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Shiatsu Massage

Viewed 2041 times16-10-2019 05:01 PM |Personal category:Spa and Massage| spa, massage, relax

The very word Shiatsu means finger pressure. This technique is based on traditional Far Eastern medicine and philosophy, more than 5,000 years old.

Through a series of acupuncture points, the massager acts on the level below the skin and muscles on the internal organs. Pressing each point improves energy flow and returns the body to balance. It stimulates the flow of life energy so-called Chi, self-healing is stimulated. It is performed over clothing, and is one of the few methods used on mats for better comfort and performance. A very complicated technique, and before you undergo this type of massage, make sure to inquire about the therapist's qualifications. The client's interview and examination, as well as the diagnosis by the masseur, are required.

The primary goal of the whole treatment is to restore flow in the body and create balance, and it has a beneficial effect on stress, migraine, back pain, obesity, chronic fatigue.

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