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What are the benefits of massage and when is it better not to go for a massage?

Viewed 126 times5-10-2019 07:18 PM |Personal category:Spa and Massage| spa, relax, health, massage

And it's good to pay attention before you go to a masseuse.
If you ask if there are any grounds for exclusion and it turns out to be, you may miss the expected massage.
But eg. if you are sickĄ­ (virusĄ­) the next day the masseur will not be able to work either.

So what are some of the reasons why we do not recommend massaging? ( "Contraindications")

- eg if you have a fever or an infectious patient (for the benefit of all of us)
- if you have an acute illness. Anything that is inflammatory
- If you are pregnant! Ask your doctor for advice. When you let it go and when you don't.
If you feel like a little pampering is our experience, don't miss it!
- major illnesses after surgery (TB, cancer, radiation and chemotherapy)
- skin conditions
- If you drink ALCOHOL
- immediately after a meal
- if you have heart problems or circulatory problems

But what is EVERYONE worth a massage in ludhiana?

- detoxification
- fatigue,
- post-exercise muscle fever
- metabolic enhancement
- overweight
- posture failure
- increase blood circulation
- Relaxation, stress relief

Because it's good because you love it. Because you want to be healthy

Apa Reaksi Anda...

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