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June 7, 2012

TVXQ to JYJ, K-pop to K-drama, Park Yu-chun does it all
By Kim Hyo-eun Korea JoongAng Daily

Park Yu-chun, star of the SBS drama Rooftop Prince, rose to fame with the K-pop group TVXQ
before splitting off with two other members to form JYJ. By Kwon Hyuk-jae

K-pop stars come and go, with only a handful staying on the scene in the long run. Park Yu-chun, also known as Micky Yoochun, is among the rare few who emerged almost a decade ago and still cause traffic jams every time an appearance is announced.

The 26-year-old member of JYJ has made it in both the K-pop and K-drama markets and proved he is still among the hottest stars with the success of the recent SBS drama Rooftop Prince. He won his second straight Most Popular Actor in a TV Drama award at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards earlier this year.

In the hit drama, Park plays a crown prince of the Joseon Dynasty, Lee Gak, who travels into the future to modern-day Seoul where he falls in love with Park Ha (Han Ji-min). Prince Lee, the only character who speaks in the Joseon-era style, is lost in and overwhelmed by the contemporary capital, yet his love for Park is unwavering. The JYJ star said acting in such a farfetched storyline was a challenge, but nonfictional aspects made the task a bit easier.

While acting in this drama I was able to grasp how much Lee Hee-myung, the writer of the show, misses his wife after their split six years ago, Park said. This made it easier to comprehend the character and act more naturally.

I felt really sorry and sad for Park Ha when I had to leave her behind to go back to the Joseon Dynasty. The story itself was more genuine and affectionate than modern-day love stories.

The actor said that Rooftop Prince has a special place in his heart as well, as his father passed away in March while it was in production. If he ever gets an opportunity to travel in time, Park said he would go back to when he lived in America with his father.

Due to financial difficulties, Park and his family left for the United States when he was in sixth grade, where he helped his father work construction jobs.

It was a tiring job, Park said. I looked for ways to get away with it at the time. But looking back, I think it was one of the good memories I have had with my father. If I knew it then, I could have made it a better memory for him too.

He moved back to Seoul and joined SM Entertainment, the agency that backed his debut with TVXQ in 2003. It was with this K-pop group that Park rose to fame, touring across Asia and releasing single after single in Korea and Japan.

But it wasnt all smooth sailing. In 2009, Park, Kim Jun-su and Kim Jae-joong of TVXQ filed lawsuits against SM Entertainment over contract disputes. The three split and formed their own band, JYJ.

Despite the drama surrounding his nine-year singing career, or perhaps because of it, Parks fans have remained devoted and the star is still one of the most talked about idols in Korea.

His foray into television started with the KBS2 drama Seonggyungwan Scandal in 2010 and then followed up with MBCs Miss Ripley in 2011. His starring in Rooftop Prince led to its phenomenal viewer ratings - the highest among all competing dramas.

I try to forget about the pressure of acting well, Park said. I did not have to force myself to cry in Rooftop Prince. Putting myself in the characters situation naturally made me cry. I have a scratch on my face that I try to cover up with makeup when I act. But I quit doing that. Nothing should be hidden.

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June 8, 2012
Television romance moves off screen
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Love is in the air, both off and on the set of tvN drama Queen In-hyuns Man. At a press conference to mark the shows end on Thursday night, actor Ji Hyun-woo confessed that he has feelings for his co-star, actress Yoo In-na.

I wanted to say this in front of all the fans of the drama. I love Yoo In-na, Ji said in front of fans, the press and his family members in attendance.

The two shared a total of six kiss scenes, and Ji told the audience that Yoo was a source of moral support for him on the show.

He even cited actors Hyun Bin and Song Hye-gyo as previous cases of co-stars finding love off screen.

Meanwhile, Yoo maintained a calm composure and laughed it off saying, This is startling. We need to talk later.

Press as well as audience members were dumbfounded and didnt know whether Ji was joking or serious. Ilgan Sports, the JoongAng Ilbos sports daily, reported that there was nothing about Jis facial expressions that suggested he was joking.

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June 8, 2012

Ha Ji-won promotes 'As One' in LA
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Actress Ha Ji-won attended a special screening of the movie As One in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Ha was greeted by a throng of Korean-Americans and other fans who attended the event to catch a glimpse of the Hallyu actress.

Ahead of the Los Angeles release yesterday in the United States, the movie began showing in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia as well as in Vancouver and Toronto from June 1.

The film is based on a true story about a friendship that emerged between table tennis players from the North and the South back in 1991 when the two Koreas joined forces to compete as one nation at the World Table Tennis Championships, subsequently winning a gold medal in the process.

When the film hit the one million mark in terms of viewers, Ha, along with co-star Bae Doo-na, served lucky fans at a pub in Sinsa-dong, southern Seoul, back on May 15. Fans applied on the movies official Web site for the chance to meet the stars at the special promotional event.

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June 10, 2012
Lee Min-ho: A 10 million-fan man
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Hallyu actor Lee Min-hos followers online have exceeded the 10 million mark.

According to StarHaus Entertainment, his agency, as of Wednesday Lees total number of online followers was about 10.4 million, more than any other Korean public figure.

Lee has more than 5.4 million followers on Facebook, 4 million on the Chinese social site, 660,000 on Twitter and 230,000 on the Korean SNS Web site Me2Day. Of the total number of Lees cyberfollowers, 40 percent are Chinese.

Lees agency said that his appeal is due to the fact that he is always trying to create novel ideas to communicate and engage with fans. Lee is always asking his fans how they are, being honest about whats on his mind, said a spokesperson from StarHaus Entertainment.

The messages that my fans leave me on my various social Web sites have been such an immense source of encouragement, Lee said while on location in Changwon, Gyeongsang, for the upcoming drama Faith.

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June 11, 2012

Director Min Kyu-dong says its all about communication
By Jung Hyun-mok Korea JoongAng Daily

Min Kyu-dong, director of All About My Wife poses for the camera on a bicycle sculpture.
Marriage and bicycles work in similar ways, the director said. Two wheels need to roll
together to stay in balance through communication. By Kwon Hyuk-jae

The film All About My Wife (2012) centers on the struggles of marriage, a topic often broached by Korean rom-coms. Yet, while the plot may seem typical, the turnout has been extraordinary.

As of Wednesday, more than three million have seen the film in theaters, closing in on the four million viewers of Introduction to Architecture and battling through blockbuster competitors Men In Black 3 and The Avengers.

In the film, Jung-in (Lim Soo-jung) has strained relations with her husband Doo-hyun (Lee Sun-gyun) from the first day of their marriage. Doo-hyun decides to ask a handsome ladies man living next door, Sung-gi (Ryu Seung-ryong), to have an affair with his wife in order to give him an excuse to divorce her.

The director of the film, Min Kyu-dong, 42, made his directorial debut with the horror film Memento Mori in 1999. Since then, Min became well known for producing films that delve into human psyche, most notably in All For Love (2005) and The Last Blossom (2011).

Sung-gi (Ryu Seung-ryong), right, trying to seduce
Jung-in (Lim Soo-jung) in All About My Wife.

Min sat down with the JoongAng Ilbo to discuss the success of All About My Wife and his directorial methods. The following are the excerpts from the interview.

Q. Do you view the film as a success?

A. My friends called me after watching the film and said they walked out at the end of the movie holding their wives hands. I still cannot believe we have already hit three million viewers. What surprises even more is that the movie is creating strong desires for marriage among the younger audience.

What is your personal view on marriage?

Last year was my 13-year anniversary. My wife and I told each other, Weve made it through. Marriage is a fantasy and happens when two different people find similarities in each other. Once they find out that they are totally different individuals, the fantasy becomes a reality. Putting two different pieces together through a long process of tuning and healing is what marriage is all about. I wanted to break the fantasy young people have of marriage through this film.

What is the film trying to say about communication in marriage?

The film is trying to convey the message that a lack of communication results in a tragic marriage. I assume that most audience members going through communication difficulties in their marriages could easily relate to the characters in the film. Jung-ins quote in the film, Can we have a talk, is what many husbands fear the most. It is unfortunate that a conversation with a spouse is something to fear. That is the message that the film hopes to explain. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of people who can relate to the film, which means the issue of lack of communication in marriage is becoming huge.

Which character in the film do you relate to the most?

I can understand and relate to Jung-in. This character took me out of the dark room that I was holding in myself. Every line that she says in the film is actually what I have been trying to say.

I sometimes feel lonely without having any friend to talk to. This film gave me an opportunity to speak my mind to the audience.

This film seems similar to your previous works, All For Love and The Last Blossom.

Both films question what true beauty of life is and what makes life more meaningful. These are the main topics that I want to cover in my films. All About My Wife also contains questions about the beauty of marriage and communication. I want this film to be a reminder for all audiences that a lack of communication is a problem that both parties need to come together to solve.

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June 11, 2012

Ji Hyun-woo is not in hiding, he just can't be spotted
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Just days after confessing his love for co-star Yoo In-na at a press conference for the drama Queen In-hyuns Man, actor Ji Hyun-woo has remained out of sight.

Four days after Ji professed publicly, I wanted to say this in front of all the fans of the drama. I love Yoo In-na, as the show came to an end on June 7, local media have been unable to contact Ji.

Jis agency said on June 10 that the actor may be having a hard time after the public confession.

We havent been able to contact him for days. Despite the fact that he had the courage to own up to his feelings, he may be reeling from the decision, the agency said.

Fans are worried for Jis welfare as he is set to enter the Army to fulfill his compulsory military service on July 3.
To console fans, Jis brother used his SNS Web site on June 11 to announce, Dont worry, Ive been hearing from him. There is nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, his co-star Yoo and her agency are keeping tight-lipped about the whole ordeal.

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June 11, 2012

K.Will treats Jang Dong-gun to a song
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Singer K.Will has written the words to a song entitled We Never Go Alone to be used in the Imperial Whiskey campaign promoted by Hallyu actor Jang Dong-gun.

On June 11, Starship Entertainment said that K.Will will present Jang with a song for the advertisement which features not only the actor but his friend of 10 years, his makeup artist and manager.

The singer-songwriter K.Will said that he was inspired by the real-life story of friendship between Jang and his comrades.

We all want to succeed and receive satisfaction from our achievements. But all this would be nothing without the people around us. Through the song, I want to convey the message that you have to be grateful for those around you, said K.Will.

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June 11, 2012

Flop doesn't faze Lee Seung-gi, who says he has the Army on his mind
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Twenty-five-year-old actor Lee Seung-gi recently sat down with Ilgan Sports and talked about the flop of his recent drama as well as a tentative date for fulfilling his military service.

When asked about how he felt about "The King 2 Hearts" Lee said that it was a little disappointing that the ratings fell so much but that it was still a great experience for him.

I thought that we had the best staff on board so it was surprising and disappointing to see the ratings drop off."he said. "Still, it was always a dream of mine to work with director Lee Jae-kyu and actress Ha Ji-won."

"It was like winning the lotto when I got the chance to work with Ha." Lee added.

When asked if he planned to enter the Army anytime soon, Lee said he had it all planned but didn't reveal many details.

Its all sorted in my head, but changes do happen in life, so I¡m hesitant to reveal the exact date." the star explained.

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June 12, 2012
'The Concubine' beats Hollywood at box office

Korean movie The Concubine took the top spot in the box office over the weekend.

The Concubine which was released last Wednesday, sold 987,000 tickets through Sunday. The movie, which portrays eroticism and conflicts happening at the royal palace in the Joseon era, is estimated to have passed one million tickets on Monday.

The result is seen as remarkable, since it beat out Hollywood animated movie Madagascar 3: Europes Most Want, which was released on the same day.

Korean romantic comedy All About My Wife starring Im Soo-jung and Lee Sun-kyun is still in the box office running as well. The movie is third and has sold more than 3.42 million tickets since its release on May 17.

Meanwhile, Prometheus, Ridley Scotts new sci-fi flick, showed disappointing results in fourth place, while Men in Black 3 and Runway Cop follow in fifth and sixth.

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June 12, 2012

Showing the real among the fake
Source: The Korea Herald

Renowned singer and actor Lee Seung-gi, 25, has been known as a model student to the public. So, he thinks that being honest is most important.

Now it is easy to find out who is is fake, so I have to be honest, Lee said in an interview with Herald Business on Monday.

Lee does not get stressed about the difference between his real life and his image in the media.

Even if I am an icon of solicitude, I cannot be nice for every person. I disregard the fake despite it being advantageous to me.

About sorting the trash at Chuseok, Lee said that he does not usually separate items. When he appeared on TV show 1 Night 2 Days, he was given that very task, but broke some dishes. The shows subtitles joked that he was not familiar with such work.

People around me have to feel that that is the real Lee Seung-gi whom they know.

After finishing The King to Hearts, a TV drama in which Lee appeared as a king, he had a concert at Budokan in Japan, drawing 8,000 people. He was impressed by the Japanese fans.

8000 people concentrated on the concert as if they were in small theatre, Lee said. I found out why many musicians want to play at Budokan. He also thought that Japanese fans preferred dance music to ballads.

About The King to Hearts, he said that he was embarrassed for its low ratings. However, he was satisfied with the expansion of his acting range.

Lee also referred his military duty. He said, I am going to serve in my duty, and I also decided when I will join it.

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June 12, 2012

Lee Je-hoon evolves
By Claire Lee The Korea Herald

'Architecture 101' and 'Fashion King' actor shares his thoughts on movies, and taking on different challenges

No one on Koreas film scene has been busier than actor Lee Je-hoon in the last few months.

The 28-year-old actor has been involved with two movies and one drama since last year. One of the movies, Architecture 101, in which Lee played a shy university student who suffers heartbreak over his first love, turned out to be a huge box office triumph after its release in March.

Lee, who swept best rookie actor prizes last year for his performance as the emotionally vulnerable high school student in director Yoon Sung-hyuns indie drama Bleak Night, rose to stardom with the commercial first-love flick. He received enthusiastic reviews for his portrayal of the inexperienced young man, which showed off much complexity and emotional depth. His versatility once again shined in SBS recent drama series Fashion King, where he played a struggling young chaebol heir in Koreas fashion industry.

Lees rise to stardom, however, is no accident. After switching his major from engineering to theater studies, Lee appeared in more than 18 student shorts and indie films from 2006-2010. He also appeared as an extra in a number of commercial films, including 2010 erotic thriller The Servant and romantic comedy Finding Mr. Destiny.

Actor Lee Je-hoon poses for a photo prior to an interview with The Korea Herald on Friday.
(Park Hae-mook/The Korea Herald)

Having finished shooting SBS drama series Fashion King, Lee is ahead of the release of his upcoming commercial comedy horror film Ghost Sweepers. Following is a Q&A with the talented and ambitious actor.

Q: Youve played such a variety of roles. What kind of characters draws you in?

A: Im interested in characters that make me curious. The characters I like offer a room for imagination about their untold past and future, even when the given scripts dont explain enough about them. I also like characters that influence other characters in the films D even after their deaths. Gi-tae from Bleak Night, (the high school student commits a suicide in the film) for example, will always be a part of his friends lives.

Q: Your timid university student character Seung-min in Architecture 101, on the other hand, suffers heartbreak, mainly because of his lack of courage. How did you understand the character?

A: I know that many would call him cowardly. But I really think hes done best he could, in the way he thought was right (to win his love-interest Seo-yeons heart.) Of course, those who have more experience in relationships wouldnt approach a person they like in such a way. But I assumed that for a young man whos never been in love before, everything he experiences with Seo-yeon must be extremely overwhelming.

Q: In spite of Seung-mins flaws, many empathize with the character. Have you experienced something similar to what he goes through in the movie?

A: Yes. But Ive never given up (on a girl) the way Seung-min does in the movie D he just turns away without telling her how he really feels. Ive always told very clearly.

Q: Who are your favorite actors (or actresses) and why?

A: Brad Pitt and George Clooney. I like Pitt for being so versatile by playing so many different types of roles, for both commercial and art-house films. Clooney, on the other hand, is a prolific director as well as an actor. I also admire him for his (human rights) activism and his efforts to make a difference in the world.

Q: Would you ever direct a movie as well?

A: I do think about it sometimes. Whenever I am on shooting, I always find the film equipment D such as the camera, lights and microphones D and how they work very interesting. I sometimes look into the viewfinder and try to compose a shot and focus the subject. But Im not planning to direct a film anytime soon D if it happens, itll happen many years later.

Q: What film has changed your life?

A: Director Lee Chang-dongs 1997 noir Green Fish. I was attending middle school when I first watched the piece. And although I could not completely understand the film and where it was getting at, I still found it extremely powerful. I somehow empathized with the character Mak-dong (in the movie, the young character gets involved with street mobsters and ends up having an affair with the boss girlfriend) though I didnt get why he would make such (undesirable) choices in life. Its the film that triggered my love for Korean cinema. Ive been watching a lot of local films ever since.

Q: Who would be dream directors to work with?

A: Lee Chang-dong, Park Chan-wook and Bong Joon-ho. I think the three filmmakers tell the stories that they really want to tell. Their movies always reveal what they think must be told. I have a lot of respect for that.

Q: In Architecture 101, your character Seung-min was made fun of for wearing a fake Guess T-shirt. You made a huge fashion transition in Fashion King, where you played a young chaebol heir who flaunts his expensive wardrobe and lifestyle. What are your favorite fashion items off-screen?

A: Anything simple with a touch of vintage. Ive been also collecting vintage shoes for the past year. I like how these shoes complement any outfit you wear D from formal suit to something totally casual.

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone D dead or alive D who would you choose?

A: Park Kyung-chul (the doctor-turned-stock investor and columnist). Ive read one of the books hes written and found it very inspiring.

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June 12, 2012

Hanbyul Park, 'I look the best when I was in mid-20s'
Source: Korea JoongAng Daily

Actress Hanbyul Park claimed her mid-20 look the prettiest among her movies.

She attended her new movie premier Two Moons June 11th at Lotte cinema. It is her 3rd horror movie after Girl high school 3, and Yoga School.

My characters differ from all three horror movies; so are my ages. I started shooting from early 20s and now I am in my late 20s for the latest one, said Park.

She also joked, I look the best when I was in mid-20s.

The two moons is about day time no longer coming, people who never met got stuck in some isolated place and time and tried to survive. The movie opens in July.

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June 12, 2012

Alex just can't stay away from pasta
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

In a rare case of life imitating art, singer and actor Alex has recently become the owner of an Italian restaurant in Sinsa-dong, southern Seoul.

The 32-year-old star became the head of Dasti Plate located in trendy Garosugil in Sinsa.

The entertainer is said to be taking an active part in the restaurants operations, overseeing the development of various recipes.

A celebrity who is known for his cooking skills, Alex studied culinary arts in Canada before he made his debut in the entertainment industry.

His two fields of expertise crossed in 2010 when Alex played the owner of an Italian restaurant in the MBC drama Pasta.

In May, all eyes were again on the star as he serenaded a lucky fan as a wedding gift.

Alex is also currently the host of a music program called Be My Singer on MBC Music

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June 12, 2012

Joo Jin-mo to star in Chinese drama
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily
Joo Jin-mo will star in a Chinese drama with Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin, to begin cranking in July.

The drama Hwa Be Hwa Moo Be Moo is a 34-part drama to be aired on Hunan TV and Joo is set to play the role of a heartthrob in it.

In early May, Joo made headlines when a false report about him marrying actress Go Jun-hee surfaced.

Just after the rumor broke, Joos agency clarified the matter by saying, There is no wedding and they arent even dating.

Gos agency also gave a similar response.

[The report] is false and Go Jun-hee is so busy that she couldnt be in a relationship even if she tried, it said. Go is currently abroad due to filming commitments.

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June 12, 2012

Kwon Sang-woo to take on new drama
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Hallyu star Kwon Sang-woo will star alongside actress Soo Ae in the new drama The King of the Beast.

The production company behind the drama said yesterday that the two actors have agreed to star in the drama and filming will begin from August.

The drama is based on a cartoon by Park In-kwon, who also wrote the TV adaptation OF the comic Daemul, in which Kwon starred back in 2010.

The King of the Beast tells the tale of a woman born into poverty who will let nothing stand in her way as she tries to become the first lady.

Soo Ae will play the ambitious female character while Kwon is set to play the role of a hopeless romantic who will do anything for Soo Aes character.

Kwons agency said that it was an easy decision for the star to accept the role because the storyline was so great.

I want to show another side of myself that is a little different from the role I played in Daemul, Kwon explained.

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June 12, 2012

Ji Hyun-woo explains his love confession
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

After making a seemingly spontaneous love confession at a press conference, actor Ji Hyun-woo has spoken out about his feelings for co-star Yoo In-na to clear up any confusion that his outburst may have left in the minds of fans.

Gosh you guys like to worry! Im fine and am not in hiding, so dont worry, he said on Twitter.

I would do the same if I were to relive that moment, he added.

At a press conference to mark the end of Queen In-hyuns Man on Thursday night, Ji took the microphone and announced his love for his co-star.

Ji also took the time to reprimand nosy netizens and the press alike on Monday by advising, You know theres a saying that those who mind other peoples business never make it far in life, so mind your own business!

In response to inquires about the Thursday outburst, Jis agency had previously said he was unreachable by phone.

Yoos representatives have remained tightlipped about the affair.

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June 12, 2012

'The Thieves' all-star cast set to steal show
By Cho Jae-eun Korea JoongAng Daily

Stars of the new action film The Thieves pose for the press yesterday at the Westin
Chosun Hotel in central Seoul. From left, Oh Dal-soo, Kim Hye-sook, Kim Soo-hyun,
Kim Hye-su, Kim Yoon-seok, Jeon Ji-hyun and Lee Jung-jae [NEWSIS]

The biggest names in Korean film are set to star in the upcoming summer blockbuster The Thieves, dubbed Koreas Oceans Eleven with its megawatt leads featured as a gang of thieves.

Kim Hye-su, Kim Yoon-seok, Lee Jung-jae, Jeon Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun, as well as Hong Kong stars Angelica Lee and Simon Yam, make up the all-star ensemble in this heist movie directed by critically praised director Choi Dong-hun of Tazza: The High Rollers (2006) and The Big Swindle (2004).

The thought of directing this group of high-profile actors and actresses was really scary, confessed the director.

At the beginning, I was worried whether Kim Hye-su and Jeon Ji-hyun might get into a fight or something, joked Choi, during the press conference for the film yesterday at the Westin Chosun Hotel in central Seoul, adding that in the end the two leading actresses got along well and supported each other.

Even during filming, I couldnt take my eyes off the monitor because of the charisma of all these actors.

On comparisons with Oceans Eleven, the director said he never went into production consciously thinking about the hit Hollywood film.

I think the film, more than Oceans Eleven, is closer to Tazza and The Big Swindle. Maybe there are similarities in that both films [The Thieves and Oceans Eleven] are about stealing, but the action featured in our film is invested with more emotion, said Choi.

When I saw Oceans Eleven, the gang seemed really compatible and harmonious, but in The Thieves, we are all over the place, all with our own faults, said Kim Yoon-seok, who plays the head thief, Macao Park, in the new action blockbuster.

But I think that you will see through the friendships and love in the film, our unique emotional developments will show through.

A still image from the new film The Thieves Provided by 1st Look

Director Chois fourth feature film is set in Macau, as a group of Korean thieves are called out by legendary thief Macao Park to the region to steal a rare blue diamond worth $20 million. The gang works with a group of Hong Kong thieves, all with their own secrets and ambitions regarding the project.

Veteran actress Kim Hye-su said that the shooting of one trying scene in the film, where she is featured under water trapped in a car, tested her patience and determination as an actress.

When the director called for one more take, I could sense a touching passion in his voice, so I did one more, said the actress, who also starred in the Tazza: The High Rollers along with her co-star Kim Yoon-seok.

When I was watching myself on the monitor afterward, I started questioning why, as an actress, I had to endure such hardship - for what? The director, the audience or for the sake of the film? she said.

It was a moment when I questioned what films are to me.

The film also marked the return of Hallyu star Jeon Ji-hyun to the big screen, as a rope-walking thief in the film, after her recent wedding. Her love interest in The Thieves is fellow thief, Jampano, played by up-and-coming actor Kim Soo-hyun, who catapulted into stardom with his role in the MBC historical drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun this year.

My kiss scene with Jeon Ji-hyun was easy because I was able to get immersed in the scene easily with her presence, said the young actor, looking a bit flushed.

When asked if he is anxious about the films July 25th opening, which will be in theaters with Hollywood blockbusters including The Dark Knight Rises, director Choi joked, I see Batman in my sleep these days.

But more than anything, I wish that through the film, more people outside Korea will be able to get to know these great actors.

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June 12, 2012

'The Concubine' Attracts More Than 1 Million Viewers in 6 Days
Source: ChosunIlbo

"The Concubine," which has generated much buzz due to its nude scenes featuring actress Jo Yeo-jeong, has pulled more than 1 million viewers within six days of its release on June 6.

The Korean Film Council reported that the total number of theater-goers for the movie hit 1.07 million on Monday.

"The Concubine," starring Jo, Kim Min-jun and Kim Dong-wook, is an erotic historical drama that tells the tale of a woman who had to offer to serve as the king's concubine in order to survive.

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June 13, 2012
2AM's Seulong, Han Hye-jin, Jin Goo signs on for Kang Full's political film

Reporter : Lucia Hong. Editor : Monica Suk.10Asia

Jin Goo (left), Han Hye-jin (center) and 2AM's Seulong (right) [BH Entertainment/Namoo Actors/Big Hit Entertainment]

Korean ballad group 2AM's Seulong, actress Han Hye-jin and actor Jin Goo have signed on to star in a political film based on the webtoon by Kang Full.

The three stars' respective agencies all confirmed with 10Asia in telephone interviews that they will play in the forthcoming movie titled "26 Years," scheduled to crank in on July 3.

In the film adaptation begins the story from the 1980s when thousands of people--mostly composed of college students--were killed or wounded by the South Korean government due to pro-democracy movement in the city of Gwangju on May 18, 1980.

In the film that deals one of the critical events in Korean history, Seulong will play a young policeman whose life gets highly influenced by the incident and Jin Goo will portray a gangster from an organized criminal group whose dad gets killed during the massacre.

Meanwhile, Han, who will be making her big screen return in two years since "No Mercy," will play a professional shooter from the national shooting team.

The three characters, who consider themselves as some of the biggest victims of the movement, plot a top-secret project to punish the person in charge of the massacre.

The incident showed how the country was brutally suppressed and Kang Full's web comic put emphasis on the overcoming of inter-personal and societal barriers.

The film was originally set to star actress Kim Ah-joong and Ryoo Seung-beom under the title "29 Years" in 2008, but the production came to halt once investors pulled out from funding the film due to external issues.

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