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now i'm getting crazy about JYP new girl group..Miss A...
18-8-2010 10:33 AM Reply|
even after SuJu concert..i don't feel like to watch any korean or taiwanese drama at the moment.
2-4-2010 11:51 PM Reply|
the best concert ever....thanks SuJu for coming to Malaysia...
26-3-2010 02:08 PM Reply|
busy with Super Junior concert....
  • krislynosy: you incharge of super junior concert?or you are going be one of the audience? (3-13 15:38)
  • isabel: i'm not incharge of the concert but in my Asian Celebrities forum.. (3-26 14:05)
13-3-2010 09:53 AM Reply|
in the mood of 크리스마스에 눈이 올까요?
26-1-2010 10:01 AM Reply|
26-1-2010 10:01 AM Reply|
in the mood of 크리스마스에 눈이 올까요?
26-1-2010 09:59 AM Reply|
19-1-2010 03:21 PM Reply|
menambah satu lagi tanggungjawab utk dipikul..harap2 bebanan ni dpt ku pikul sepanjang jalan sehingga bertemu dgn signborad 'STOP' cukup sampai disini saja...
15-1-2010 01:02 PM Reply|
thank you....thank you....thank you...
14-1-2010 07:08 PM Reply|
now i couldn't sleep...after watching Hwang Jini..crying so hard for Eunho....gosshhh...
12-1-2010 12:28 AM Reply|
next plan..should i go back to Sabah again this coming CNY...hmmm...
11-1-2010 08:30 PM Reply|
Monday morning yg ceria..after reading Acehand's report...hehee
11-1-2010 10:22 AM Reply|


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