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Stone therapy: what you need to know about hot stone massage

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Among all types of massage, one of the most interesting procedures is stone therapy. It is performed using hot stones. The use of this material promotes muscle relaxation. But not only stones are necessary for a full-fledged massage procedure.

History of Stone Therapy

The fact that hot stones, if used correctly, are able to turn on the mechanism of healing the body, the Indians of Central America knew. Since ancient times, this method has been used to treat various ailments in the East: in China, Japan, Tibet.

Currently, two methods of stone therapy are known: American and Eastern. The first focuses on the number and size of stones, the second on their energy component. Therefore, semiprecious stones (for example, green jadeite) are mainly used in oriental massage.

Our spas mainly use hot stone modeling massage techniques. But he wears a healing focus: relieves sleep disturbances, helps to get out of a depressive state, relieves pain in the back and neck, stabilizes the metabolism. During stone procedures, the microcirculation of the blood is intensified in the muscles, the lymph movement is activated, which includes the self-cleaning mechanism of the body.

How is stone therapy performed?

To conduct a massage session you will need several medium-sized smooth stones (5-8 pieces), massage oil, a towel, a small pillow, and a stone heating stove. If you wish, you can include the aromatic component of the healing process: use special oils during the procedure. Stone therapy can also be combined with wraps.

The impact of hot stone is very noticeable. Therefore, for people with a low pain threshold, it is recommended to use thin towels or a sheet during the session. If you apply hot stone not directly to the skin, but act on it through the tissue, this will significantly reduce the pain.

Who is indicated and contraindicated in stone therapy

Stone therapy is referred to as auxiliary procedures. It only relaxes and relieves stress, promotes the launch of healing mechanisms. This procedure does not have any harmful effects on the body. But only if it is healthy (or relatively healthy).

Those who have chronic illnesses are advised to avoid hot stone massage, as this can cause relapse symptoms. Stone therapy is excluded for pregnant women, with insensitivity to high temperatures, for those suffering from diabetes, with vein thrombosis.

Experts believe that hot stone massage enhances metabolism and activates the endocrine and immune systems. Therefore, those people who doubt their stamina or health need to consult a doctor and find out if a pronounced thermal effect on the tissues causes an imbalance in the body.

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