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[Accesories & Hobbies] Measures to Strengthen the Management of Electric Hoist Equipment

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The occurrence of electric hoist accidents can cause personal injury. In order to effectively control personal injury to electric hoist equipment, the following measures should be taken to prevent:
  • Strengthen the safety management of electric hoist machinery and equipment employees. Strengthen education and training, improve the safety awareness of operators, master safety skills, abide by rules and regulations, and strictly abide by safety operation regulations and other safety management systems.
  • Strengthen the management of electric hoist machinery and equipment. It is necessary to strictly control the design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and other links, eliminate hidden dangers in time, ensure the intrinsic safety of the equipment, and improve the intrinsic safety of the equipment through technical means; besides the equipment body meets the safety technical requirements, the safety accessories should be complete and effective. In view of the overdue operation and overload operation of some electric hoist equipment, some safety facilities are not designed and constructed at the same time as the main equipment, and put into use at the same time. Leaders and management departments at all levels must attach great importance to the situation and invest necessary funds to implement rectification and rectification as soon as possible. Effective monitoring measures should be taken before.
  • Strengthen the safety management of electric hoist equipment. In view of the characteristics of electric hoist, formulate detailed safety rules and regulations, and complete the management system and ledger. Responsibility must be implemented, embodying the principles of "who is in charge, who is responsible" and "who uses it, who is responsible". Functional departments and departments shall implement management measures in accordance with the regulations, and urge employees to strictly implement safe operating procedures and related rules and regulations. For special equipment such as electric hoists, professional safety inspections should be organized regularly to investigate hidden equipment hazards, and the identified problems should be assigned to the responsible unit and responsible person, and a practical rectification plan should be put forward for rectification within a time limit. The functional departments carry out implementation, feedback and assessment of the rectification situation.
  • Strengthen the safety management of on-site personnel during operation. Accidents often occur due to errors in a certain link of the operation process, such as the lack of cooperation between the two parties, especially the lack of effective communication between different types of work, and the lack of confirmation of work. The safety management of the work process is to eliminate the work process through the systematic control of process elements (projects, activities, operations), object elements (work environment, equipment, materials, personnel), time elements, and space elements during production and maintenance operations. The key to the various dangers and harmful factors that may appear in the process to achieve the goal of safe production is to ensure that the entire operation process is safe and reasonable. The process confirmation system is to require operators to regard "judgment, determination, and action" as a fixed thinking mode, that is, to operate according to a certain confirmation method during the operation, so as to avoid accidents.


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