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NTV7 : What Men Want (Tengok sini, NTV7 belum tyg lg)

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Spesel tok korg.. Ni belum ditayangkan di NTV7 lagi... tapi I got an email from a friend's of friend..
Dia nak minta tolong kat forumer CARI bagi review or komen skit pasal drama ni.
Akan airing setiap sabtu pukul 10pm.. Bermula 28hb ni.. So, kiter dpt tengok dlu~ yeay~ yeay! Bangga x? bangga x? ^^

Ok, below ni serba sedikit la synopsis drama ni..

When faced with the question, 'What do men want?'', a barrage of stereotypical one-liners are pushed forward as the answer. Sex. Money. Love. Success.

But really, there is no one answer, and What Men Want proves precisely that. Instead of finding one answer or winner, What Men Want takes viewers on an exciting journey, topped with moments of realization as secrets and truths begin to spill in the show.

Six different men are put into a home to stay together for three months as the cameras follow their every move. Their different views in life end up rubbing each other the wrong way, creating chaos in the house. So what do men really want in life? Without any generalizations or stereotypes, here's a series that seeks to resolve that question.

Aku amat2 menghargai if Carianz dpt bagi komen dan kritikan membina untuk drama ni.. Aku will link kan thread ni kat twitter and pada member punya member yang email ni.. So, dia akan baca komen korg.. Hope boleh bg kerjasama and support drama buatan tempatan ni.

NOTE: Because the show has not been aired, the videos are for private views only. You will not be able to embed, share or post the videos up on your sites. The pictures, profiles and press release attached however are free for you to use.

Sekian.. terma kasih. ^^

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maaf kepada semua....

thread ni terpaksa ditutup dan kesemua link video terpaksa dibuang.

apa2 perkembangan berkenaan realiti show ni akan diupdate kemudian.

oleh tu semua bersabar ya.

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