components to generate the source oscillating signal. The crystal wafer is the source for the oscillating signal, and its physical characteristics determine its frequency. Unlike microprocessor-type crystals, watch crystals are much cheaper. Further economies may make programmable crystal oscillators more affordable.

The programmable crystal oscillator of the present invention is available in industry standard sizes and package configurations. It can be manufactured in two basic package configurations: pin-through and surface-mount. Its circuitry includes six input/output terminals and a dedicated Programm input terminal 22. A second type of input/output terminal is provided for the clock signal. The PIC's PIN-Thru package is the most common form for production.

The PLL also includes a charge pump. When the PLL is in integer mode, the charge pump slice should be 0x2. In the fractional mode, a lower-order delta signal modulator should be used. The integer mode should avoid weak dithering. The PLL is not designed for high-frequency applications. However, it is very flexible and can be used to develop many different electronic circuits.

The programmable oscillator covers a range of crystal-driven oscillators. These oscillators come as XO, VCXO, and TCXO. These oscillators offer increased flexibility because they can generate any desired frequency and they usually have shorter lead times. The stability of programmed clocks is similar to that of standard oscillators. So, when selecting a programmable oscillator, make sure that it meets your specifications.

The simplest type of programmable oscillator is the Common Base Colpitts circuit. This circuit includes both a transistor and a capacitor. The voltage across the C2 terminal will determine the frequency of the oscillator. This voltage will apply to the transistor's base-emitter junction, creating feedback oscillations. The oscillator's frequency will be changed continuously as a result of the voltage.

If you use the LMK61E0 as a digitally controlled oscillator, you should be able to pass a frequency control word through I2C to the chip. This frequency control word will update the fractional feedback divider. When programming the frequency control word, it is important to write the MSB first, and the LSB last. This will prevent the output frequency from jumping during the update.

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