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Are Bald Men Less Attractive To Women?

Viewed 420 times5-1-2021 11:58 PM |Personal category:Relationships| singles, men, dating

It's estimated that one out of every ten men, who are over the age of thirty, either have thinning hair, receding or are flat out bald. And for most, when it comes to women, it brings down their attitude and confidence about themselves. But when they are with their friends, they seem to have more than enough of this confidence. Put him in a club with women all around him ...

man wearing black coat holding his chin

I'm not going to lie by stating that it doesn't matter to most women, because it does. But not ALL women feel like that. In fact a good estimate is that nearly half of the women don't care. As long as he has the attributes you just read. A man who has self-confidence, a sense of humor and a good attitude are the qualities at the top of her list. Even men notice those things about one another. Haven't you? He could be short and ugly but you may still view him differently because of his strong character and personality. Have you ever known a person like that?

How many women do you think have fathers who are bald? And how many of these daughters do you think really love their fathers and look up to them? And from this, how many do you think are attracted to men who remind them of their fathers? Have you ever thought about that? Daughters who love their (bald) fathers very much would like to find a mate who is similar to him. His face, personality and character, that is. Being bald is certainly not part of the similarities, but she doesn't really care if he is or not because the rest of him is like her father. She of course would prefer him to have a full head of hair, but she isn't bothered by it as much. Now combine that with him having a nice face, knowing how to dress and having the inner qualities that she looks for. Does it make sense to let your thinning or bald head bother you that much? Besides, there's nothing you can do about it anyway. Just give her what she really wants. The rest will follow.

Here are a few things from Alex Wise ( Loveawake CEO) to keep in mind though:

- Keep your hair short. This is the number one thing to know when you are thinning or bald. She is more attracted to men who have a short, tapered cut. When you have it so long that it looks like a flag waiving in the wind, well then that of course defeats its purpose. Having a sweep-over also makes you look ridiculous. You know the look…combing the side of the hair to cover the top. Yeah, that's really appealing! KEEP IT SHORT! You can't go wrong if women prefer you like that.

- Don't start wearing hats if you are losing hair. Hats are great for men who have an inferiority complex about their hair. Well that hat has to come off sometime, doesn't it? You might as well show your true self up front. If you meet a woman who is attracted to you and you had your hat on, you're going to REALLY feel uncomfortable and REALLY self-conscious when you meet her again, this time without your hat, unless you plan on never taking it off. Yeah, that'll work out just fine. Why don't you just sew it to your head?

If you're looking for women to date, or just that right one to settle down with, don't wear your hat whenever you go out. What if you do your weekly grocery shopping and that very cute cashier gives you that look of interest but you have your hat on? A hat can and does enhance our looks. Many women like a man with a hat because they think it makes him look a little rugged. So when she looks at you with an interest, it MIGHT be because of your hat, combined with your face. Would she have given you that look if you weren't wearing that hat? You'll never know. And if you ask her for that date…well, again, that hat has to come off sometime.

Don't wear hats! Show your true self so you will know right then and there if she thinks you're cute without that hat, and she sees that you are losing your hair.

- Wearing a toupee just makes you look ridiculous. And just like a hat, that thing has to come off eventually. Why be a slave to a piece of hair?!


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