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Name : Joo Won (주원)
Real name : Moon Jun Won (문준원)
Profession : Actor, Musical Actor, Singer
Birthdate : 30 September 1987
Birthplace : Seoul, Korea
Height : 185cm
Weight : 68kg
Blood Type : O
Family : Father, Mother, Older brother (Moon Jun Suk)
Talent agency : Huayi Brothers
Education  : Hannam Elementary School
                   : Bundang Middle School
                   : Kyewon High School of Arts
                   : Sungkyunkwan University (Film and Television)
                   : Graduate School of Mass Communications, Konkuk University

My dream is to become people's actor with warm heart - Joo Won

source: wikipedia daum soompi


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Bread, Love and Dreams / Baker King Kim Tak Gu

Ojakgyo Brothers

Bridal Mask

Level 7 Civil Servant

Good Doctor

Cantabile Tomorrow

Yong Pal ... 4671&extra=page%3D2

Love Express (China project)

Clocking Out (Webdrama)

My Sassy Girl



Don't Click Niko 2: Little Brother, Big Trouble (Korean dubbing)

Steal My Heart


Fashion King

Fatal Intuition

Sweet Sixteen (China project)

Musical Theatre

2007 - Altar Boys, as Matthew
2008 - Singles, ensemble
2008 - Grease, as Doody
2009 - Sinsangnam, as Yeon Ha Nam
2009 - Spring Awakening, as Melchior
2013 - Ghost the Musical, as Sam Wheat  


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Variety Show

2006 - 2009
Viva! Frees

1 Night 2 Days

Joo Won's Life Log

Music Video Appearance

S.M. The Ballad ¨C Miss You
2BiC - I Made Another Woman Cry


King Of Baking, Kim Takgu OST ¨C 내 사랑 (My Love)
Bridal Mask OST ¨C 심판의 날 (Judgment Day) with Lee Jung Hyun
Bridal Mask OST ¨C  사랑 그리고 사랑 (Love and Love)
7th Level Civil Servant OST - 사랑할 줄 몰라서 (I Don't Know Love)
Good Doctor OST ¨C 소독약 (Love Medicine)
Good Doctor OST ¨C 내가 만일 (If I Were)
Cantabile Tomorrow OST - 이노센트 (Innocente)


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KFC Jinger S
Real Company ASK - with KARA

Lotte Chilsung Cantanta StickCoffee ¨C with Uee
Nong Shim Doongji Cold Noodles
SK Telecom T-Store

2012 till present
Black Yak Mountia
Edwin ¨C with Jin Se Yeon and Ha Yeon Joo

LAB SERIES Age Rescue + Water-Charged Gel Cream
Beansbins Coffee

Black Yak Mountia
GGIO2 - with Kim Young Kwang



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2011 Asia Model Festival Awards
- Special Award - Best New Model

2011 KBS Drama Awards
- Best New Actor (Ojakgyo Family)

2012 (48th) Paeksang Arts Award
- Best New Actor in TV (Ojakgyo Family)

2012 KBS Entertainment Awards
- Best Newcomer in Show/Variety (1 Night 2 Days)

2012 KBS Drama Awards
- Excellence Award, Actor in Serial Drama (Bridal Mask)
- Popularity Award

2012 Drama Fever Awards
- Best Bromance Award (with Park Ki Wong, Bridal Mask)

2013 MBC Drama Awards
- Male Excellence Award in Mini Series (7th Level Civil Servant)

2013 KBS Drama Awards
- Top Excellence Award, Actor (Good Doctor)
- Netizens' Award
- PD Choice Award (chosen by PDs from KBS, MBC, SBS)
- Best Couple Award (with Moon Chae Won, Good Doctor)

26th Korea Producers & Directors (PD) Awards
- Best Actor (Good Doctor)

2014 KBS Drama Awards
- Popularity Award (Cantabile Tomorrow)

2nd Asian Influence Awards Oriental Ceremony
- Most Influential Asian Award

2015 SBS Drama Awards
- Grand Prize/Daesang (Yong Pal)
- Top 10 Stars
- Chinese Netizen Popularity Award

- Best Couple Award (with Kim Tae Hee, Yong Pal)


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2010 - North Chungcheong Province honorary ambassador - with Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Young Ah
2011 - Anti-Aging Expo ambassador
2015 - The 9th Yisunsin Cup International Yatch Race ambassador


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cerita doktor apa yang dia jadi mcm terencat tu..tunjukkan aku scene tu ...nak tengok gag concert la ni

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pakwetizzaqyah posted on 8-6-2014 11:25 AM
cerita doktor apa yang dia jadi mcm terencat tu..tunjukkan aku scene tu ...nak tengok ga ...

cerita good doctor..
bleh tengok part tu kat sini..  start around minit 2:43
sori tak jumpa video cut punya..

tengok balik part ni kejap tadi.. ciannya tengok Dr Shi On..

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17th April 2014

Joo Won won Best Actor, while Good Doctor won Best Picture in the 26th Korea Producers & Directors (PD) Awards.

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29 April 2014

Joo Won Cast as Male Lead for Korean Version of ¡°Nodame Cantabile¡±

A representative of the actor¡¯s agency revealed on April 29, ¡°Joo Won has been confirmed for the Korean version of Japanese hit drama ¡®Nodame Cantabile.¡¯ We are currently discussing the final details.¡±
¡°Notadame Cantabile¡± will be the follow-up drama of ¡°KBS2TV¡¯s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama ¡°Discovery of Romance,¡± which will end its run in October.

Credit: Soompi

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5 May 2014

Joo Won to act alongside Hangeng in new Chinese film 'Xiao You Qiao Mu'

Joo Won is advancing in the Chinese market as his agency, Sim Entertainment, revealed on May 5 that his next project will be Chinese film, 'Xiao You Qiao Mu.' Starting from the middle of this month, he will be going back and forth between Korea and China for filming purposes.

The movie will be a joint Korean-and-Chinese film as well as an investment and distribution collaboration between production company, China Film, and entertainment company, Yuehua Entertainment.  'Xiao You Xiao Mu' will be a melodrama based on an internet novel that draws out the love story involving three men and one woman.  

In addition, Hangeng has been cast in the movie while Jo Jin Gyu will be grabbing the megaphone as the director.

Director Lee Sang Gyu of Yuehua Entertainment's Korean branch said, "Joo Won's dramas received a lot of love in China and he is also receiving a lot of interest from the fans after the recent reports came out about his appearing in drama 'Nodame Cantabile'. Considering the Hallyu wave in China, this production will likewise be a considerable hit.  There will be a positive result from this collaboration between the best Chinese film partner and Joo Won's acting skills."

Meanwhile, his movie 'Fashion King' will be revealed for the first time through the '67th Canne Films Festival.'

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Joo Won in Ghost the Musical..

Only few performances left..
Goodbye Sam Wheat
Hello Chiaki

Official poster

Some of the casts

On stage performance

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Credit as tagged

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lama nya nak tunggu drama baru dia..

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[INTERVIEW]  InStyle Magazine 2014 June Issue
Joo Won¡¯s Springtime of Life, Refreshing Acting

¡°Now at this age, wearing a uniform for filming, I guess this is the last time.¡±  After perfectly digesting the role of Park Si On who is a doctor suffering from savant syndrome in ¡°Good Doctor¡± in 2013, Joo Won has switched into a high school student Woo Ki Myung in movie ¡°Fashion King¡±.   He will be taking a new challenge by playing a chief conductor of an orchestra in drama ¡°Nodame Cantabile¡± in the second half of this year.  Again, preparing for another journey is Joo Won¡¯s springtime of life with his refreshing acting.

Joo Won is a profound actor in entertainment industry and bonds (translator's annotation: people skills).  Surprisingly casted as one of the main leads in his debut project ¡°Baker King Kim Tak Gu¡± which achieved more than 50% viewer rating,  he started his acting life from the ¡°peak of  viewer rating¡±.  ¡°At that time, I never realized the burden of that sort of viewer rating.  I didn¡¯t even have the thoughts of ¡°What, it is good, isn¡¯t?¡±,  I also didn¡¯t realize popularity.  Because it was my first project, I think everything was  just simple.¡±  After that, from ¡°Ojakgyo Brothers¡±, ¡°Bridal Mask¡± ¡°7th Grade Civil Servant¡± and ¡°Good Doctor¡±, all these dramas he played had taken the first place in viewer ratings in the same time slot.   At this point, he has strength on his shoulders, on the contrary to ¡°enjoy¡± his popularity, his seriousness is like a cow.

After drama debut in 2010, you have been progressing in many activities without a break.   Within one year in 2013, starting from dramas ¡°7th Grade Civil Servant¡± and ¡°Good Doctor¡±, movie ¡°Catch ¡°me¡± and musical ¡°Ghost¡±, you played all these projects.

~ There won¡¯t be much difference this year.  First half of year, I finished the tasks of  ¡°Ghost¡± and ¡°Fashion King¡±, next half of the year, there are ¡°Nodame Cantabile¡± and a Korean-Chinese joint-ventured movie¡±, so I don¡¯t have time taking fresh air and pulling the rein.¡±   When asking him ¡°Don¡¯t you find it exhausted?¡±  He said ¡°If I haven¡¯t been acting, I would have been unemployed till now.¡± My doubt has disappeared after looking at his smile.  His honesty is his biggest weapon and also the main reason why he still hasn¡¯t started his real ¡°peak¡±.

He arrived at the studio 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time for pictorial photo shooting.  It is really rare for an actor first arriving at the studio though.

~ Is that so?  I am not the type who arrives just in time at any filming location, I go while staffs are preparing for filming.  When filming ¡°Fashion King¡±,  because I was hanging around at film set when all the staffs were busy, director joked ¡°Why don¡¯t we just take Joo Won¡¯s shots first?¡±  (laugh)  I was not rushing them, there was just nothing to do in the waiting room, so I went out to greet and chat with people.  It was fun.

I heard filming of ¡°Fashion King¡± was finished not long ago.  What was your impression playing a high school student Woo Ki Myung?

~ The atmosphere was like my first experience.  All actors are in the same age group.  In the film set, director was treating us like his sons and daughters.   Because of my age, I also thought ¡°I guess I won¡¯t be playing a role wearing a uniform anymore¡±.   Even the character of ¡°Fashion King¡± suits me better than others, it was very hard to wear this clothing as my clothing.

It seems you are not the one having too much interest in fashion.  You don¡¯t care your style? (laugh)

~ Normally I don¡¯t talk to the stylist too much about colour of the clothes but I really did a lot of fitting for this project.  It is really difficult to digest especially in distinguishing Woo Ki Myung¡¯s fashion preferences.   But now I know how comfortable leggings are.  In the beginning, ¡°Waa!¡± Its elasticity comes natural, I found it comfortable wearing them.

Most of the time, your female co-actor were older than you but this time your co-actors Sulli, Park Se Young  are all young actresses.

~ I felt a bit awkward in the beginning but after a while, I became their elder brother naturally.    In order to do much better in acting, Sulli sometimes was confused.  In an occasion, I advised her ¡°see if it is alright to try it out like this.  Now I started to be able to see the inside which I couldn¡¯t see before.  Both of them are beautiful with good personality, we had fun in film set.

Your first movie is about school but you have big expectation as an actor.  Other than too much anticipation, actually do you think it goes well?

~ When monitoring in filming location, it is my first time playing such an  interesting project.   After adding the edited music and computer graphics, I think it is very interesting.  This project really has its unique colours.

You have been performing musical ¡°Ghost¡± more than half of a year

~ I guess it is not easy to do movie and drama in musical at the same time.

Because you debuted as a musical actor, your wish to perform was really big but actually did you find it scary in the moment when you started the performance?

~ As for broadcast and movies, only the best scenes are shown to viewers but there is no such thing in musical.  If the designated position has been changed, perhaps audience would have become disappointed, then burden was big.  Even so, it is indeed interesting after seeing it.

Did you come across with the most problematic situation such as bad physical conditions during performance?

~ Yes.  But anyway, I guess this is what I have to do.  Thinking about audiences coming to see my performance, I think it would be fine even leaving it to other actors but some audiences actually come to see the acting of a particular actor.   Normally we bow on stage after the performance, my waist naturally bowed to 90-degree angle on the day when I didn¡¯t feel well (laugh).

When is the best time do you think you really did well in ¡°Ghost¡±?

~ Thinking about it, I have my best confidence standing on stage and I am satisfied with it, I think I look impressive.  This project itself is very good and audiences are very satisfied.  To be honest, when looking at performing ¡°Ghost¡± and filming movie concurrently, it is a pity that I didn¡¯t have too much time spending together with other actors.  However, performance teamwork was really the best.  It would be good if they could be awarded with the ensemble prize at the award ceremony.

As an actor steadily striving the career, are you interested in other hobbies?

~ I used to play basketball with my elder brother but he got married¡­¡­..when thinking about it, I don¡¯t have any hobbies and interests in particular.  I don¡¯t like noisy place and I can¡¯t drink alcohol.  Sometimes, I drink coffee.  While thinking ¡°is happiness that far away?¡±, I feel bored in that moment.  Recently rather than meeting female, drinking coffee and striking bowling with male friends is the happiness of my life.

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What women say, when asking ¡°what do you think about Joo Won?¡± Compliments are just overflown from everyone.  They are the words from actresses who have been watching him closely.

Jin Se Yeon
Drama (Bridal Mask)
¡°He is really a passionate elder brother from the beginning till the end.  He worried about me whenever I was doing my action scenes.  He is nice to me, I want to say Thank You to him.¡±

Moon Chae Won
Drama (Good Doctor)
¡°Determination is necessary in taking up this challenging role, he definitely grasped the centre of the drama very well.  He must be a good actor as I thought.  An awesome actor.¡±

Park Se Young
Movie (Fashion King)
¡°There was a dancing scene in the movie, he led us very well.  He always approaches us first and is considerate, a totally charming and well-mannered man.

It is a boring life! Open the front door and enter his home, from actor Joo Won returning to a ordinary person Moon Jun Won at home, are there many significant changes?

~ There are not many at home.  Practically, I drink coffee on my own.

What do you do while drinking coffee?

~ Ah, recently I watch that a lot.   I watch tvN¡¯s variety program ¡°The Genius¡±, the  simulation of ¡°If I go out, what can I do¡±, all elder brothers circled around rapidly with their backs.  Kim Pung in ¡°The Genius¡± came to play in ¡°Fashion King¡± film set, a very surprising artist whom I had taken an ¡°authentication photo¡± with.

Recently, I am feeling male actors in their 20¡¯s are very solid.

~ When seeing actors in my age group like Kim Soo Hyun, Yoo Ah In, Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Seok, I have thoughts like this.  It becomes stimulating and I also get anxious.  This is also what I thought while drinking coffee (crack up laughing together).  My colour is a bit different from them.

In what aspect?

~ They succeeded due to the character they played in their projects.  After that, they have been doing good tasks steadily.  But my success is based on the project rather than the character.  If my preference is on a task rather than a character, the standard of selection is different.  Honestly speaking, I am also interested in playing a trendy project like them, I guess I have to raise my view in reading the scripts.

Amongst actors in their 20¡¯s, what do you think about your own colour differentiation?

~ I am an acceptable actor.  When a character comes to my mind, I have to learn  because I don¡¯t have a typecast image, I think it is good that I can blend in this and that with colours.  I wonder if my strength is good at applying different colours for acting.  Fortunately, there are people who can check this out for me.  If I do good projects steadily, I think a trendy side of me will naturally come out.

You already have plan for second half of this year and you have decided taking drama ¡°Nodame Cantabile¡± as your next project.

~ It is really hard to select projects.  ¡°Nodame Cantabile¡± is the best of best scripts explained to me, so there are many preparations I have to do for portraying a character which has a big difference from what I used to play.  I look forward to taking the course, because its original version was very popular, I passionately hope to see it doesn¡¯t go wrong against its anticipation.

Because you played different characters such as a hero, national intelligent service agent and profiler with unique colours, so you don't want to accept an  ordinary character?

~ I wonder if the colour comes out if I am given to play an ordinary character.  Obviously even I am going to look for one, I don¡¯t think it can be made up normally.

Speaking of which, the character of  Park Si On in ¡°Good Doctor¡± was surely coated with Joo Won¡¯s colour.

~ Up to now, there is no reference I can refer to in playing a character with savant syndrome in a medical drama, it made me worried.  I met with many people who have autistic symptoms, they are mostly not attached to the community.  By the way, Si On makes contact with people because he is a doctor.   There must be differences in the beginning and latter part of the drama to match  the changes of the character, therefore it was very difficult to match it right.  Because of hunchback during filming, my waist and neck were very sore and I couldn¡¯t speak Si On¡¯s soft voice without a hunchback posture, it was really hard but I was satisfied after finishing it and it was good that I received awards at the year end.

Comparing the time when you made your debut,  you obviously set your view point on your ideal type.

~ At that time and even now, the person who understands me well is the most important.  Because I am busy and cannot live a regular life, it is possible that I cannot be contactable.  My thinking has changed a little bit.  Previously I thought ¡°it is alright as long as we love!¡± but now rather than a passionate love, I think I prefer a person who I feel comfortable with.

You were brought up in a harmonious family, what is your fantasy of a family?

~  I don't know if I am being conservative but it would be better if my wife is more considerate to my parents than me.    My parents are like that.  My mom is very considerate to my grandma and my dad looks after my mom¡¯s mom.  I am not a person like my parents, therefore I hope my ideal type is like that.  A clever person who listens well to elderlies.

To Joo Won, what kind of work is it as an actor?

A vocation. (translator's annotation:  he means vocation or mission or calling or divinely appointed work in life)  Translator guesses he does it wholeheartedly with his gifted talents).
I can¡¯t even imagine if I have to do other work.
~ Previously I said to my mom ¡°Would I be unemployed if I didn¡¯t take up acting?¡±  If I don¡¯t act, I have nothing.   Before I was standing on the crossroads to decide if I should give up acting, somehow I am lucky (laugh).  Certainly, it is not always fun but I think it all depends on how you accept the problems.  Even it is hard, I will continue doing it passionately like now while enjoying the situation.

His Best 3

Joo Won did his own review on the three valuable projects which brought him the most inspiration and passion in his acting life.

¡°Ojakgyo Brothers¡± 2011
¡°I gained a lot from this project.  It was a lengthy weekend drama but it was filmed in an atmosphere really like a family.  I received lots of help from teachers and seniors good at acting.  I gradually found acting more comfortable.¡±

¡°Special Investigation Unit¡± 2011
¡°At that time, actors Ohm Tae Woong, Sung Dong Il, Jung Jin Young, Lee Hee Jun, Kim Jung Tae, Jeong Man Sik and others played this movie.   Seeing such a big group in the film set, I instinctively learned how to act from them.¡±

¡°7th Grade Civil Servant¡± 2013
¡°Up to now, it is the best team of solidarity.  I experienced my first time that viewer ratings were falling from the middle stage of the drama but co-actors said ¡°Let¡¯s don¡¯t worry too much¡± and we enjoyed filming.  Because this project had many night filming, I didn¡¯t have the right sense of mind for two days, then broadcast came out.¡±

English translation by manyearsago @ soompi using Korean-Japanese Google translator, please note the English translation posted here might have some discrepancies from the original Korean article.
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[Interview] Joo Won in GQ 2014 June Issue

Ninety percent I know about Joo Won is compliments.  He is an actor who never fails and has no troubles.  When sitting opposite to him, he showed various faces which I have never seen before.

How is it possible?  I read through all his interviews as many as three hundred A4 pages.  No matter what articles they are,  the headlines like ¡°Joo Won, he will only be having luck from now on¡±,  ¡°polite, sincere, humble, pure and beautiful youth¡±  are all written.
~ Haha.  They are all like that.  Ah, by the way, am I the only one like that?  Really? So ¡­¡­

If you are mostly complimented like this much by others,  It can be seen in a way that they are true.
~ I don¡¯t want to forget my attitude and also myself.  Perhaps, people see me like a child, I don¡¯t even want to give up my pure thinking.  I want to keep it till the end.

On the standpoint of showing yourself to the pubic, what is it you want to purposely show in your interview?
~ When doing an interview, I don¡¯t expect to show anything in particular to the public.  I never have the thinking of ¡°If I say this, I wonder if the public like it?¡±   The person who is listening to me is the reporter sitting right in front of me.  Other than this, I don¡¯t see others.  I guess I can make up a little bit if I want to.  Doing that is smart but I can¡¯t do it.

Based on above, are you the type who will be heading for carving an image of yourself?
~ Instead of making up anything, I prefer to keep my real image.  Living as an artist, sometimes there are inevitable exposures.  On the other hand, I don¡¯t want to work on decorating myself.  I think I am happy to show people how I am and people are happy seeing how I am.  I don¡¯t have such confidence bearing the stress to start decorating myself.

Honestly, since steadily starting from ¡°Baker King¡± in 2010,  there aren¡¯t any bad results at all till the recent ¡°Good Doctor¡±.    Being named as ¡°Invincible Joo Won¡±,  are you already feeling stable?  With such stability like a role model, don't you ever have any desire to destroy it?
~ If it helps with my acting.  I also thought of trying to go clubbing and drinking at night as a way to break it.  I have lots of friends like this.  They are my friends who went to the art school specialized in acting.   I also understand ¡°if I play more often, my acting will become better¡±.  Doing something like ¡°Oi, you have to drink and meet girls,¡±  I don¡¯t understand why I have to do it but if I have to do it, I will destroy myself, anyway if I have to do.  If I live my life like that, obviously it is for the sake of helping with my acting.   I want to know things I don¡¯t know.  I will do things I have never done.  By the way, after seeing my friends, I sort of understand why they do this.   I will just stick to play ¡­¡­.  Haha,   When I have time off, I meet people I feel comfortable with and we do things we like.   I feel stressed out if I do it unwillingly during my time off thinking if it helps.   At the end, I will come back again.  It seems that is not my area.  Once a while, drink two glasses of alcohol a day¡­¡­.

Don¡¯t you feel sleepy after drinking one glass?  Perhaps getting drunk?  I heard you get up 7am every morning.
~ Considering I get up at 8am,  doing exercise and watching TV,  alcohol is not  good for an energetic and powerful voice.  If I get drunk, I will collapse to sleep.   Hangover causes headache and dries my throat next day.  I don¡¯t do it.  It is hard enough.

You are an actor without many changes.  Not only invincible,  you are even not boisterous like what a so-called ¡°star¡± normally is.  You look quiet and kind but you are not like that in front of the camera.   Is it your personality and your role model encompassed image?
~ If someone asks me about my dream, I always say I want to become a person like those veteran actors.  Even it is very hard to act when getting old, they are still managing to act successfully.   When I become their age, I want to enjoy doing it first.   For sure, I am enjoying it too however I am still young without much experience, there are things which I have to be careful with.  The way how veteran actors say their lines of the characters are all like their daily conversations.  I envy them very much.   I can¡¯t do that as yet.  Even if I am going to do that like them, my acting becomes exaggerated and I wonder whether it is acting.  I think if the atmosphere around me is serene, perhaps my dream stays that way.   Star and actor?   Certainly when evaluating something like the life span of an actor, it is best having both at the same time.  But if you ask me to choose one from both, I will definitely choose actor.    It is the best to hear people saying that I am different when I act.

Is it good seeing yourself like that?
~ It is good when hearing something like that.   When I was in university, I never tried out an ordinary character.  I thought ¡°If not now, when do I do it?¡±

What was the most difficult character?
~ A pervert ahjussi in ¡°Lysistrata¡± written by Aristophanes.  The story setting is in Greece during Roman time.  The story line is about men objected the war because it was declared that men were not allowed to have sexual relationship with women if they participated in the war.

¡­¡­..It is a difficult situation
~ No one can repeatedly confront with ahjumma,.   ¡°Cheap personality is no different from insane behavior, it is refreshing¡±, this sort of line.    I feel very good when hearing people say  ¡°when Joo Won acts, he is indeed different.¡±  

I heard theatre stage is the hometown of an actor.   Now you are doing musical ¡°Ghost¡±.  To you, is musical like a hometown?
~ Because I debuted as a musical actor.  I still clearly remember how I faced my first time standing on stage practicing.  The stage once again arouses my feelings of those days.  If it is original intention (initial enthusiasm), it is original intention (initial enthusiasm),, if it is passion, it is passion, that sort of heart(feelings).   In those days, I really made lots of effort.  I had my first professional stage performance when I was 20.  I read the script like crazy, nothing else but imminent.    I had so much fun.  This time again in ¡°Ghost¡±, I really do it passionately.  I want to do it better and I really put in so much effort.  My appearance of those days came out once again.   A desire of match too.

What exactly do you have in making you breeze through performing ¡°Ghost¡± without a break?
~ What do I have?  Seriously and honestly, I would say it is recognition.  Haha.   Possibly, some exposures are limited in broadcast (dramas). However, I personally think as an actor, I look very amazing standing on the stage.  Comparing with doing dramas and movies, the self-confidence of people standing on stage is relatively bigger.  People choosing the stage is like there is something they want to protect.  The confidence I have received makes me become a much better actor.

When comparing the strength of energy for doing musical on stage and standing in front of the camera, what is the difference?  Are Choi Jeong Won and Ivy veryenergetic actresses?
~ Owing to the space of stage, it seems it becomes much bigger.  Actors keep growing on stage.  Audiences absorb that.   Number of audience increases¡¡proportionally.  The most important thing is to express yourself through your voice and movements.   You tend to need more energy and stamina.  Sometimes you feel like being trapped on stage and in the beginning you don¡¯t feel the other side of the theatre (audience¡¯s side).  It seems you can only feel the actual spaceof the stage.

Are you an actor who can correctly portray a stereotyped character?  I heard you previously read as many as thirty books related to a character of profiler.
~ I have to know its limits in order for me to understand the character, then I will be able to tell you exactly what my thoughts are and I will be able to explain confidently as much as I know what sort of person the character is.  If I don¡¯t understand what sort of person the character I am playing is, portraying the character won¡¯t be convincing.

When things are going smoothly,  some people feel like they are sitting comfortably on a well-fitted sofa or some people are still self-cautious.  Which type are you?
~ I am none of the types.  For the time being, I am not cautious.  I want to understand the different meaning of acceptance.   Things are going well now but I have to accept when things don¡¯t go well one day.  Whether it is acting or anything else, it has its hard time.   Even when things are going very well, people also have worries and adversity.  I don¡¯t know about other people.  These things certainly happen in future.  Now I play the lead, I will be playing a father role.  It is reasonable and I can also be flexible .  If you can accept it, it is just fine.  I think it is reasonable.

In ¡°Witch Hunt¡±, Shin Dong Yop said you are a ¡°tremendous strategist¡±.  It didn¡¯t sound like a joke at all when you talked about the importance of female tummy fat.  You look like a strictly self-disciplined person though.
~ It is hard to express but my wish to express differently is strong.  There is one thing I am certain.  I hope my cuteness is being accepted.  Whoever it is, a person  wants to be liked by others.  Everyone is the same.   I will ask why if people don¡¯t like me for some reasons or because of misunderstanding .  ¡°Why don¡¯t you like me¡­..¡­and why do you do this?¡±

Who are they?
~ People who are mostly indifferent to me.

Even if you fight, is there a winner?  At the end, you are the type who accomplish your wish.
~ I don¡¯t argue at all.  Even so, will I win if I fight?  Anyway,  I will do well with what I have to do.  No matter what, I will do that.

When is your most comfortable time?
~ No difference to whether I work or not.  Because I am happy while I am working.   Once, I worried something like ¡°Is there something in particular¡±.  At the end, my friend and I sat down drinking coffee in a caf¨¦ during the daytime.  Then I understood that was good.   Filming started in winter and it is already spring.  Because it is spring, I feel good.

I heard you never went for holiday, are there any places you want to visit in future?  Some places like desert, midnight sun?
~  I never went to travel.  By the way, l will go but I have to think properly what wewill be doing together.  Family, friends, the person I love.  I work hard and I can¡¯t bear much stress.  I have more confidence from things I have learned and gained.

How about your personal achievements?
~ I am really thankful to teachers and classmates when they say ¡°there are reasons why you are worthy that much.¡±  They all know how I lived my school life, that¡¯s why the can say I went to school 365 days helping sunbaes and practiced acting, they won¡¯t say ¡°I wonder how he is up to?¡± but say ¡°He is no one but Joo Won.¡±   There is nothing I am not satisfied with my life at the moment.   Actually, there is one thing.  That is when after I get married, I want to travel with her.    I guess at that time, I won¡¯t be doing that many projects like now.  What I am presently doing is a foundation, then I can live a more comfortable life which is what I have been dreaming of and go travelling with my loved one and family.

Don't you have any materialistic desire? Or any worldly desire?
~ When I was young, absolutely a home (house).   A garden and my parents and my brother are living next to me, that sort of residential estate.  When we have family gathering, we eat together and we do things like barbecue party.  This was the dream I had when I was young.

I wonder why this young man is so upright?
~  haha.  That¡¯s right.  Is it because I am a tremendous strategist?

Japanese translation by mjw0930 @

English translation by manyearsago @ soompi, Joo Won Cutie International Fans

Please note the English translation posted here might have some differences from the original Korean article.   Translator cannot guarantee 100% of its accuracy.
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