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May 29, 2012

Song Hye-gyo will be the face of "The Little Black Jacket" in Taiwan
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Actress Song Hye-gyos picture taken from the photography book and exhibition of Chanel coutures The Little Black Jacket has been selected by Karl Lagerfeld to be the main poster on display for the exhibition by the same title to be held in Taiwan on June 16.

More than 113 celebrities are featured in the book and exhibition celebrating the brands famed black jacket, shot by Lagerfeld himself.

Hollywood stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kirsten Dunst and Dakota Fanning are also included in the exhibition.

Song who was in Paris for a runway show back in October took part in the shooting while she was there last year.

The advertisement will also feature in various fashion magazines abroad like Vogue.

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May 29, 2012

Kim Tae-hee turns motor show into a fashion show
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Actress Kim Tae-hee attended the Busan International Motor Show on May 28 and took part at a signing event.

Fans started queuing hours before the event to catch a glimpse of the hallyu star and to secure an autograph.

Meanwhile, one fan took a photo of the star and uploaded it online. So put together did she appear, and with no help from photoshop, that this photo prompted many netizens to claim that she was a goddess.

One netizen dubbed the photo, The moment that the motor show became a fashion show.

Meanwhile on May 27, Kim made the news for a different cause.
In a segment of the weekly newsletter for Catholics nationwide, Catholic Kim confessed to fellow parishioners that she had been selfish.

Ive always been proud to be Catholic and felt that Ive had a privileged life due to my faith. Lately however, Ive come to decide that Ive been neglecting my duty to spread the Gospel and living a selfish life. I feel guilty for this, said Kim.

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May 29, 2012

Lee Jun-hyuk bids farewell, for now
by Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Lee Jun-hyuks agency announced that its talent will enlist in the Army in June.

Although it was already known that hed fulfill his military service after the end of his hit drama The Equator Man, the move came quicker than the agency had anticipated.

The dates been set - its official that Lee Jun-hyuk will begin his military service next month, the agency told Sports Seoul yesterday.

The entertainment agency said that it was still modifying his schedule in line with his conscription date, but confirmed the actor will be gone in June.

On May 2, a spokesperson from Lees agency told Sports Korea, Military duty comes first. We would love to take up promotions in China, but as things stand right now, well have to see what happens once we receive the draft notice.

Although Lee made his debut back in 2006 through singer Tyfoons music video I Will Wait, he only just broke into the Hallyu scene through the KBS drama The Equator Man.

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May 29, 2012

Cho Yeo-jeong keeps it steamy in 'The Concubine'
By Lim Ju-ri Korea JoongAng Daily
Looking back at my 20s, it was hard because I didnt have many roles. But now I appreciate the downtime.May 30,2012

Actress Cho Yeo-jeong returns to the big screen
this summer with The Concubine. [JoongAng Ilbo]

Actress Cho Yeo-jeong debuted as a cover girl with a heart-melting smile at the age of 16. Shes been appearing in drama series, music videos, TV commercials and films one after another ever since, but shes been considered one of those actresses who is neither famous nor ignored.

A single film, however, gave her a chance to shine two years ago. The Servant, based on a Korean folktale The Story of Chunhyang, was a well-made love story set in the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), but the script was turned down by a few actresses because it contained too many sex scenes.

Cho, however, took advantage of the opportunity and proved shes more than the cute girl next door.

Two years have passed since The Servant hit theaters, and Cho returns to the silver screen again with another period film, The Concubine, which promotes itself as a steamy drama that focuses on the tangled relationship between the king, his concubine Hwa-yeon (played by Cho) and another man who used to be in a relationship with Hwa-yeon.

Looking at Chos two recent films, some say she has decided to become an actress who speaks with her body. But when watching The Concubine, which will be released on coming Wednesday, its clear why Cho has decided to undress again.

The JoongAng Ilbo recently caught up with Cho to talk about her upcoming film. The following are excerpts from the interview.

Q. Why did you choose The Concubine?

A. Personally, I like director Kim Dae-seungs films such as Bungee Jumping of Their Own (2000) and Blood Rain (2005). I received the scenario late last summer and I could sympathize with every single characters desires and pain. I thought I should take advantage of this work.

It is such an intense story. The king wants a girl he shouldnt have and the queen is greedy. Each characters desires develop into insanity as the film unfolds. What was the most difficult scene for you?

The last sex scene was really hard. I had to portray Hwa-yeons desperate side because shes been waiting for that moment for so long. I discussed the scene with the director numerous times. The scene had to look tense and dramatic, so I even learned from a traditional Korean dancer how to move my body to add tense feelings to the scene.

Your character Hwa-yeon is a femme fatale. How did you try to make the audience relate to your character?

When Kwon Yu suggests that Hwa-yeon run away with him, she turns down the offer even though she loves him so much because she knows she will die if she does. If I were in her shoes, I would make the same decision.

So I tried to focus on the strong sides of Hwa-yeon. In scenes where she cries, I even tried to look strong.

Hwa-yeon is such a complex character. Have you ever considered any other characters from similar genres of films?

I think this is a very unique character, which is hard to find in other films. So I focused on drawing the best from myself.

After The Servant, it must not be easy for you to appear in a film with so many sex scenes again.

These scenes are necessary for this film to understand these characters. After a recent prescreening event, one member of the audience came up to me and said, I didnt even have time to look at your body as I was following Hwa-yeons emotion. I hope others feel the same as her.

Some of my acquaintances are concerned about whether I keep receiving similar roles, but I have no worries because I dont want to do this type of film for the time being. Hope I can do something thats more lighthearted next time.

The film is set in the Joseon Dynasty but the props and costumes were extraordinary.

Director wanted to use diverse props and costumes depending on each character without thinking about the films historical background. For this reason, Hwa-yeon sticks to natural hairdo before she turns into a femme fatale, but her hair also evolves as she changes. Watching all these props and costumes will be one interesting way to watch the film.

Its been already 15 years since your debut. How do you feel?

Looking back at my 20s, it was hard because I didnt have that many roles. But now I appreciate the downtime because I could have a plenty of me time. I read a lot, went to many galleries and museums and I also learned all the things that Ive wanted to learn.

I think its time for me to show what Ive been accumulating inside of me. As an actress, I want to intrigue the audience.

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May 29, 2012

"The Thieves" attracts more international buyers at Cannes film fest
Reporter : Lucia Hong  Editor : Monica Suk 10Asia

Pushing its popularity further at the Berlin International Film Festival, Korean heist feature "The Thieves" has locked more deals with firms based in Asian countries at the 65th Festival De Cannes.  

On Tuesday, the pic's promoter Showbox announced that "The Thieves" was presold to eight countries in Asia -- Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Thailand -- even before it hits the big screen in Korea.

Showbox explained that the deals were made after the film's teaser preview and the poster revealed at the film market during the Festival De Cannes held in Cannes, France from May 16 to 27.

"We have received a number of inquiries from other countries and we're currently at the last stage of signing deals with Japan and Vietnam," a rep with Showbox said in the statement.

"The Thieves," the fourth feature by director Choi Dong-hoon from "The War of Flower" (2006) and "WOOCHI" (2009), tells the story of thieves from Korea and China that team up together to steal a 40 billion Korean won diamond locked in a special room at a casino in Macao.

The pic, featuring a star-studded cast consisted of Kim Yun-seok, Kim Hye-soo, Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun, is slated to open in local theaters in July 2012.

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May 29, 2012

Actress Shin Se-kyung will be making her a singer!
Source: KBS Global

The 22-year-old actress will be releasing her very own song in the very near future. She has already completed the recording of the digital single, set to be released sometime mid-next month through the major domestic music sites.

According to Shin representatives, the young star has always had an interest in music and has been waiting for an opportunity to release her own music. In the past, she has sung a supporting track on the soundtrack of a movie she starred in, "Blue Salt". The upcoming new

release will show off her charms through a bright, fresh, and upbeat dance song, produced by Freestyle (Mino, Gio).

However, Shin's fans should note she will not be promoting her song on stage.

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May 29, 2012

Lee Min-jung says Gong Yoo is a riot in new drama
By Jean Oh The Korea Herald

Five years have passed since actor Gong Yoo last starred in a television drama, leaving fans hankering for his long-awaited return to the small screen.

It looks like his television comeback will not disappoint. Gong has decided to return with a puff pink, star-studded, star-scripted rom-com.

Given that, it would be hard to say Gong is taking a gamble with KBS new series Big.

He has seen great success with the rom-com genre in the past, not to mention the drama is being written by the famed Hong sisters (Hong Jeong-eun and Hong Mi-ran) known for spinning out high-rated series like MBCs Couple or Trouble and the more recent The Greatest Love.

Add to that his equally popular co-stars Cyrano Agency actress Lee Min-jung and Miss As Suzy and Gong seems to have clenched yet another smash hit.

I kept thinking about starring in a drama after completing military service, said the 32-year old actor at the dramas press conference in Seoul, Tuesday. I think fans really wanted me to do one.

Of his co-stars, he said, Photos went up featuring me with Lee Min-jung and Suzy and I saw what people posted about it. Some wrote He lucked out and others, He hit the jackpot, and I cant disagree. I think I am really lucky.

To Lee Min-jungs fans I would just like to say that I plan on really enjoying working with her for the next two to three months of filming, so please dont get too jealous, he quipped.

Gong Yoo (center) and co-stars Lee Min-jung (left) and Miss As Suzy attend the press conference for KBS drama Big in Seoul, Thursday. (Park Hae-mook/The Korea Herald)

Signing up for a star-scripted and star-studded series does not mean Gong is looking to hitch a free ride.

As demonstrated by his memorable role in Coffee Prince (where he played a rich brat whose attraction to a heroine disguised as a boy prompts him to question his sexual orientation), Gong is not afraid to take on complex roles that go beyond the knight-in-shining armor stereotype.

This time around he will be playing two roles D 30-year old pediatrician Seo Yoon-jae and 18-year old Kang Gyeong-joon (an angst-ridden adolescent who finds himself trapped in the body of Seo after a fateful car accident).

I wanted to take on that challenge and I am really working hard to do both roles justice, he said.

Co-star Lee Min-jung is playing Seos fiancee and high school teacher Gil Da-ran. In the big switch, Gil is tasked with dealing with having her husband-to-be possessed by the spirit of her mischievous student Kang.

Not only is the script a riot, but Gong Yoo really brings his character to life, said the 30-year old actress, who admitted that she is having a hard time keeping a straight face while filming Big. He is really funny.

Of co-star Gong, Lee said, He has this dandified persona so I was worried, but actually hes pretty grungy.

Just kidding, she quickly added.

I think shes really cute, Lee said of co-star and girl group member Suzy D who cut her acting teeth on KBS Dream High before going on to star in the popular flick Architecture 101. Suzy is playing Kangs close and not-so-normal friend (and potential love interest) Jang Ma-ri.

If I were a guy I think I would dig her, Lee said of Suzy in jest, before getting serious and saying. Ive seen all of Suzys work and I think she does a good job. She doesnt put on any airs when she acts.

Budding starlet Suzy announced that she is prepared to read the script till it is tattered to bits.

I am ready to really enjoy playing a freak, she said of her role as a left-of-center teenager.

Big starts airing June 4 on Monday and Tuesday nights on KBS 2 TV at 9:55 p.m.

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May 29, 2012

Ko to return as reclusive cartoonist
By Claire Lee The Korea Herald

In her recent works, actress Ko Hyun-jung has been nothing but a powerful, ruling woman.

She starred as Koreas first female president in the 2010 SBS drama Daemul, and the ambitious, manipulative royal concubine Lady Mishil in MBCs 2009 hit biopic drama Queen Seondeok. Even in her 2007 police procedural TV series H.I.T., Ko played a fierce detective who would not take no for an answer.

Actress Ko Hyun-jung stars in her upcoming movie Miss GO. (NEW)

In her upcoming movie Miss GO, however, Ko returns to the screen as a timid, dowdy woman. In the highly anticipated comedy, Ko plays a recluse cartoonist named Cheon Su-ro, who suffers severe social phobia.

The plot of the film develops as Cheon somehow gets involved with one of the biggest organized crime groups in the country, and eventually transforms herself into an extraordinary criminal.

According to the producer of the film, Ko wore absolutely no make-up and dressed in unsophisticated clothes for her socially inept role.

Even the make-up team was shocked because Ko showed up on the set without her daily BB cream on, said an insider.

But everyone was blown away when we saw Ko as the character Cheon, in her drab clothes and no make-up. She was the perfect Cheon Su-ro.

Kos love interest is played by actor Yoo Hae-jin, whose previous works include director Ryu Seung-wans 2010 crime thriller The Unjust and Kang Woo-seoks thriller Moss.

The actress is currently hosting her own SBS talk show GO Show.

Miss GO is slated to open in theaters on June 21.

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May 30, 2012

Boyish Kim Dong-wook returns in period noir
By Claire LeeThe Korea Herald

Actor talks about playing hapless puppet king

Most K-drama fans will remember actor Kim Dong-wook as the bubbly waiter in MBCs 2007 hit drama series Coffee Prince. The character was nothing but a happy brat who wouldnt take life too seriously.

Looking into his filmography, however, one realizes that Kims prolific performance in his upcoming period thriller, The Concubine, is no accident.

The 29-year-olds first role was the angry, impoverished teenager in director Byun Young-joos 2004 drama Flying Boys. In the 2008 sports flick Take Off, he played a former night club bouncer who ends up being a member of Koreas national ski jump team. His characters always displayed nuanced depth and subtlety, thanks to Kims distinctive ability to imbue each role with a different flair.

Actor Kim Dong-wook poses for a photo prior to an interview on Tuesday. (Chung Hee-cho/The Korea Herald)

Kim is now awaiting the release of The Concubine, in which he stars as a repressed prince who later becomes a puppet king D under the control of an obsessive and domineering queen mother.

The movie has been creating media hype mainly for the explicit nude scenes of Kims co-star Jo Yeo-jung, whose last film was also an erotic period drama (The Servant, 2010). But the thriller, unveiled last week to the press, is in fact a riveting tale of obsessive desire, power struggle and murder D showcasing almost Shakespearean psychological intricacy.

One of the finest achievements of the film is Kims engrossing performance as the tormented Prince Seong-won, who gradually loses his sense of judgment and emotional control. Following is a Q&A with the versatile actor, who confessed that playing the character was such an ordeal that he wanted to run away from the set a number of times.

Q: What drew you to Prince Seong-won?

A: On top of everything else, I felt enormously sorry for the guy. Before meeting Hwa-yeon (played by Jo Yeo-jung), who later becomes the object of his almost-lunatic obsession, he had never been loved by anyone. He had never been in love. This is a guy who is forced to live a life that he has no interest in. He is repressed in every possible way, and never gets anything he wants. And in spite of all that, ironically, he becomes the king. While feeling sorry for him, I also found the complexity of the character fascinating. Thats what drew me in.

Q: Did you find anything similar between you and the character?

A: Well, Ive been in love as well D the similar kind of love that Seong-won feels for Hwa-yeon. It was intense and obsessive. I was so absorbed by my own feelings that I couldnt hear what everyone else was saying. I didnt know why I was the way I was, and could not help but keep expressing my feelings. I think thats how Seong-won felt, too, when he first discovered he was in love.

Q: In the movie, concubine Hwa-yeon gives up her moral probity and destroys others for her own survival. How far would you go to survive in the most extreme of circumstances, like those of Hwa-yeon?

A: I honestly dont know how far I would go. But I do understand Hwa-yeon and her evolution into such a merciless individual. Not only does she have to protect her own life, she also has to protect her son. She lost her father and the man she was in love with. This is the woman who lost so much, and is eager to protect what she has left. So I find the decisions she makes convincing.

Q: It seems like Prince Seong-wons tragedy mostly stems from the abusive relationship he has with the queen mother. How did you understand the dynamics between the two characters?

A: Much of Seong-wons obsessive and irrational behavior is in fact due to his relationship with his mother. The queen mother actually loves him very much D in the way she thinks is the right way of loving him. And of course, her love only causes him pain and distress. Until he meets Hwa-yeon, the only form of love he knows consists of enduring enormous pressure and trying not to disappoint the other. So his world is turned upside down when he forms feelings for someone aside from his mother, for the first time in his life. He is forced to break away from the world he once belongs to. Director Kim Dai-seung once said Seong-won in fact is seeking what he never received from his mother in Hwa-yeon, and thats why he becomes so obsessive later on. Its almost like Oedipus complex D hes never had a father figure in his life, and survived the throes of death with his mother alone when he was a little kid.

Q: Despite its substance, The Concubine has been simply promoted as an erotic thriller, triggering media hype mainly for its nude scenes. Any thoughts on this?

A: That is why Id like as many people as possible to see this film. The way it is being promoted represents only a small fraction of what this piece is all about. Im more than ready to accept the responses of my viewers as long as they actually see the film. And I am confident that most of them wouldnt be able to say, Oh, there is no difference between the actual film and how its been promoted.

Q: You have played a variety of roles, such as the bubbly waiter in the Coffee Prince and the ski jumper in Take Off. What roles are you interested in playing in future?

A: No character was ever easy for me to play to begin with. The only character that I genuinely enjoyed playing was, in spite of the enormous physical challenge, the ski jumper in the Take Off. Right now Im really up for any happy character. I guess its because I just finished The Concubine and playing such an intense role.

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May 30, 2012

Ko Hyun-jung's "Miss Go" to open in theaters next month
Reporter : Monica Suk Editor : Lucia Hong 10Asia

Poster of "Miss Go" [NEW]

It certainly is the season for comic and action films, and "Miss Go" has been added to the growing list of comic films that will compete in local theaters next month.

"Miss Go," starring top actress Ko Hyun-jung, will be opening in theaters on June 21, according to a press release sent by NEW, the film's promoter, on Wednesday.

In the comedy action film, the host of energetic self-titled talk show on SBS will be playing a timid female character that has sociophobia. One day, she gets involved in a 42-million-dollar-crime after helping a nun on the street and runs into five strangers.

The five men she meets on the street all come from different backgrounds and they turn the woman's life upside down, transforming her into the queen of crime.

The upcoming comedy flick is directed by Park Cheol-kwan of the 2000s hit "Hi, Dhalma!" and co-stars Yu Hae-jin, Sung Dong-il, Lee Moon-sik and Ko Chang-seok.

Ko debuted after winning the second place of the Miss Korea Beauty Contest in 1989 and began her acting career by appearing in the long-run TV series "Love on a Jujube Tree" (KBS, 1990-2007) in 1999.

She has starred in many hit dramas such as "The Eyes of Dawn" (MBC, 1991-1991) and "Sandglass" (SBS, 1995) until 1999, when she got married to Chung Yong-jin, the chairman of Seoul-based conglomerate Shinsegae Group.

In 2005, the couple got divorced under mutual agreement and the actress resumed her activities with "Spring Days" (SBS, 2005) opposite actor Zo In-sung and Ji Jin-hee.

The past few years has been the actress' golden days after "Spring Days," "Queen Seondeok" (MBC, 2009) and "The President" (SBS, 2010) all scored high numbers in ratings.

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May 31, 2012

Rain wins appeal against tenant
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Singer Rain seems to be a winner, even when he is away fulfilling his compulsory military service. On May 31, Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of the Hallyu singer for the second time against his tenant, a local designer who had not been paying any rent and failed to move out of Rains building after the lease had run out.

We maintain our ruling from the first trial that the tenant should take the money deducted from his 100 million won ($84,700) deposit and leave the premises, the court said, ordering the tenant to vacate the premise that he has been using as a gallery.

According to the court, the singer and the designer entered into a contract back in August of 2009 with a deposit of 100 million won and 4 million won rent as well as an additional 400,000 won in maintenance fees per month.
The contract was valid until March 2011 and although the designer used this space as a gallery, he failed to pay maintenance fees from December 2009 and then stopped paying rent altogether from September 2010.

Rain brought a suit against the designer back in January to kick him out but the designer said that because of leakage in the building, he was owed money from damages and failed to vacate the building. He felt that he was the victim and appealed for the case against Rain.

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May 31, 2012

Han Ga-in to conjure soju mojo
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

For the first time ever, actress Han Ga-in will become the face of Korean alcoholic beverage soju Wol which means Moon and is also the name of the female shaman character that Han played in the hit drama The Moon Embracing the Sun.

We thought that Hans character possessed sort of a healing and consoling characteristic that is in line with our beverage, said a representative from Bohae, the liquor company behind the line of soju.

Back in April, the actress whose popularity sky rocketed after the MBC drama said that due to her pure and benign image, that she was always typecast to play such roles and that she wanted to break away from such a public image of herself.

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May 31, 2012

Kim Myung-min to return to the brown box
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily
Actor Kim Myung-min is set to return to the brown box after four years of hiatus from TV.

Internet news Website My daily reported on May 31 that Kim has agreed to star in the SBS drama The King of Drama set to air later this year.

The drama revolves around a network studio and the interactions that take place between production crew, writers, staff, actors and network executives.

Program Director Hong Sung-chang, mastermind of such works as Youre Beautiful (2009) and Jang hang-joon, director of Sign (2011), will take the helm of the program.

Meanwhile Kim rose to fame from the drama Beethoveen Virus back in 2008 and won two awards from KBS and MBC for his portrayal of an eccentric maestro.

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May 31, 2012

Kim Gyu-ri to promote Bobbi Browns summer campaign
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Actress Kim Gyu-ri is the new face of cosmetic brand Bobbi Browns Miami Collection.

In the picture of the advertisement revealed on May 31, Kim can be seen in a playful salmon-colored attire and wearing a high pony tail, looking glossy and ready for summer.

Netizens praised Kim for her timeless beauty and raved about the new colors as released by the make-up brand and showcased by the star.

The summer campaign advertisements will be published in June editions of various magazines.

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May 31, 2012

Lee Bo-young, Ji Sung agencies dismiss rumors of wedding plans
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Acting couple Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung have denied rumors they will walk down the aisle in June.

Namoo Actors, which represents Ji Sung, told local media yesterday, There is no plan for a wedding as of yet.

The agency said earlier speculation by Ilgan Sports must have been based on comments by the two entertainers that were taken out of context.

Ji Sung will be busy filming until the end of June and Lee Bo-young just finished up filming The Equator Man. They have not scheduled a wedding anytime soon, said a Namoo representative.

Lees agency, too, said the same thing, adding that it had no idea why such rumors were circulating.

The two actors met on the set of Have the Last Dance with Me in 2004 and began dating in 2007.

Ji is filming My P.S. Partner with Kim A-joong and Lee is in Bali, Indonesia, filming a commercial. She is scheduled to come back this weekend and participate in various media interviews.

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May 31, 2012

Lee Byung-hun tapped as new face of Nautica
Reporter : Monica Suk Editor : Lucia Hong 10Asia

Lee Byung-hun [BH Entertainment]

Actor Lee Byung-hun has been named the new face of outdoor brand Nautica, according to a press release sent by his agency, BH Entertainment, Wednesday.

Lee, who starred in Hollywood blockbuster film "G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra," has been tapped to help promote Nautica's overall marketing including the brand's campaigns and charity events.

The officials said that the Korean heartthrob will launch his activities as the brand's model by shooting photos late next month.

"We chose Lee, who is standing shoulder to shoulder with other Hollywood actors, without any hesitation to help us advertise the global brand's new outdoor line. Our firm believes that his healthy and luxurious image will fit well with Nautica," an official with Nautica was quoted as saying.

While the release date of his "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" sequel has been postponed indefinitely, to be reproduced in a 3D version, Lee has confirmed that he will be starring in another Hollywood film and a Korean feature movie soon.

According to BH's previous statements, Lee will be joining the ensemble cast of Hollywood A-listers -- Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker and Helen Mirren -- in "RED 2," the sequel to action flick "RED."

Also, Lee began shooting for his first historical pic tentatively titled "I am the King of Joseon" in February and the film is expected to be released in the latter half of this year.

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May 31, 2012
Shin Se-kyung to be the face of Nature Republic
By Carla Sunwoo Korea JoongAng Daily

Actress Shin Se-kyung has signed a two-year exclusive contract with the cosmetic brand Nature Republic, becoming the new face for the brand in Asia.

The skin care and makeup brand announced on May 31 that Shins popularity as a Hallyu actress will help the brands image in the seven nations in which it has outlets.

Shin is an actress who is liked by the old and young alike. As well as promoting the brand, she will take part in product developments, too, said the companys CEO Jung Un-ho.

The brand decided to ask Shin on board because it believed that Shins healthy and pure image meshed well with the brand.

Advertisements featuring Shin will be distributed throughout the brands shops in Asia.

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May 31, 2012

Ko Hyun-jung goes nerdy in 'Miss Conspirator'
By Cho Jae-eun Korea JoongAng Daily

Yoo Hae-jin, left, and Ko Hyun-jung pose for reporters during a press conference for their new film Miss Conspirator on Wednesday.[NEWSIS]

She has played Koreas first female president and a royal concubine. In her newest role, actress Ko Hyun-jung returns to the big screen as a nerdy, reclusive cartoonist with a serious social phobia in the new action comedy film Miss Conspirator.

I agreed to the role because I found it interesting that Chun Su-ro [Kos character in the film] has a phobia and for me, to have such a phobia would make what I do impossible, said Ko during a press conference to promote the film in Seoul Wednesday.

Chun Su-ro in the end, is a lovable character, she said. I doubted at first whether I could play this sort of lovable role well but I did my best.

In the film Chun Su-ro acquires a severe case of sociophobia - a fear of interacting with other people - after the death of her parents, and then somehow gets mixed up in a drug deal involving one of the biggest organized crime groups in Korea.

When a drug lord talks her into delivering a birthday cake secretly filled with drugs to one of his colleagues, Su-ro unknowingly agrees and gets tracked down by an undercover cop. As she runs from the police, Su-ro is forced to deal with her phobia and interact with others.

Kos love interest in the film is played by Yoo Hae-jin, who admitted that he was star struck at first by the actress.

A still image from the film Provided by 1st Look

Ever since I was young, I have this image of Ko Hyun-jung as a big star, but thankfully she made shooting very comfortable with her attitude and I was able to do my role, said Yoo at the conference.

Besides Ko and Yoo, the film has other big names from Korean films including veteran comic actor Sung Dong-il as well as Ko Chang-suk and Lee Moon-sik.

It is an honor for me to be working with these established actors, said director Park Cheol-kwan, who debuted with the 2001 action comedy film Lets Play Dharma. All directors I know want to have a chance to work with Ko Hyun-jung, Yoo Hae-jin, Sung Dong-il, Lee Moon-sik and Ko Chang-suk,

After her comeback to film and television in 2006 following a divorce from Chung Yong-jin, Shinsegae vice chairman and CEO, Ko has been featured in weighty roles in art-house films including director Hong Sang-soos 2006 Woman on the Beach and director Lee Jae-youngs 2009 Actresses.

Actually, this is the first time Ive starred in a film that has a script, said Ko. Hong Sang-soo is known to work without a script, giving a few lines of dialogue to actors on the day of filming, while Actresses was a mockumentary with a lot of ad-libing by the actors.

Meanwhile, the actress alluded to her comic side during the conference, making self-deprecating jokes.

A lot of people think that I am picky about selecting my work but Im not really, she said, laughing.

They also think I get a lot of movie offers but actually, I dont get many .?.?. I like the fact that this film has an ending that is not so serious, something that is funny and fresh.

Miss Conspirator opens in theaters nationwide on June 21.

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June 1, 2012

Culprit charged for leaking 'Architecture 101'
By Sim Guk-by Intern Reporter The Korea Herald

A man surnamed Yoon, 36, was booked without detention for leaking a copy of the romantic box-office hit Architecture 101 online, Koreas cybercrime response center said.

Yoon works as the team manager for a culture and welfare business, which undertakes welfare programs such as providing army facilities or foreign cultural centers with free movies.

Yoon is facing charges of allegedly forwarding the movie file which he received from Lotte Entertainment to his friend on April 4, about two weeks after the movie was released in cinemas.

Investigators found Yoon had told his friend to delete the file after watching it alone, but the movie file was sent to another acquaintance. The movie was uploaded on a file sharing site on May 8, officials said.

The estimated losses caused to movie company Myung Films is 7.5 billion won.

Eleven others who received the copy and leaked the contents to other users online were also indicted.

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June 1, 2012

New directors shorts to fill the silver screen
By Claire Lee The Korea Herald
The 11th Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival to showcase 60 original pieces

A lot of local aspiring filmmakers must be excited, as the annual Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival is kicking off this years edition.

The festival, which celebrates its 11th installment this year, is dedicated to discovering new talent in Koreas film scene. Some of the past winners of the festival include director Yoon Jong-bin, who later was invited to Cannes for his 2005 feature The Unforgiven, and Shin Jae-in, whose 2005 drama Shin Sung-il is Lost was invited to Berlinale in the same year.

The official poster of the 11th Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival

This year, a total of 60 films have been selected among 926 submitted by aspiring filmmakers. There are five categories. Out of the 60, 17 films are in the socially conscious section; 13 in the romance section; 10 in the comedy section; 10 in the horror and fantasy section; and the last 10 belong to the action and thriller section.

The socially conscious section includes student director Kim Souk-youngs short Anesthesia. The movie is a true case-inspired account of a woman raped by a doctor while under anesthesia. Kim, who is a film student at Korea National University of Arts, was invited to this years Berlinale for the movie.

Other must-sees in the section include director Lee Woo-jungs Ad Balloon, the winner of the Sonje Award at BIFF last year, and Park Sung-mis animated film Bus, A Love Story, a cinematic portrait of the people involved in the 2011 layoffs at Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction, as well as the Hope Bus Campaign for World without Layoffs.

Scenes from Kim Souk-youngs drama Anesthesia (left) and Park Sung-mis animated film Bus, A Love Story (MSFF)

In the romance section, aspiring filmmaker Kim Tae-yongs Night Bug, a drama about a gay couple and a straight man who pretends to be gay to cheat on people to make money is a notable entry. Korean Academy of Film Arts student Park Hye-mis animated fantasy Shadow Monster, on the other hand, has been included in the festivals horror and fantasy section. Park was invited to the 14th Jeonju International Festival for the movie.

Meanwhile, Heo Myung-haeng, who has been working as a martial arts and sports director for many commercial films, such as Take Off, and The Good, the Bad, and the Weird, has made it to the festivals action & thriller section with his debut action flick titled Pandora.

The winners of each category will receive five million won in prize money. Among the winners of the five sections, one filmmaker will be selected for the festivals Grand Prix prize. The Grand Prix winner will be given an additional five million won.

The festival runs from June 28 to July 4 at CGV Yongsan in Seoul. For tickets and the full line-up, visit or call (02) 927-5696.

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