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Thai Actors/Actresses/Celebrities yang Islam

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Pinky Savika

First Name: Savika (สาวิกา)
Last Name: Chaiyadej (ไชยเตช)
Nickname: Pinky (พิ้งกี้)
DOB: June 19th, 1986
POB: Bangkok, Thailand
Religion: Muslim
Current Occupation: Thai Actress
W. Future Occupation: Air Hostess, Business Woman!
Siblings: 2 Elder Brothers
Blood Group: A
Weight: 47 kilograms
Height: 171 centermeters
F. Color(s): Pink, Black, and White!
F. Food: "Lad-Naa-Goong-Sub"
F. Flower: Rose
F. Sport: Swimming & Basketball
F. Script Type: "Bod-Guan-Pra-Sard"
Hobby(ies): Singing
Pets: 3 Persian Cats: Paula, Num-Chok, and Dollar
Hates: Cockroaches
Scared Of: Nothing! *ahem!*
Car: Honda Civic & Toyota Avanza


Pinky mom is thai with indian descent and her father is most muslim in thailand they have arab or pakistani flare in their blood - some of them even fully arab.

Credit: lemondgrass@asianfinest

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Arnus Rapanich

  • Name: Also know as Arnut Panich (อานัส ฬาพานิช)
  • Nickname: Nat
  • Profession: Actor
  • Date of birth: October 12, 1977 (or 2521 B. E.)
  • Birthplace: Nonthaburi
  • Height: 186 cm
  • Star sign: Libra
  • Hobbies: play sports, play games, and watch movies
  • Religion: Islam
  • Favorite Color: Sky Blue
  • Principle: Try your best today, don't forget yourself and your family

Credit: asianfusewiki

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Hugo Chakrapong

Actor Hugo converts to Islam

Former praek and singer Hugo Chakrapong will convert to Islam in order to marry his long time girlfriend actress Hana Tudsanawalai. The wedding is set for March 21, 2009. They will have a traditional Muslin morning ceremony  and the evening reception will be held at the palace Chakrapong, his pad. Her dowry will be a measly 126 baht ($3.60 USD), adhering to the Muslim custom of small dowries. They will have bridal homes in 3 places: New York, England, and Thailand.

Hugo loves her and doesnt see the point of waiting to marry compared to other stars in his age group.

I feel a sense of fun when Im with her. When I was working aboard, I had a thought to make my life more meaningful. Both myself and Hana work in the entertainment business and we meet a lot of people, but I have never felt this way about anyone and that is how I realized she was the one. Other people in the entertainment business in my same age group are afraid to get marry, but as for us, I dont see the point of waiting.

As for converting to Islam, no one forced him, he wanted to do it for her. Good for him and lucky for her.

Credit: Lyn's Lakorn

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Pat Napapa

Mint C Pat; "Its Over!"
After 2 years of seeing each other, hot rising star Pat Napapa Tantrakoons relationship with famous singer Mint Poramint Wongbeisaj has ended.

The cause of their break up is rumored to be because of many factors such as the bosses, The parents [ Please refer to old article: "My Daughter Can Only Marry A Muslim"] and the latest one which caused the biggest gossip of the town, is the rumored of a third hand by the name of Mai Bawornpoj jaitunhah, the new channel 7 Pra Aek and Dutchie Boy 2004!

Upon hearing all of these constant gossips, TV Pool had no choice but to interview the two formal lovers for the clarification of the real reason behind their break up.

Mints version

I heard you broke up with Pat, is that true?

No, were still the same, were still friends

But because were both busy with work thats why we dont have time to see each other thats all

Umm..but I heard more to the there a problem in your relationship?

There is no problem, were still friends

Before I heard a rumor that your parents dont like each other

Thats not true, I know Pats mom, and she knows me too

And also I dont think there is a reason for our parents to not like their childs friend, because theres nothing wrong with having friends

Could your break up be because of rumors?

No, its not, and I dont even anything about our rumors, I havent heard any of it

But before your break up there was a rumor about Pat and Mai bawornpaj, and because of this some people are saying that hes the reason behind your break up

I think its normal for Pat and Mai to be friends with each other, because they both work in the industry

Anyway, there is no reason for me to talk about my friends friend, thats Pats business

So do you still talk to her?

yes, we still talk, but right now we are both busy working, but we still call each other every now and again

Ok, last question, is there a chance for you and Pat to get back together again

I think well always be friends, and I dont know what you mean by getting back together, were just friends

Napapa Tantrakoon [ Pat ]

I heard you broke up with Mint, is that true?

yea..were just friends now

Its because weve been involved in a lot of nasty rumors and another thing is because we dont have time for each other, so thats why weve decided to just be friends

But everything is still the same, I can still call him and talk to him when I have problems and he can still call me and talk to me

When did you broke up with him?

Long time ago, about a month ago

I heard because of your rumors, your parents made you break up with him

Thats not true, my parents are not forbidding me from him, and my mom is not against our relationship

I heard you had a rumor with Mai, could this be the cause of your break up?

(laughs) That has nothing to do with it, well what happened was, Nong Mai gave out an interview to say that he likes me and thats how the rumor started

So do you still talk to Mint?

Yea, I still talk to him, but mainly about work

Do you still get to see him?

No, because I go to school everyday and my mom picks me up everyday after school

Are you upset over this?

No, because I understand that he has to work, and its the same with me, I have to go to school and study

is there a chance for you to get back with him

I dont know, thats for the future to decide


Pat Napapa mula dikenali selepas berlakon video clip D2B

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Nana Rybena

Way and Nanas beautiful wedding

First we have to talk about the wedding. Prinya Way Intachai and Nana Rybena Tanwimols wedding celebration started on July 22th at a mosque for Nanas Muslim mother. Because Nanas mother is Muslim, they had to perform an Islamic wedding ceremony at Ramkhamhaeng road to respect her wishes. Today, they had their traditional Thai wedding starting at 7:29am with the groom precession to his bride surrounded by his elders, close family, and friends. Then, they had their engagement ceremony at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and their reception was held at the hotels ballroom.

Nana adores her wedding ring, according to her it is the best in the world because it was given to her by the one she loves.

The ring that Im wearing right now is narak (lovable, cute) and the best in the world from what I have seen because it is a ring given to me by the person I love (Smiles).

Nana doesnt know how many carats it has, it is a ring that is good enough for her and the best. The jewelry set she wore to the reception was given to her by Way and his family. She is very grateful for it.

The couples wedding house will be at Ways condo in Sukhumvit Road and they plan to honeymoon in Rome, Italy. Compared to other couples, Nana and Way have talked about having kids and are opened about it. Nana said she wants 3 while Way thinks that 2 is enough.

I want children right away; however, we will let it happen naturally. If it happens right away, it will be good. If not, we will continue working. Nana wants 3 kids; however, I just want 2. The reason she wants 3 is because my mother want 3 kids, said Way.

After they are married, they plan to live life as before. She will not quit her job and be a stay at home wifey. She will continue on her work and so will he.

After we are married, myself and PWay will work and live as before. We  will both work to make a living. Our way of life wont change that much.  Its just that we will be living together now and spend more time  together than before. Whether Im going to be a housewife or not, I  think Im good enough. I will try. His mother taught me, you have to be  both skilled in your outside professional life and home life. I will  try.

Their promise to each other:

Nana: Before, I promised PWay that I will be his best girlfriend because I dont want him to feel regretful. Upon this day, I will be his best wife forever.

Way: As for my promise, I promised to take care of her forever, care for her to the best of my abilities, and to love her everyday. I told her parents that I will take good care of her.

The theme for their wedding was diamonds and they had 12 pairs of groomsmen and bridesmaid. Thats like 24 people! Good golly!

Credit: Lyn's lakorn

Nana Rybena ni seorg VJ dan juga isteri Way Thaitanium

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Waah yang ni muka manis ja....

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Sume dah tak da rope mengamalkan Islam...

Btw, cunnya si Pinky tuh!

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Post time 21-3-2012 07:19 PM | Show all posts
xtau pun diorg ni Muslims

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Post time 21-3-2012 07:47 PM | Show all posts
masing2 gaya dah mcm awek korea

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Post time 21-3-2012 08:38 PM | Show all posts pinky ni muslim ke....
cantik sgt dia nie...aritu tgk lakorn ada si pinky ni as heroin

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nana rybena siyes cantik

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Post time 21-3-2012 09:35 PM | Show all posts
hensem dan cantik

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Post time 21-3-2012 11:08 PM | Show all posts
lar..,, pinky ni islam ke??ruginyaaa dia, da x nmpk mcm islam dah..
patut la ade muke mix arab

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Post time 21-3-2012 11:43 PM | Show all posts
sume nyer cantik2 & hensem2 belaka kan, merembes iols tgok.....huhu

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Post time 22-3-2012 06:41 AM | Show all posts
dulu penah gk wt research suka2 tntg thai muslim celeb...x sngka ad org buat tread psl ni...anywy kalau x silap islam agama 2nd ramai kt thailand

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Post time 22-3-2012 07:45 AM | Show all posts
emm encem n cantik........
biasa la artis malaysia pun sama jugak....

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Sorang pun aku xpnah kenal n dengar nama

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Post time 22-3-2012 12:38 PM | Show all posts
kalau dia nak aku...aku nak..kekeke

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Hero filem Nang nak tu pun da masuk islam....

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Post time 22-3-2012 03:22 PM | Show all posts
islam islaman je ni..

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