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@小星星@ 23-10-2009 12:40 PM
spiderhoo: 叫爽
@小星星@ 23-10-2009 11:59 AM
spiderhoo: 小星星~
missmirmo 23-10-2009 07:51 AM
spiderhoo: Hie hie
pinkyjoanne 23-10-2009 12:21 AM
halo,can u delete or change my photo in that forum?plzplzplzplz lz lz lz plzplz
drebartaxi 23-10-2009 12:06 AM
btw.. hope not to late to wish U a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY & a HAPPY GRADUATION DAY
drebartaxi 23-10-2009 12:04 AM
spiderhoo: nice know u drebar =)
gtg sleep d. night!
wokey.. nite
drebartaxi 22-10-2009 11:58 PM
spiderhoo: oh? normally person come kl work. but u go JB work. haha. you work as? anyway, how do i call u? drebar taxi?
haha experience will only satisfied me till to the end of the world! you may call me drebar.. asal jangan taxi sudah
drebartaxi 22-10-2009 11:36 PM
spiderhoo: im fine im fine. welcome to myhome!where do u from?
tq tq.. i'm from KL, but now work in JB
最爱紫色 22-10-2009 11:34 PM
spiderhoo: welcome to my home~
drebartaxi 22-10-2009 11:33 PM
spiderhoo: hie~
hi 2 u 2 dowgh
最爱紫色 22-10-2009 11:28 PM
spiderhoo: hie hie
梦幻天女 22-10-2009 10:21 PM
梦幻天女 22-10-2009 10:07 PM
spiderhoo: emily 小姐~
羊aHfun羊 22-10-2009 07:32 PM
spiderhoo: hiehie
可爱冰淇菱 22-10-2009 05:06 PM
spiderhoo: Top6 is you! Not me! im not even in top 10 neh..
got meh?? Where to View?
ryan_ryan 22-10-2009 04:08 PM
spiderhoo: ryan is leng lui~
who say o? i am lengchai okie!!
月光海 22-10-2009 02:24 PM
spiderhoo: hie~
hai~~nice to meet u here...
可爱冰淇菱 22-10-2009 02:01 PM
spiderhoo: top6 人气王!
恭喜你哦~~TOP 6哦~~好厉害neh~
emilyc 22-10-2009 02:01 PM
spiderhoo: thank for adding~
You're Welcome!
colourpig 22-10-2009 01:53 PM
spiderhoo: why duwan accept me as friend?
coz i not really dnt knw how to use it
paiseh  uh
accept jor


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