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Why do people engage in anal sex

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Why do people engage in anal sex

Look at the statistics . The vast majority of respondents of European and American couples

  • 75% - is engaged in such kind of sexual gratification of curiosity, interest, desire of novelty and visual sensations, to make a variety of sexual life.
  • It is not the result of moral decline in our time, because AU has existed since time immemorial, but it certainly is an undeniable contribution to its popularization is made publicly available porn.
  • 12% - AC couples prefer spaciousness because the woman's vagina.
  • 10% say that they are doing it to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy
  • 3% were forced to use this method during the menstrual cycle partner.

Note that men and women pushed to innovate anal different reasons, which we shall consider.

Why do men engage in anal sex

According to sexologists, men, unlike women, love for anal is caused by two factors: physiological and psychological. The inner surface of the rectum from the vagina is different: for vaginal sex best thrill daryatsya on "input", anal - all the "path."
anal opening is narrower than the vagina, because their opportunity to experience beckons bright and quick orgasm by rubbing in more "NARROW" holes.

"It's like having a virgin every time"

At this point, according to the sexologists, men can realize their "unrealistic" sexual fantasies, presenting as a sexual partner a little girl, a virgin or a young man. - "Porn is full of" orgazmiruet ass ", and what I'm something worse? I also want this forbidden fruit "-" LORD OF THE SYNDROME. " Every man wants to feel the "principal", "important", "best", "the master, which are all considered" etc.. And if it does not always work, in the social sphere, or somewhere else, in the subconscious male sex is just easy and gives an opportunity to feel their absolute power over women. Catching anal sex feels a sense of male superiority, almost every man he - winning it - is subject.

Many men treat it as a kind of test: "Do you really love me so much that is ready for anything?" For them it is a sign of complete trust and love women. "Between loving people in all sex is permissible" - men ready to hang this motto on the doors of all the rooms of the world, the word "loving" in the men's interpretation - is secondary, and the word "all" - specifies. Like the man, the woman is given, sacrifices himself for the sake of it, beloved.She seems to be saying to him, "Honey, are you - the owner. For you, I was ready for anything. I - yours. Here's my ass. As you say, so be it ... It's nothing, I put up! "- Men" like "eyes, and kind of anal sex gives scope sophisticated tastes. For "beautiful pictures" they are even willing to "close their eyes" to potential traces of feces on his own penis after removing it or the possible unpleasant odor during intercourse. In other words, the picture is the "before" worth what you can see the "after." What is called aesthetic pleasure for perverted mind.

Why women engage in anal sex

Sexologists claim that about 90% of men would like to try anal sex with a woman at least once in their lives, and 90% of women would prefer not to try it ever. In the woman's anus (with very few exceptions) no nerve endings, allowing her to experience sexual pleasure (all clear that women do not have orgasms during bowel movements), so initially mentally healthy woman would dream to offer the most to penetrate her through the anus. So why do women agree to this practice?

- The vast majority of girls / women who were themselves in the head did not come, and they do not see anything in his anus erogenous, forced to accept the AU because of persistently PARTNER. Pay attention to the search engines and an abundance of titles "How to persuade his girlfriend to anal sex?" Articles usually begin with "my girl by no means unwilling to do it." Considered it normal that if a person is not in any want, it will still need to prepare for this? Articles tend to continue a whole set of tricks mental-physical sense, as send it to the "true path": what you need to develop techniques anus, what to buy and how to grease rimming helps in the process of "ripening". Failure is not an obstacle for the man: he continues to hint joke about it, extort affection, persuasion, tricks and other tricks.

Think about it, why is it so? Is not this a signal that this kind of unnatural intercourse woman initially and unpleasant? Confirmation are almost all women's stories of loss "anal virginity" With very few exceptions, starting with the words "persuaded", "this", "I do not want to, but I did for him," my husband likes and we decided to try "," after lengthy persuasion "," to me it was unpleasant, disgusting, but I tried, "" ceded "," guy insisted very strongly "," husband likes, I certainly do not shy away "," to agree "," I long for this was, but my husband was patient, "" wanted to make a nice husband, "" I - a virgin, but my present young man - still a guy, so I gave up on the speakers agreed, I do not want to lose her virginity ".. As a rule men, persuading partners, "forget" to tell them about the dangers and risks of the AU. "It's so nice" - they say, citing the example of pornographic films and various comments on Internet forums.

Some fans speakers are not interested in the opposite point of view and educate girls who no longer understand what they imposed "porn mode", and that is a manifestation of love and care about them. There is a sad fact that sometimes men themselves, ardent fans of the AU, leave positive comments on Internet forums on behalf of the women of the "speaker - it's great!", "Entirely without consequences", "even quite nebolno was" etc. in an attempt to convince everyone that everything is actually fine, nothing to fear (and then another, and inadvertently show your woman, they say, "Look, she liked it! Maybe we try?"). This is a typical beginning of "anal love" - ​​woman concedes, lacks character refuse fear seem uninteresting, "whatever floats your boat, but he does not cry" or simply the fear that her podyschet replacement. Whatever it was, for it is - unnatural situation imposed, inter alia, has a detrimental effect on her health.

- the desire to retain husband / partner , tie him to her "unforgettable sex" sacrifice themselves - the main reasons why the woman continues the practice. She begins to "play along" partner itself offer such an option intercourse (knowing that it is for him "a tasty morsel"), even convince themselves that it is her pleasure or simply to manipulate the "weakness" of the partner (as well as during oral sex, some women "teach" themselves to swallow sperm of a man with sexy smile while experiencing discomfort or even disgust, and all for what so you need to make it enjoyable). The only "but" - these women forget that loving man does not need to keep these victims and loveless - why do we need it. -

Moral pressure on girls / women, by men who, anyway, watching porn. Dominance AU pornographic genre, arouses interest and desire of men to "try like in the movies." In turn, the woman realizes that the more she knows, the more it can show, the more potentially interesting partner it will be. The same principle as that of the plate, one only potato fries at home, and the other constantly surprises with cooking delights. There is a demand - there is a supply. So to be more desirable sexual partner and "keep up" with inquiries men girls can prepare in advance, with all sorts of ways to develop the anus, then to "the threshold" to combat the man of her "sexual looseness", offering speakers that she "just loves . " Can be a long debate on this subject, but the fact remains that if the woman initiated the AU, it is connected with "must show himself a great lover", "will show you what I can do", "Only with me you fulfill any of his dirtiest fantasies ".. - Sensation" I want, and where - it does not matter. " Psychologically healthy woman having adequate self-esteem diminishes such sex, so this situation is more characteristic of women with low self-worth feeling she just "give" themselves "at the mercy" as a "piece of meat" (though in the eyes of sexual partner).

Considering the position of the AU with naturalness as compared, for example, vaginal sex, it becomes quite obvious that the anus and rectum to its natural purpose not intended to interact with a penis. Generally, the question "is needed if the unit" mainly worried men. Why? To begin with will understand why all a person needs SEX . Naturally, for a man to intercourse for procreation, like most of fauna, and yet he does this is not always the sake of procreation. Words, touch, looks evoke desire for a partner. Body adjusts to the act of copulation, quickens the heartbeat, breathing becomes interrupted, the body becomes hypersensitive to the slightest touch. Also react genitals partners: men increases blood flow to the penis, an erection and highlighting women compacted clitoris, vaginal lubrication stands that protects the delicate inner vaginal cavity mucosa from damage during intercourse. Vaginal sex is satisfying for both partners, as as a physical, emotional and mental body to discharge.

What happens to the woman at the anal penetration?

On a subconscious level, a woman's body is set to vaginal sex. Anal orifice for sex nature provided: it does not occur with what is happening with the vagina, because he has another function - excretory [if during sexual organ partner slides freely inside the rectum, it is only because "deceived" the intestinal wall began secrete mucus for free passage of feces]. Unlike the vagina, anus inelastic. When you first try to access it naturally shrinks at this moment strained muscles women, and in anticipation of the joy of intercourse no trace remains. Willed woman relaxes the muscles to allow the partner to enter it. However, dry anal sphincter does not allow to do it, because the body is designed so that the rectum does not produce lubrication. Penetration in this case brings partner severe pain and possible discontinuities sphincter. "Help" come various cosmetic products, including grease and speakers (in sex-shops sell even special lubricant with anesthetic to "trick" the body). But despite this, many women do encounter discomfort immediately after sexual intercourse, which may bother them for several days.


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Consequences of anal sex

Many online resources can observe a huge number of possible stories, exercises and video treatises on this form of sex, and in each of them you can find positive reviews and no real danger description AU. These "stories" are carried out on behalf of the supposedly well-known and respected doctors in the field AU awe that strengthens the AU pair is an expression of love and trust your partner. Then there's the endless stream of information, just the authors ("heroic lovers" and "uninhibited sex goddesses," as they like to think about yourself) who write articles based on my own experiences and those of friends-friends. This approach can be, and pretend to be some value, but not a scientific, gives rise to a number of errors and does not reflect reality. In addition, there are several well-established among the people of myths. For example, that anal sex is an excellent prevention of hemorrhoids, and that improves the elasticity of the sphincter. Unfortunately, the fact remains that no enemas and grease will not save ani muscle from stretching. Some people, in turn, believe that one of the positive effects of women is to get rid of constipation, which is the ultimate manifestation of stupidity.Others say that the speaker - great prevention of impotence. Someone claims that the AU is acceptable to engage in 1-2 times a month, and proctologist, for example - that it is not necessary to do it at all, because if you look the part of medicine that not all so rosy as it seems. Despite the fact that doctors assert that the speaker does not bring health neither man nor woman, moreover, it is dangerous for him, people still practice it, without thinking about the consequences, without effort to learn from the competent specialist all risks that could significantly impair their quality of life.

There are potentially dangerous . Here are some of them during anal sex without a condom:

1) sexually transmitted infections and infectious diseases in 20-500 (!) Times higher than during vaginal sex.Intestinal wall is much thinner than the vagina, the anus after the AU appear microtrauma and small wounds.People who have it are at risk of diseases such as HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis C. The bacteria found in the rectum, getting into the urethra, causing infections such as urethritis or cystitis.
2) Premises penis after the rectum into the vagina can cause thrush in women or even inflammation of the vagina when she gets a vaginal infection from their own rectum (whether man uses a condom or not).
3) Some researchers have revealed the presence of sperm immunosuppressive properties [blocking T lymphocyte factors contained in the semen - TGFbeta-1, IL-10, activin A, follistatin, etc.], which are of great biological importance in overcoming immunogeneticheskogo conflict during the process of fertilization female.According to the authors, this may cause decreased immune reactivity of the organism passive partners.
4) ACTIVATION OF PARASITES. Apart from the natural microflora in humans inhabit various parasites Giardia as microscopic, pinworms, and others. 90% of the world population are infected by them. If parasites are not always active, then the sperm enters the rectum they are becoming active, as for them it is an excellent food source of protein. Mutation of parasites in the body also has its consequences, and some end up very badly. If ordinary pinworms can be displayed in 40 days with the help of various medicinal drugs, only diagnosing many other parasite species is difficult.
5) lesions in the penis. Many times more likely to disrupt or completely erase bridle penis. This is a very long time does not heal and hurt, because the flesh is in constant motion. You can also injure or grate extreme edge around the circumference of the head of the penis, especially if front speakers partner (sha) ate (a) something, say, nuts or seeds, while deciding to do without enemas.
6) unwanted pregnancy during anal sex. No matter how suddenly it sounds, but cum anus women is not a reliable method of protection, as is commonly believed: in unprotected intercourse with ejaculation into the rectum, sperm emerging outside can enter the vagina, causing the intended impact.


1) Bad smell in the room during intercourse
2) increased likelihood of involuntary exit gases.
3) Involuntary stool output. Undigested food particles / marks, stains or pellets of feces on a sexual partner's penis, his pubic hair and the hair around the anus of the passive partner. Human intestine is a unique system that inhabited diverse microflora perform many metabolic functions. Violent, unnatural intrusion into the system, drawn to various disorders in the body.
nefiziologichen AU: anal sphincter allows movement in one direction only - it is associated with the appearance of cracks on the surface of the rectum in the form of damage to the sphincter (one of the most common violations). To crack healed, needs complete rest sphincter, but daily bowel prevents scar gentle cover the anus.Open wounds bleed, they penetrate the infection, which then rises up through the rectum and introduces an imbalance in orderly microbiological systems. The consequence of this imbalance are frequent headaches, anemia, disturbances in the defense system of the human body, gastrointestinal disorders, metabolic disorders, etc.
To avoid such pathologies, the human body is protected and during the healing of cracks urge to defecate terminated. Such a protective reaction entails constipation or hard stools, again leading to cracks and hemorrhoids. But this, unfortunately, is not the only thing that is fraught with "sodomy."

Diseases and problems from anal sex

AU and health - words which by definition can not be around, but no matter what, people insist that having sex should be no taboos. And yet people continue to use the rectum not only for its intended purpose, proctologist will eliminate the consequences and without work remain: regular speaker without exception leads to the development of various abnormalities and diseases of the anus and rectum. Here are some of them:
1) erectile dysfunction. As a result, "addiction" to a "close" in their physiological features a man's anus with a traditional form of sexual intercourse can completely lose the ability orgazmirovat or experience significant difficulties in trying to reach ejaculation. Thus, this leads to the fact that a man is "bound" to this kind of satisfaction, due to the fact that a simple "classic" is not enough to get a full orgasm. This is a problem for the active side. Well, the passive side, "himself settling" partner in AU falls into a vicious circle, which will inevitably lead to her illness.
2) WEAKNESS sphincter incontinence accompanied by gas and feces (ani muscle are not adapted to such pressures that eventually leads to an inability to hold that he should hold on to its natural purpose).
3) Hemorrhoids, including complicated by thrombosis and bleeding.
4) Acute anal fissure.
5) Krypto (a disease in which inflamed anal glands).
6) proctitis (disease in which inflamed rectal mucosa).
7) sphincter (a disease in which inflamed sphincter).
8) PROKTOSIGMOTOIT (a disease where not only inflamed rectal mucosa, but also the sigmoid colon).
9) abscess (pus tissue disease that surrounds the rectum).
10) DAMAGE WALLS rectum, which is why there diarrhea, constipation, multiple discharge from the anus and persistent severe pain, excessive mucus and kept wet ass.
11) may break rectovaginal septum (between the vagina and rectum).
12) Internal Bleeding (length of the rectum about 12 cm, goes on a bend in the 90 o, and if it is sharp and deeply enter the penis long or hard objects, possibly bleeding from the anus and the serious injury of the rectum up to the rupture of the intestinal wall) .
13) rectal prolapse.
14) colorectal cancer (read more "competent expert opinion.")
15) If the practice in conjunction frequent enemas - Dysbacteriosis.

Men and women, remember that no pleasure in the world will never replace your health! Men love their women where necessary, and then either her or any consequences you will not be afraid of the AU! If this is your girlfriend, then do you really want to see how she suffers in old age? Think about it, and remember that your health is a woman, perhaps - the most important thing in her life.

Well, if it's just a partner for one night, really is not a reasonable exercise less selfish in his actions?

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geng peliwat buka thread..

hurm.. tak de kerja lain.

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aku kemungkinan tetap ada yang mana kaki liwat bini berpotensi tuk try sodomi jantan sejenis,atau lebih tepat hari nie try bini punya,esok try banci punya..

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sape suke main blkg, die jenis pengotor kot. penting diri sendiri....

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Baca sampai habis dulu, tengok posting #2

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lubang depan ada wat apa main belakang ....depan lagi sedap apaaa........

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Edited by KK88Divan at 16-9-2019 04:16 PM

The experience with anal sex is the most exciting that I have tried in my life, except the blowjob. I practice. I persuaded my girlfriend to anal sex as a minimum 2-3 times a month. It is my favorite type of sex so it's like a special day when I have anal sex))). It was not hard to learn how to have first anal. I read here   sexual rp how to penetrate the girl in the most safety way without pain.

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anal sex is popular among arab men

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I tak berani nak cuba. So never tried.

I pernah pergi hospital buat check up on my intestine for screening. The doctor probed a camera masuk my ass, Kecik je camera tu. Doctor tu letak lubricant lagi to ease the entry. Tapi it felt so uncomfortable. Sakit, tak sedap. I want to get it over and done with.

Tube camera tu kecik jer. I cannot imagine kalau my hubby punya penis yang masuk.

So, not looking forward to try.

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