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What are the benefits of massage and when is it better not to go for a massage?

Viewed 2513 times5-10-2019 07:18 PM |Personal category:Spa and Massage| spa, relax, health, massage

And it's good to pay attention before you go to a masseuse.
If you ask if there are any grounds for exclusion and it turns out to be, you may miss the expected massage.
But eg. if you are sick… (virus…) the next day the masseur will not be able to work either.

So what are some of the reasons why we do not recommend massaging? ( "Contraindications")

- eg if you have a fever or an infectious patient (for the benefit of all of us)
- if you have an acute illness. Anything that is inflammatory
- If you are pregnant! Ask your doctor for advice. When you let it go and when you don't.
If you feel like a little pampering is our experience, don't miss it!
- major illnesses after surgery (TB, cancer, radiation and chemotherapy)
- skin conditions
- If you drink ALCOHOL
- immediately after a meal
- if you have heart problems or circulatory problems

But what is EVERYONE worth a massage in ludhiana?

- detoxification
- fatigue,
- post-exercise muscle fever
- metabolic enhancement
- overweight
- posture failure
- increase blood circulation
- Relaxation, stress relief

Because it's good because you love it. Because you want to be healthy

Apa Reaksi Anda...

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