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Mukai Osamu to lend his voice to Doraemon

It was announced that actor Mukai Osamu will challenge voice acting in anime Doraemon. Mukais character will be an action star named Mukai Osaru, and his appearance will be on the episode Saikyou! Korobashiya Z that is scheduled to be aired on March 1st.

According to Mukai, hes been watching Doraemon since he was little. He said, I never thought that I would be able to appear in it, and I have been one of the viewers, so I was happy. Regarding his first challenge on voice acting, he commented, It was hard. Although I heard (that it is difficult) from people around me, but I experienced it with my own body. In regular acting, I can express using my body and face expressions, but acting with only voice is difficult.

He also revealed that his favorite character is Gian saying, He is a cute person when I think about it now as an adult.

The character Mukai Osaru is an action star born in 22nd century in year of the monkey, and he is supposed be Mukais descendant. Because of his splendid action skills like a monkey (= Saru in Japanese), he was given the stage name Mukai Osaru. He stars in a detective drama Saru Kani Deka, and even receives an offer to appear in a Hollywood action movie Osaru no Kagoya.

It was also announced that Mukai would also make an appearance with the same character in the anime film Eiga Doraemon: Nobita no Himitsu Dougu Museum that is scheduled for release on March 9th. Mukai is the 3rd one to make a cameo appearance in Doraemon anime film after Fukuyama Masaharu and Oguri Shun.

Source: ... -voice-to-doraemon/

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 Author| Post time 14-2-2013 10:46 PM | Show all posts
KAT-TUN tops Oricon weekly chart for 20 consecutive singles since their debut single

Popular group KAT-TUNs 20th single EXPOSE, which was released on February 6th, sold 155,000 copies during the first week, and topped Oricon weekly single ranking. With this single, their number of consecutive singles topping the chart has reached 20, as theyve been topping the chart since their debut single Real Face (released in March 2006).

KAT-TUN is the second artist (including both male/female and solo/group) to top the single chart for 20 consecutive singles since the debut. It was only achieved by their senior KinKi Kids 8 years and a month ago with Anniversary (released in December of 2004). KinKi Kids is still renewing their record, and their number is now 32 consecutive singles since their debut single Glass no Shounen (released in July 1997).

Source: ... their-debut-single/

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 Author| Post time 14-2-2013 10:47 PM | Show all posts
Fuji TV to cancel their Sunday drama time frame

'Marumo no Okite' (Fuji TV)

On February 12th, Fuji TV announced that a new variety show titled TV Shakai Jikken Variety Asunaro Lab (tentative title) - featuring comedian Kato Koji and freelance announcer Takashima Aya as the hosts C will be aired every Sunday at 9:00 pm starting in April.

Fuji TV has been using this time frame for weekly dramas since the drama Perfect Report in fall 2010. They dubbed it as their Dramatic Sunday frame and were hoping to become a tough competition for TBS and their well-established Sunday Theater at the same time, which boasts long track record of many popular dramas.

The most popular Dramatic Sunday on Fuji TV had been Marumo no Okite starring the two child actors Ashida Mana and Suzuki Fuku in spring 2011. Other dramas in the same time frame did miserable enough to get cut down by two or three episodes while the rest did mediocre at best. Therefore, Fuji TV has decided to give up competing with dramas after the end of the current drama dinner and to change the said time frame back to variety shows again.

Source: ... y-drama-time-frame/

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu reveals the details of her upcoming single

Its been revealed that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be releasing her song, Ninjari Banban, on March 20th.

This number was written by producer Nakata Yasutaka as the new CM song for au. Aside from the title track, the single will include Unite Unite and Minna no Uta extended mix. The limited edition will come with a photo book.

Source: ... er-upcoming-single/

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AKB48 group to become Tourism ambassador of Guam

The national tourism organization of Guam has appointed popular idol group AKB48 as the Tourism ambassador of Guam. They will be sworn in during a ceremony on April 6th.

AKB48 was chosen as the tourism ambassador due to the recognition of their worldwide activities. This is the first time a group has been chosen as Guams tourism ambassador. AKB48 General Director Takahashi Minami commented, As the tourism ambassadors, we hope to tell everyone the pleasure and excellence of Guam that we ourselves have experienced.

The ceremony will be held the night before The First Guam International Marathon. Takajo Aki (JKT48), Nakagawa Haruka (JKT48), Suzuki Mariya (SNH48), and Miyazawa Sae (SNH48) will be participating in both the ceremony and the marathon.

Source: ... ambassador-of-guam/

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Hamasaki Ayumis latest album tops Oricon weekly album chart

Hamasaki Ayumis 14th original album, LOVE again (released February 8th), has sold 53,000 copies in its first week and has topped Oricons weekly album chart for February 18th.

Since debuting 14 years and 10 months ago, 20 of Hamasakis albums have topped the Oricon charts, surpassing Bz who achieved this feat over 17 years and 10 months.

Hamasaki is also the 3rd artist with 20 number 1 albums following Matsutoya Yumi (November 16, 1998 / Neue Musik) and Bz (July 10, 2006 / MONSTER). Among solo artists, she has reduced the gap between Matsutoya Yumi (21 albums) to 1 album.

I used all my strength for this album. I wanted many people to listen to it, so Im very happy that many people have supported it. Thank you very much, she expressed. Being able to set this record, this is all thanks to the fans who have supported me. Since this year marks my 15th year, I want to make this a year that I will be able to create wonderful memories with everyone.

LOVE again was the 4th part of Hamasakis 5-month consecutive release project to commemorate her 15th anniversary on April 8th. It included tracks from her mini-albums, LOVE (released November 8th) and again (December 8th), as well as brand new songs and 14 music videos.

Source: ... weekly-album-chart/

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 Author| Post time 14-2-2013 10:55 PM | Show all posts
Kahala Tomomi to release her first single in 7 years

Its been revealed that Kahala Tomomi will be releasing a new single titled Yume Yaburxxe -I DREAMED A DREAM- on April 17th under Universal J.

Kahala announced her comeback to the entertainment industry back in November and resumed her singing career from December. The last time she released a single was Ano Sayonara ni Sayonara wo, which written and composed by Nakajima Miyuki, back in July of 2006, making this her first single in about 7 years.

Her upcoming single is a Japanese cover of the song from the musical Les Misrables. Aside the title number, it will include a coupling track and instrumental versions of the 2 songs. The limited edition DVD will contain the music video for the title track.

Additionally, Kahala will be making an appearance in Girls Award 2013 SPRING/SUMMER on March 23rd at Yoyogi National Gymnasium. She is expected to perform her new song on this stage.

Source: ... -single-in-7-years/

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 Author| Post time 14-2-2013 10:55 PM | Show all posts
PASSPO to simultaneously release 2 best-of albums

PASSPO has revealed that they will simultaneously release 2 best-of albums on March 27th.

This marks PASSPOs first best-of album since the group formed in 2009. The albums will include songs from their indies era such as Pretty Lie and LA LA LOVE TRAIN ~Koi no Katamichi Kippu~, as well as singles released after their major debut.

Regarding the release of the best-of albums, leader Negishi Ai commented, We want more people to come to know PASSPOs songs.

Furthermore, PASSPO will release their new single, Sakura Komachi, on February 13th.

Source: ... e-2-best-of-albums/

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Aragaki Yui to star in a drama adaptation of Sora Tobu Kouhoushitsu

It was announced that Aragaki Yui will star in a new TBS drama Sora Tobu Kouhoushitsu, which is a drama adaptation of Arikawa Hiros novel of the same name.

The drama will be directed by Doi Nobuhiro, who has previously worked with Aragaki with the movies Hanamizuki and Kirin no Tsubasa ~Gekijoban Shinzanmono~.

In the drama, Aragaki will play a beautiful TV director named Inaba Rika. Rika became a news reporter, which was her dream since childhood, however, she was transferred to an informative TV program as a director, after her forcible way of news gathering activities provoked peoples antipathy.

Aragakis co-star will be Ayano Go, whos gaining popularity through his appearances in several dramas. Ayanos role will be a former fighter aircraft pilot named Sorai Daisuke. Daisuke had a dream to be a pilot of Blue Impulse since he was little, and the dream was about to come true. However, he was involved in an accident, and it caused him to be assigned to the public relations office. It was also announced Daisukes boss  SagisakaMasashi will be played by Shibata Kyohei. Sagisaka is said to be an ideal boss with outstanding negotiation skills and known as a trickster, Sagisaka.

Aragaki commented, Sometimes, when reading the script, I feel frustrated at Rikas straightforwardness toward her job, which makes her too blind with work. But she is just like us, as she makes mistakes and gets depressed which makes her figure things out, but sometimes she repeats the mistakes without noticing anything. She comes to a stop, and starts running again.I believe there will be many things that make you feel something through Rika. I will do my best to make it happen.

The two characters, Inaba Rika and Sorai Daisuke, who had to give up on their childhood dreams and run into the walls presented in their lives, are sure to win the sympathy of many viewers who have experience with labor and work.

Sora Tobu Kouhoushitsu is schedule for broadcast starting on April 14th on TBS (every Sunday at 9:00 pm).

Source: ... -tobu-kouhoushitsu/

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 Author| Post time 23-2-2013 09:51 PM | Show all posts
ZONE member MIYUs agency dissolves her contract

RunTime Music Entertainment announced on their official site that they have dissolved their exclusive contract with MIYU (Nagase Miyu), of girls band ZONE, as of February 13th.

According to the announcement, The reason of the dismissal is that Nagase Miyus conspicuous immoral conduct and frequent non-fulfillment of duties caused the fans and the parties concerned great trouble in addition to extensive damage to our company. Although we tried for guidance and persuasion to her in a repetitive manner and unfortunately there was no improvement in sight. Thus, we figured that it was difficult to continue to keep the exclusive contract with Nagase Miyu, and we have concluded to dissolve the exclusive contract with her as of today.

ZONE was formed back in 1998, and made their major debut with 4 members in 2001. Though they disbanded in 2005, they made a comeback with 3 members in 2011. After member TOMOKA retired from the showbiz in November of 2011, the band became a duo consisting MIYU and MAIKO (vocals and bass).

Source: ... olves-her-contract/

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Details on HKT48s debut single revealed

The details on HKT48s major debut single which is scheduled for release on March 20th, have been revealed.

The title of the single is Suki! Suki! Skip! which is said to be a power pop tune, and its choreography includes skipping steps. The center position will be taken by Tashima Meru, the 2nd generation Kenkyuusei, and she commented regarding the song, Its a really wonderful song that you can enjoy with everybody! It also perks you up! All of us act natural in the MV as you can see the members innocent smiles. So I want many people to watch the MV.

Team H member Kodama Haruka also commented, Suki! Suki! Skip! is a quite fun song which brings you a smile and energy! There are steps like skipping in the choreography, so it would be fun to pay attention to it!! Fellow team H member Miyawaki Sakura said, Since its a cheerful and bright song, it matches well with HKT48! The more you listen to it, the song makes you feel like humming, so I want people to listen to it before they go off to work or school. The choreography is interesting too, so I want everybody to enjoy the performances as well.

Source: ... ut-single-revealed/

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Kabuki actor Onoe Kikunosuke to marry the 4th daughter of Nakamura Kichiemon

On February 13, it was revealed via a fax sent out to the press that Kabuki actor Onoe Kikunosuke (35) will marry Namino Yoko (30), the 4th daughter of Kabuki actor Nakamura Kichiemon.

Kikunosuke comes from a distinguished family in the Kabuki world as he is the first-born son of Kabuki actor Onoe Kikugoro (70) and actress Fuji Sumiko (67).  Kikunosuke and Yoko, along with their respective fathers, will appear at a hotel in Tokyo to announce their engagement on Valentines Day.

Source: ... nakamura-kichiemon/

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Kaho to appear in Sometani Shotas upcoming drama Minna! Esper dayo!

It was announced that Kaho would appear in the upcoming drama Minna! Esper dayo! which will star Sometani Shota.

Minna! Esper dayo! is originally a popular ongoing manga from Young Magazine written by Wakasugi Kiminori, who is also known as the author of Detroit Metal City. It depicts the protagonist, an ordinary high school student named Kamogawa Yoshiro (Sometani) who suddenly receives the ability to read other peoples minds, and other people who also happen to get special powers. They get involved into a battle with an influence that uses ESP for evil deeds. The drama will be directed by Sono Shion.

In the drama, Kaho will play a delinquent girl named Hirano Miyuki who suddenly becomes a telepathist. As she gets the ability of hearing other peoples minds, her relationship with the boyfriend, a leader of a delinquent group, starts not to work smoothly which brings her a mental conflict. Kaho, who claims to watch many of Sono Shions works, commented, Since it will be a type of the role I have never played before, I was little anxious if I could play it properly, but I also thought it would be fun to play it. It will be a challenge for me.

Minna! Esper dayo! is scheduled for broadcast starting in April on TV Tokyo (every Friday at 12:12 am).

Source: ... y-drama-time-frame/

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Kyukyoku!! Hentai Kamen to get a live-action movie adaptation starring Suzuki Ryohei

It was announced that Ando Keishuus manga Kyukyoku!! Hentai Kamen, which was serialized on Weekly Shonen Jump in 1992 ~ 1993, will get a live-action movie adaptation starring Suzuki Ryohei, with the title HK/Hentai Kamen. It will be directed by Fukuda Yuichi (Yuusha Yoshihiko, Kodomo Keisatsu), and actor Oguri Shun, who is a fan of the original work and was the first to propose this project, will be participating in its script.

Its a comedy manga that tells a story about a high school student Shikijo Kyosuke. When he puts ladies panties over his head, his perverted blood awaken which brings out 100% of latent potential in his body, and it makes him transform into a superman Hentai Kamen (lit. Perverted Mask).

Though the serialization of the manga was for a short period of time, it is said that there are many fans of the manga, and Oguri is one of them. Oguri has been aspiring after its live-action adaptation, and he has also invited the original author to his radio show. The director Fukuda sympathized with Oguri, and thus, this project was started. Reportedly, Oguri appointed Suzuki for the live-action adaptation, saying, I cant think of anybody else, but him, to play Hentai Kamen.

In order to duplicate Hentai Kamens muscular body, Suzuki first gained 15 kilograms, and ventured into body building to reduce the fat for over a year. Suzuki commented, Im honored to play the ultimate hero. I would also like to act out not only the powerful action scenes, but also act sincerely for the boys heart that suffers from the worries of puberty.

It was also revealed the heroine whom Kyosuke falls in love with at first sight, named Himeno Aiko, will be played by Shimizu Fumika. Other cast members include Muro Tsuyoshi, Yasuda Ken, Sato Jiro, Ikeda Narushi, Tsukamoto Takashi, Okada Yoshinori, and Daito Shunsuke. As its theme song, MAN WITH A MISSIONs new song Emotions (to be released on February 20th) has been chosen.

HK/Hentai Kamen will be pre-released on April 6th at Shinjuku Wald 9, and it will be open in theaters nation wide starting on April 13th.

Source: ... ring-suzuki-ryohei/

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VAMPS transfers to Universal Music + tie-up with Live Nation

VAMPS has announced that they have transferred to Universal Musics Delicious Deli Records. They have also received a tie-up with world-known event promoter Live Nation in preparation for a world tour.

VAMPS first release from Delicious Deli Records will be a live DVD (limited and regular edition) and Blu-ray (limited edition only) titled VAMPS LIVE 2012 on April 24th. This will feature the Zepp Namba performance of their nationwide tour in 2012, which was also broadcast on WOWOW. The limited editions will also include a documentary footage.

HYDE (Vo) and K.A.Z (G) has released a comment regarding their label transfer and tie-up with Live Nation. Being active both at home and abroad, we felt that Universal Music was a necessary factor to us. We expect that they will successfully widen our activities. (HYDE) In order to approach our overseas activities, we wanted to widen our range of activities with a new partner. (K.A.Z) It is my dream to be active overseas as well as in Japan, so it would be nice to explore while using this opportunity. (HYDE) Rather than being active in the world, I hope that many people will refer to VAMPS as their favorite MUSIC. (K.A.Z)

Source: ... p-with-live-nation/

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Nito Moeno announces her graduation from AKB48

AKB48 member Nito Moeno announced her graduation from the group.

She made the announcement during the team A stage performance held at AKB48 theater on February 14th. Nito is a 5th generation member, and she was the runner-up in the Senbatsu Janken Tournament held back in September of last year.

The graduation date has not yet been revealed.

Source: ... duation-from-akb48/

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Nito Moeno explains her decision to graduate on blog

AKB48 member Nito Moeno who announced her graduation from the group during the team A stage performance on February 14th, updated her official blog, and explained the reason for her graduation.

Below is what she posted.


I announced during todays (February 14th) stage my decision to graduate from AKB48.

I am sorry for the sudden announcement.

I started seriously thinking about the graduation when I turned 20, and I have made up my mind by the end of last year.

I joined AKB48 as a 5th generation member, and have experienced many things.  However, recently, I was thinking a lot about my standing position, how I should support AKB48, and also, how it would affect me in a positive way

However, this place is not my goal after all, and I do not intend to keep fighting as a member of AKB.

I want to graduate, and experience even more things! I would like to try my best to improve my own skills!!

Regarding the date for my graduation, since I definitely want to attend the handshake events for Eien Pressure, and my 5th anniversary since debut will be on April 28th, it will be after I finish those.

It has not yet been decided exactly when (could be May, could be June), but while I can stay as a member of AKB48, I want to continue learning many things, and grow myself up. I also want to cherish the time with the members, as well as the time with you fans.

Please continue to support me.

AKB48 Team A Nito Moeno

Source: ... o-graduate-on-blog/

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 Author| Post time 25-2-2013 09:13 PM | Show all posts
Oshima Yuko to receive popularity award from Maeda Atsuko at The 36th Japan Academy Prize

It was announced on the radio show Ninety-nine no All Night Nippon (aka ANN), that AKB48s Oshima Yuko has been elected for the popularity award (actor/actress category) of The 36th Japan Academy Prize.

The popularity award is the only award that is elected based on the votes by the listeners of ANN and it is given to the most favored work and actor/actress by the young generation. Oshima displayed her impressive acting in the movie Yamikin Ushijima-kun, and she commented, I am really happy that I was able to receive this award with my work as an actress.

At the awarding ceremony (to be held on March 8th), former AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko who received the same award last year, will be there as a presenter, and she will hand the certificate of merit to Oshima, thus, the fans can expect Maeda and Oshimas 2-shots at the ceremony. Maeda congratulated Oshima, with, Congratulations for the award Yuko! Im glad that we will be able to stand on the same stage of the Japan Academy Prize. Im looking forward to seeing her at the awarding ceremony.

For the film category of the popularity award, Kamiki Ryonosukes starring movie Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo has been elected. Kamiki also left a comment, Im really honored to receive this wonderful award.

The Japan Academy Prize awarding ceremony which will be held on March 8th, will be aired on NTV at 9:00 pm, and Nippon Broadcasting System will also broadcast the special radio program All Night Nippon GOLD The 36th Japan Academy Prize Special starting at 10:00 pm.

Source: ... apan-academy-prize/

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Model Suzuki Emi marries a non-celebrity man on Valentines Day

It was reported that model Suzuki Emi who appears in several magazines, including female fashion magazine MORE, married a non-celebrity man who works for a fashion-related company on Valentines Day.

According to people who are close to the couple, they first met at a birthday party for a mutual friend last fall, and began dating around 3 months ago. Reportedly, they went to a ward office in Tokyo together in the early dawn of 14th, and registered their marriage. Theyre already living together, and Suzuki stated to people around her how she was attracted to his kind and reliable personality.

Suzukis agency admitted to her marriage, and Suzuki left a happy comment through the agency, After I met him, many things started changing at a fast pace as if it was magic. Though it doesnt seem real to me sometimes, this whole marriage process is just like us and I feel happy about it. Regarding her work, she said, Just like up until now, I would like to continue to enjoy working at my own pace.

Source: ... -on-valentines-day/

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C-ute announces their new single at a Valentines Day event

On February 14th, 5-member idol group C-ute held a Valentines Day event at Tokyo towers observation decks.

The event was held as a collaboration between Radio Nippon and Tokyo Tower for their 55th anniversary, and was also for a public recording for a members radio show Nakajima Saki no Cute na Jikan. At the event, the group announced the release of their 21st single Crazy Kanzen na Otona, which made for a special Valentines Day present for the 300 fans that attended the event.

The members revealed their Valentine memories: Nakajima said, Last year, I tried to make 18 pieces of cookies, but it ended up as one huge cookie since they spread too much. So this year, I am not making anything. Leader Yajima Maimi, whose hobby is making pastry, also said, This year, I wanted to make Nama-choco souffl, but I failed, so I made Crme Brulee instead.

Source: ... lentines-day-event/

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