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at some point, u hv to realize that some ppl can stay in ur HEART but not in ur LIFE
23-9-2012 03:44 PM Reply|
I wish love is like a baby shampoo. It has "no more tears" formula
23-9-2012 11:27 AM Reply|
Hola sunday
23-9-2012 11:16 AM Reply|
fenatnyeeeeeeeeeeee arini
22-9-2012 09:58 PM Reply|
A single moment of MISUNDERSTANDING is so poisonous, that it makes us forget the hundred LOVEABLE moments spent together within a minute..
20-9-2012 12:42 PM Reply|
Semoga dia berbahagia dgn yg di sana..
20-9-2012 12:26 PM Reply|
Rindu dia..
20-9-2012 12:24 PM Reply|
Nk mamam aper?
18-9-2012 01:03 PM Reply|
Saya sangat malas nak berkerja pada hari ini
18-9-2012 09:58 AM Reply|
Morning peeps!
18-9-2012 08:29 AM Reply|
APTB - ape pon tak boley
17-9-2012 07:20 PM Reply|
pesbuk selo nak mampssss
17-9-2012 01:03 AM Reply|
U hurt me more than i deserve, how can u b so cruel I miz u more than u deserve, why am i such a fool
15-9-2012 06:36 PM Reply|
sonot gak moyan sowang2 kt sini..iols stress maut okeh       
14-9-2012 09:58 PM Reply|
layan Marvels The Avengers @ 471 ..sepoloh hengget tuk 48 jam ko!   nak nengok sampai juling
  • pr3ttytw33ty: setop jap...mata sakit nengot tibi (9-14 21:59)
14-9-2012 09:37 PM Reply|
Hape sekodeng2...hade haku kesahhhh *whistle mode*
14-9-2012 11:25 AM Reply|
Nak demammmm
14-9-2012 10:25 AM Reply|
14-9-2012 10:24 AM Reply|
Eee nyampah!
14-9-2012 10:23 AM Reply|
8-9-2012 08:25 PM Reply|


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