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apa nak jadi ni 2013,semua kereta formula 1guna enjin 1.6cc sahaja..!

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Author: zvicmorrow       Show all posts   Read mode

Post time 20-1-2011 06:20 PM | Show all posts
patutlah  PROTON asyik maintain dengan enjin 1.6

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Post time 20-1-2011 09:47 PM | Show all posts
persepsi aku salah le nampaknya

tapi enjin 1.6 tu turbo kan

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 Author| Post time 20-1-2011 10:19 PM | Show all posts
bila proton nak keluar versi turbo?..lambat sgt rasanya..

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Post time 20-1-2011 10:34 PM | Show all posts
tgh dlm development kot

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 Author| Post time 20-1-2011 10:48 PM | Show all posts
Reply  zvicmorrow

sbenarnya memang takkan makin perlahan, cuma persepsi kita je, enjin f1 bukan  ...
ShadowChaser Post at 20-1-2011 10:18

    jurutera dan enjin bole bersaing,tapi apakah dgn enjin yg lebih kecit ini schumi bole bersaing?

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Post time 22-1-2011 12:35 PM | Show all posts
Reply 45# zvicmorrow

good question la

dari segi rekod schumy tak pernah  bawak enjin turbo ni dlm F1

jadi kemampuan dia juga agak susah nak diperkata..

tapi who knows kot2 dia boleh adapt enjin baru tu nanti..

tapi F1 bukan setakat kemampuan enjin saje..skill individu,kemampuan strategi bijak,ketahanan mental fizikal, bijak untk strategi bertahan, bijak dlm menyesuaikan trek yg berlainan, bertahan dalam suhu yg melampau etc..

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Post time 22-1-2011 10:46 PM | Show all posts
udah le pasal schumy tu

walopun aku big fan dia tapi aku harap dia leh bsara dgn tenang dan bagik la pluang bebudak lak lumba "keta kecik nih"

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 Author| Post time 23-1-2011 03:05 AM | Show all posts
Post Last Edit by zvicmorrow at 23-1-2011 03:07

Reply 47# ShadowChaser

    janganlah cam tu mod,masih ramai yg menaruh harapan,termasuklah aku,satu-satunya pemandu kat trek yg educated sikit,walaupun kdg2 pemanduannya berbahaya...atau deep dalam hati mod memang masih menaruh harapan schumi akan menyinar kembali...

Alonso tips Schumacher as biggest threat

Fernando Alonso has spoken out about his rivals ahead of the 2011 season, and claims that Michael Schumacher will be his biggest threat on-track this year. His comments come after a difficult season for veteran racer Schumacher, who failed to make the podium and was largely outperformed by team-mate Nico Rosberg.  
The Ferrari driver is unwilling to dismiss Schumachers threat however, and does not want to rule out the 42-year-old. Talking to press at the annual Wrooom event at Madonna di Campiglio, Alonso explained that he believes the German will be fighting at the front if his car is strong enough:  


There will be five World Champions on the track and the most dangerous Champion for me is always Michael. Now in January if I have to choose one name I have to say Michael. He is seven-times Champion.  
"He has nothing to prove. He had a difficult season but he is still a Champion. He is still super class and if the car is right he will be a contender."  
Alonso also mentioned his other main opponents, but is hoping that Ferraris new challenger will be strong enough to consistently compete at the front, allowing for another chance of recapturing the world title.  
"Hopefully our car is better than the others and my toughest rival next year is Felipe," he said. No doubt Sebastian will be a contender. He will have experience and will be calm in certain moments. He will drive better than last year and that makes him dangerous to us. McLaren will also be one of the favourites."

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Post time 23-1-2011 08:30 AM | Show all posts
bukan apa bro, sebab sbelum ni dah lepaskan dia dgn rela hati (mcm aweks lari plak)

papepun schumy tetap idola aku lepas nigel mansell

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 Author| Post time 23-1-2011 09:27 AM | Show all posts
Reply 49# ShadowChaser

    kwn mengikiuti perkembangan schumi sejak bennotton lagi..dan pemandu terbaik dalam cuaca hujan..(trek basah)..tak kira apa org kata kwn anggap schumi gentelmen tak mcm alonso,tangan pasti keluar kalau ada pemandu lain yg lambat beri laluan pada dia...


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Post time 24-1-2011 02:23 PM | Show all posts
tak kisah dia nak race sampai bila2

selagi dia masih berlumba..just hayati setiap perlumbaan

dah menang 7x wc..takde ape nak dibuktikan lagi..just nak tambah ke8 je..

takkan itupun ramai yg kritik jeles kot

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Post time 1-2-2011 03:07 PM | Show all posts
Kereta besar enjin kecil je... senang nak repair...

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 Author| Post time 20-2-2011 11:58 AM | Show all posts
Reply 51# weta_studio

    memang ramai yg jealous dgn schumi ni,petanda dia menyinar kembali telah terbukti semasa ujian pra musim hari tu dgn mencatat masa kelajuan terpantas..harap2 merc berilah kuda tua ni kereta yg baik nescaya ramai yg bakal terlopong dan tertutup mulutnya..hehe terutamanya pelumba2 baru yg semacam sudah hilang respect pada schumi ni..

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Post time 10-3-2011 02:08 PM | Show all posts
Reply 30# ShadowChaser

   xjgk sbnernye..sbb enginering f1 combine turbo enjin ngan hybrid system..kelajuan f1 still same cume tang tork tu la kureng skit sbb max rpm 12k teman tlg pastekan sedikit info

link to

Those thinking that their regular 1,600cc family runabout has as much, if not more, poke should think again.
According to independent engine maker Cosworth, the combination of the turbo engine and hybrid systems
will produce more than 700bhp and deliver the same speeds as at present.

With low drag setup, lap times could even be quicker. And all with far less of a thirst for fuel.
Put in ordinary motoring terms, the 35 percent saving should translate into a reduction of 85-90 liters
of fuel per car per race.

"If you think that the average road car has a 70-75 liter fuel tank, then more than a tank of
fuel is not going to be used. It's massive," Cosworth F1 head Mark Gallagher told Reuters.

The engines will sound very different -- a big consideration to petrol heads who treat the high-pitched scream
of a V8 at full throttle with the same rapt reverence as a classical music devotee listening to the Vienna Philharmonic.

However, as Gallagher pointed out, the twin turbo cars used by drivers such as Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna in the
early 1990s also produced only 12,000 rpm, and that period is regarded with considerable nostalgia.

The changes are all part of FIA president and former Ferrari team boss Jean Todt's determination to move
Formula One far from the old image of a gas-guzzling, cash-burning, fossil-fuel-dependent sport that
cared little for its surroundings.

Plenty has been done already by individual teams in the last few years.
McLaren announced this week that they had become the first Formula One team to earn Carbon Trust
certification for achieving annual savings of more than 1,500 tonnes of C02 emissions.

Gallagher said Cosworth had bought five sets of equipment so that they could use less polluting but
slower sea freight rather than air transport. Teams have also agreed to reduce the number of staff attending races.
Todt's mission is to speed up things globally.

"I feel sometimes the motorsport community has not yet completely understood that the times are changing,"
he told Reuters back in October.

"If you are looking at what is happening at the Paris motor show, there are a lot of electric, hybrid, hydrogen
cars and I really feel that racing must be a display for all those technologies.
"And it will probably encourage manufacturers either to stay, join or come back," he said.

~~klu la waja ku dipasang enjin ni..



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Post time 10-3-2011 03:45 PM | Show all posts
ni tgh berlangsung geneva auto show, sapa pegi tu tolonglah info sket kat sini

smod marah tak kalu kita bukak thread auto/motor show kat bod ni

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Post time 10-3-2011 04:12 PM | Show all posts
ni tgh berlangsung geneva auto show, sapa pegi tu tolonglah info sket kat sini

smod marah tak  ...
ShadowChaser Post at 10-3-2011 15:45

aku sokong ko bukak thread tue...

tapi masalahnya... berapa kerat je lepak sini...

akughi fanatik alonso dia je... selain tenis sukan lain mana dia ada layan...

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Post time 14-3-2011 08:30 AM | Show all posts
autoshow tu dah lebih kepada pertunjukkan kereta..better stay kat bod yg kereta tu

kat bod ni lebih pada sukan permotoran yg semua nak menang 1,2 dan 3 lepas tu dapat minah rempit

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 Author| Post time 16-3-2011 09:53 PM | Show all posts
maaf keluar tajuk sikit..bole tak translate kan undang2 baru ni susah lah nak faham...
Mar.16 (PVM) Whether you are watching on TV (along with billions of others) or live at the race tracks Formula 1 in 2011 is going to be confusing, so confusing that the FIA have distributed a Q&A with Formula 1 Race Director, Safety Delegate, Permanent Starter and head of the F1 Technical Department C Charlie Whiting to unravel the mysteries that await Grand Prix fans when the season gets underway at the Australian Grand Prix in ten days time.

The big news for the coming season is the moveable rear wing rule. If we have correctly understood, the system works in this way: There is an actuator to move the flap of the rear wing, this actuator is driven by each F1  driver and it is under the authority of race control. How is race control regulating this procedure?
Charlie Whiting: There is an actuator in each wing which is under the control of the  driver at all times, however, it can only be used when the on-board electronics (FIA ECU) notify the driver that he is authorised to use it. Proximity to the car in front will be detected before the straight on which the wing may be activated, if the car behind is less than one second behind (as judged by the installed timing loops in the track) the driver will be told  that his system is armed, however, he may only use it when he reaches the designated point on the following straight. This point is likely to be 600 metres before the braking point for the following corner, this may however be adjusted according data gathered during testing and practice.

What was the thinking behind the introduction of this new regulation?
Whiting: This was a proposal the teams made to the FIA with the sole purpose of improving overtaking potential, whilst not making it easy. The FIA is always willing to listen to suggestions for improving the spectacle and we have sought a solution which both pleases the teams and the spectators.

Are you not worried this might confuse the spectators?
There is no reason to suppose spectators will be confused. Operation of the wing as described above is simple, there will be marks (lines) on the track to show the area where proximity is being detected and a line across the track at the point where the drivers whose system is armed may deploy it. Furthermore, the television broadcasters will be sent a signal each time a system is armed and this will be displayed to the viewers.

Are you not sensitive to the comments that race control will determine the outcome of the race?
Whiting: As explained above race control has no influence over the outcome of a race, cars will simply have to get within one second of the one in front, the system will be armed automatically and the driver can use it at the pre-determined point, there is no question of race control being able to intervene.

How will you stop drivers tail-ending the leader to then jump on the final straight?
Whiting: If a car is able to get within one second of the leader entering the last corner of the last lap it is unlikely that he would be able to pass him before the finish line. If a car can get within one second of any other car, the driver will have the opportunity open to him, irrespective of their relative race positions. It should be remembered though that the distance over which the Drag Reduction
System (DRS) may be used is going to be tuned with the intention of  assisting the following driver, not guaranteeing him an overtaking manoeuvre.

How will this activation/action affect the speed of the car? It is true that the speed benefit will be around 6/7 km/h or more?
Whiting: From the simulation work done so far the difference between a car with and without the DRS is likely to be in the region of 10-12km/h at the end of the straight.

Have you factored in the issue of reliability? After all electronic systems do sometimes go wrong?
Whiting: We have written the software to allow a driver to override the system if, for example, the proximity detection failed for any reason. This would only be permitted if the team had been given a specific instruction to do so  from the race director. Heavy penalties would be imposed for unauthorised use.

When do you expect that the final choice will be made in setting this new system up?
Whiting: Having gathered the information we need in the final test this will happen during the coming days and the teams informed accordingly.

Will the FIA allocate a test session to evaluate this new system?
Whiting: This has been discussed but no decision has been taken. We will discuss the possibility of using part of a free practice session in Melbourne with the teams on the day before first practice.

How does the moveable rear wing affect KERS?
Whiting: The DRS will not affect KERS in any way, the latter may be used by all drivers at any time, the following driver of course may use both, they are however independent systems.

How do you think these new rules will affect the handling of the car, and in particular how will the tyres be affected, bearing in mind that Pirelli are on their first season anyway?
Whiting: We think it will have little or no effect on tyres as downforce should be at normal levels when the tyres are being loaded laterally. This however is  something that can only be accurately assessed after more extensive running with the system.

What other rule changes are outlined for 2011?
Whiting: Ban on double diffusers, ban on F-Ducts (driver operated rear wing stall systems), more stringent load/deflection tests on the front wing and the front of the floor, one additional wheel tether on each wheel, anti-intrusion panels attached to the monocoque around the drivers legs, one additional load test on every chassis at a point beneath the drivers seating position, gearboxes will have to last five races instead of four previously and introduction of a 107% minimum qualifying time...

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Post time 17-3-2011 05:13 PM | Show all posts
aku suka f1 pakai enjin 1.6 4piston turbo.....

atleast proton boleh sponsor kat team malaysia mane yg berminat nak R&D enjin campro ke tahap enjin F1....kan gah nama malaysia nanti.....

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 Author| Post time 19-3-2011 01:18 PM | Show all posts
Post Last Edit by zvicmorrow at 19-3-2011 13:19

Reply 59# ^pomen_GTR^

    tapi bernie ecclestone sendiri menentang enjin ini

Mar.17 (GMM)  Bernie Ecclestone has revealed he is at loggerheads with  FIA president Jean Todt about F1s engine formula for 2013.
Todt has announced new 1.6 litre four-cylinder turbo regulations, but F1  chief executive Ecclestone on Thursday admitted he fears it will rob  the sport of one of its two most important factors.
According to Australian news agency AAP, he said one crucial factor is
Ferrari and second is the noise of the big normally-aspirated engines.
The 80-year-old said he is so worried that he fears television broadcasters will stop buying the rights to formula one.
Im anti, anti, anti, anti moving into this small turbo four formula, said Ecclestone.
We dont need it and if its so important its the sort of thing that should be in saloon car racing.
The rest of it is basically PR its nothing in the world to do with formula one.These changes are going to be terribly costly to the sport.  Im sure  the promoters will lose a big audience and Im quite sure well lose  TV, he added



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