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¡ïSHINee 6th universe¡ï TAEMIN 1st SOLO - DANGER

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Post time 25-5-2010 01:14 PM | Show all posts
SHINee Key message for SHINee 2nd Anniversary

[Key] 여러분과 만난 지 벌써 2년!!!! 너무 너무 감사드립니다~ 앞으로도 샤이니와 함께 해 주실거~죠~? ♡
[Key] It¡¯s already been 2 years since we¡¯ve meteveryone!!!! Thank you so very very much~ From now on, you¡¯ll betogether with SHINee~right~? ♡
source 뫄뫄뫙님
credit weareshining
translation Joodit@WRS


100523 Dream Team Ep. 30 [1/6]
100523 Dream Team Ep. 30 [2/6]
100523 Dream Team Ep. 30 [3/6]
100523 Dream Team Ep. 30 [4/6]
100523 Dream Team Ep. 30 [5/6]
100523 Dream Team Ep. 30 [6/6]
cr: narutofantasy943@yt

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Idol Fashion 2010: Mnet¡¯s Best & Worst

Idolsstart all the trends these days. They have the hottest dances, songs,fans, videos, shows and more. One thing they surprise their fans withis their fashion sense.

On Mnet Trend Report Season 5, viewersgot a look at idols¡¯ fashion in an episode titled ¡°Fun! Best &Worst¡± as Mnet rated different idols¡¯ fashion styles. Here are thereporters¡¯ choices!

For the Best Dressed¡­

First Place: Big Bang¡¯s G-Dragon
Second place: Brown Eyed Girls¡¯ Ga-in
Third place: 2AM¡¯s Jo Kwon
Fourth place: KARA¡¯s Goo Hara
Fifth place: SHINee¡¯s Key

cr: allkpop

First, each of the Wonder Girls chose their ideal male idol.

Sunyesaid, ¡°I saw C.N. BLUE¡¯s Jung Yonghwa by chance at a music program, andI thought he was handsome.¡± She also shyly added, ¡°I already knew thembecause of their well known music, but he was much more handsome inperson.¡±

Watch out Seohyun! Looks like you have some competition.

On the other hand, Yeeun revealed her affection towards SHINee¡¯s Onew and she even referred to him as ¡°My Onew¡±.
-rest of it cut-

minat sore je kot....

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 Author| Post time 25-5-2010 06:47 PM | Show all posts
terharu baca karangan mung madus

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Post time 25-5-2010 07:05 PM | Show all posts
madus ~~`
tharu kekekekke....uljima
lama gak me menaip tu....
nk setengah jam jugak menaip karangan tu....tu pon byk gangguan
bukan slalu me wat karangan ngan kaler tu...taun lepas me tepek kat soompi...taun nih x ler...dorg x wat special benang utk besday kalo x salah...x nmpk pon...

tp kalo ade pon...letih je nk translate versi len pulak kalo international nyer luahan hahahaha

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[AUDIO] 100524 UFO 샤이니 From Onew

This is what rainbowgrlxoxo@Youtube translated it:

Forthose women who go on a diet to lose some fat, honestly, boys likegirls who have average bodies and arent VERY skinny. did u know that?if i see someone really skinny, i get anxious and want to feed her! Isit because i like food alot? But i would rather like someone who enjoysfood a lot than a person who doesnt eat much eat three constant meals aday and exercise a lot to make a healthy body, which is best to see.okay? so from now o, be healthy! promise!" :3

cr: WeaReShining01

bang dubu me average je

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Post time 25-5-2010 07:45 PM | Show all posts
[AUDIO] 100524 UFO 샤이니 From Onew

This is what rainbowgrlxoxo@Youtube tra ...
just_aku Post at 25-5-2010 19:21

Halamak.. kalo kurus papan secara genetic cmner?? nmpknya kene pulun tambah berat badan la baru Onew suke.. ekeke. mcm la dia nmpk aku kan.. ahHHh~ x kire.

Baru lepas layan SHINee- Be Ready Anytime hehe laWok tgk key pura2 kene geletek.

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Post time 25-5-2010 11:05 PM | Show all posts
Post Last Edit by just_aku at 25-5-2010 23:09
TaeMin's SMTown Message

[From. Tae Min] This is SHINee¡¯s makdoongie Taemin~!!^^
2010-05-25 6:28:00 PM

Hello, I am SHINee¡¯s makdoongie Taemin~!!^^

SHINee world!
It¡¯s been a long time since I came to write From SHINee..
You know what day today is, right?? ㅎㅎIt is the day we debuted exactly 2 years ago!!
During these 2 years, there really were many joyful events spent with you all and I have made many unforgettable memories,
Icannot believe that 2 years have already passed when I still cannotforget the feeling from the first Inki Gayo stage and it still feelsvivid.. do you all feel that way too? ㅎㅎ
And just the fact that we had everyone from SHINee World made me feel very happy ^^
In the future you¡¯re going to continue loving us with unchanging hearts, right??
From today I am going to refresh my feelings ^^;;;;
Like before debut when I was still training!!

My greed for SHINee to develop more and become a shinier SHINee in the future is very big
You all think that way too, right? Our next album will be released soon, so everyone please anticipate it a lot
I will always show an evolving image, then up to here!

See you next time bbyong^^♥

Source: SHINee homepage
English translation: live laugh love @ soompi
Credit: SHINee Soompi Thread

ari tu dubu pakai byong ...random tol dorg nih....

  MinHo's SMTown Message

[From. Min Ho] Hello~ This is Flaming Charisma Minho.
2010-05-25 7:21:0 PM

SHINee World¡­
Hello~ This is SHINee¡¯s Flaming Charisma Minho!

Everyone, today is the day it becomes 2 years since we have debuted!
Really¡­.. the first broadcast on May 25th, 2008, which is still unforgettable, feels like it was just yesterday
but time has already passed so quickly¡­

Ithink the past 2 years have been a very happy and joyful period becauseI was able to cry and laugh with my members who are like brothers, thestaff around us who always work hard,
and everyone from SHINee World whom I love¡­

Like this, many memories are emerging in order
And remain in my mind and still cannot be forgotten.
I am always very thankful and thankful again!

The road ahead of us that we will travel is very far and much remains
but as we ran forward up until now, the fans we have gained during that time
are very precious and I think will become a great strength in the future.. ^^

Since the moment I met you all, I have felt that we are shooting a long and longer movie~
I want it to become a good movie with happy events and sad events with much time spent with you all~
In the future, let¡¯s always be with one another and always do things together¡­¡­¡­
I will become a Choi Minho who never forgets his beginning intentions!

Fans¡­ thank you so much.
And SHINee World, I love you¡­¡­ please watch over us well in the future¡­¡­¡­

P.S. I was going to upload a picture too but it won¡¯t connect well. ㅠ
I will definitely upload it later in the evening ^^

Source: SHINee homepage
English translation: live laugh love @ soompi
Credit: SHINee Soompi Thread

me nk pic minho wuwuwuw...
panjang gak dia tulis

Key's SMTown Message

[From. Key] Hello~ this is SHINee's Almighty Key.
2010-05-25 11:05:00 PM

Wow!!! It is our 2 year anniversary! Time is very fast ㅠㅠ
The feeling from doing the first broadcast wearing blue clothes is still vivid~
It is thanks to the members and the many people around us who helped so much
and lastly, everyone from SHINee World who cannot be left out~
In the future, joyfully! Together! Let¡¯s continue forward~ Thank you~

I love you :-)

Source: SHINee homepage
English translation: live laugh love @ soompi
Credit: SHINee Soompi Thread

jjong nyer ade tp lom ade translation....

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Post time 26-5-2010 05:45 AM | Show all posts

[From. Jong Hyun] Hello! This is SHINee¡¯s Bling Bling Jonghyun.
2010-05-25 11:38:00 PM

Hello this is SHINee¡¯s Bling Bling Jonghyun~!
It has been a really long time since the last From SHINee!!

Yep bbebe ㅎ

Have you been well ㅎ
Our Nunas and Oxygens and Beauties and Juliettes and RingDingDongs? Hmm?
The reason why I am greeting you all after all this time through From SHINee!!!
Is exactly,,,,

Because today is SHINee¡¯s 2 year anniversary since our debut!!!
Inthe short period of 2 years we met all of you~ and there have been manygood memories as we created a stage together and moved forward~
Ourdebut~ and our first 1st place~ repackage album and first mini album~and even wining 1st place for 3 weeks straight for the first time~
These are things we have accomplished together during the past 2 years ^^

There is still more to travel down this road but if it is with you all then I have nothing to fear¡­!!!!
Ack.. my hands and feet¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­..;

SHINee World !!
Are you watching!?!?!

Let¡¯s try to do better in the future~ㅎㅎ

Thank you and I love you
My people¡­♥

Source: SHINee homepage
English translation: live laugh love @ soompi
Credit: SHINee Soompi Thread

[From. ONEW] Hello! This is SHINee¡¯s leader Onew. ^^
2010-05-25 11:55:00 PM

Hello~ I am SHINee¡¯s leader Onew.
2 years have zipped by since we first came to stand in front of you all..
I am writing this as I think about the fans who always love us.

I want to say that I am sincerely thankful to you all for the truly unforgettable days ^^
The first time we stood on stage, our thrilling first 1st place, when we received the Best Newcomers Award and more¡­
I think these times were even better because we did them with you all !!!!
Once again I sincerely thank you,
and I believe that you will love us all the more so I do not have any doubts.
I love you ^^

- from Onew -

Source: SHINee homepage
English translation: live laugh love @ soompi
Credit: SHINee Soompi Thread


minho dah update pic!!!
minho update dua pics dlm smtown yahooooooo!!!!
madus...satu utk engkau....satu utk aku
dia wat wink2 tu adeiiiiiiiiiii....melayang me~~~

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 Author| Post time 26-5-2010 06:34 AM | Show all posts
minho... mmg minho memahami.. dia upload 2 utk me ngan mung madus
dua2 pung kacak sangat.. minhoyaaaa.. i lap u poreber
*skip part smt trus tgk pic bley huahua*

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Post time 26-5-2010 07:24 AM | Show all posts
mmg minho memahami dari dulu....
pandai lak dia kaber sbb lambat upload pic...dia upload dua skali hehehe

[HOT] 100522 Minho - Jump on stage + Solo dance break @ Dream concert

100522 Puppy JJong's cute expressions/Onew trying to grab JJong's collar lol @ Dream concert

Flaming Charisma MinHo - RDD perf. compilation

[CUTE] 100525 Onew tried to imitate Hyung...and failed! ^0^ @ BRB curtain call

[Fanvid] 100525 SHINee 2nd Anniversary Tribute
- credits : shakizi 신용불량자 -


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Post time 26-5-2010 02:40 PM | Show all posts
in order to celebrate SHINee 2 Year ANNIVERSARY, Hong Kong fans danceJOJO and Ring Ding Dong in Mongkok ( HK famous shopping street) at May23

please take a look^^

credit to Brilliant SHINee Hong Kong and Just Key@HK                                                                                                

me dh tgk....memula me gelak...peh tu me hayati la pulak..siap wat analisis
harus yg paling menonjol me tgk bb taem wannabe....bang long wannabe me tgk cantik la..
key wannabe mmg ade ciri key tang rambut la...minho wannabe...x de sama pon...cuma me tgk bila part rap tu kasar je hahahah sbb tolak sape ntah...dubu wannabe..sama tang paha je kot hahaha..
bila tgk dorg nih...mcm susah je step rdd ngan jojo lak...kira terer la sape yg leh dance rdd ngan jojo nih....

Fancam SHINee Onew at Musical Ending 100525 FULL
(watch it till the end, it's really cute xD)

cr: WeaReShining01                                                                                                

soompier kata...

wow I just read that SHINee's choreographer for Replay/LLO/Juliette, Rino Nakasone has became a member of the Pussycat dolls.

dasat gak si rino nih....

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Post time 26-5-2010 05:12 PM | Show all posts
2010 Dream Concer SHINee World

Yoogeun @ Dream Concert

cr: as tagged, smshinee

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Post time 26-5-2010 07:56 PM | Show all posts
waa..yoogeun pon g DC ekk...
comeinya YG walopun tido
SHAWOL mmg daebak

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Post time 26-5-2010 09:59 PM | Show all posts
wahhh da ade rumah baru..membuktikan aku suda lame sgt x update

noona2 nomuyeppo ku sekalian , kalo ade pape update dr segi teaser or whtever,,even album da kua skali pn..jgn lupa contct2 me..since mmg x tau bile leh slalu singgah sini..byk prgrm yg penting x nk tertinggal jauh since da nk comeback neh..huuuu

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Post time 27-5-2010 05:55 AM | Show all posts
[Info] 100526 The Boy Kimchi April Issue 299 ¨C Top 5 Korean Artists you want to kiss on the white day

1. Rain
2. Micky Yoochun (TVXQ)
3. Nichkhun (2pm)
4. G dragon (Big Bang)
5. Minho (Shinee)
source: The Boy Kimchi No.299
trans by:

wat me susah hati je...dah la dua2 seobangnim len umah top 5 wuwuwuwu...


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Post time 27-5-2010 08:03 PM | Show all posts
(HQ) 100524 SHINee Cut at 2010 Dream Concert on Ent. Station

He's so cute >¨Œ< saying "yorobeun, anyeonghaseyo, Hu~"
I'm curious who took this video lol XD he's talking about their 2nd full album (:


Pre Debut Taemin

cr:as tagged

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Post time 28-5-2010 01:10 AM | Show all posts

kecomelan berganda. harus me save video ni dlm henpon basah me... eekekkeke~

oh.. gambo predebut BB yg baru... weeeeeeeeee♥

BTW, si Rino dah official jadik PCD pye member. Sib baik dlm twitter dia kata dia still nak create tarian utk SHINee lagik. Dlm youtube banyak gak dia ajar bebudak kat studio nari lagu SHINee promote kak... jgn tak promote

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Post time 28-5-2010 01:10 AM | Show all posts
100526 Dream Team Recording Fancam with Minho (Jiyoung-based fancam)
Minho's wearing yellow/white standing at the left!

tgk belakang minho mcm bukan dia je...dah "berisi" me tgk hahahaha
DT yoja lagi ke???? spesel pojek ke?
me nmp dak
fx-amber luna keris
kara-kkol jiyong
AS- nana bekka , new member
me rasa lebih byk lagi nih..
me nmpk keris menang minho mcm pegang dua frame...sapa lagi sorg yg menang tu?

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Post time 29-5-2010 11:50 AM | Show all posts
tmpg lalu..HB 13 xkua ag ek yg subs

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Post time 29-5-2010 08:11 PM | Show all posts

싸랑하는 우리 민호랑^^ This is my bro M.H

CR: Donghae's Twitter

rajin sungguh oppa me selit kat twit org....me2day sendirik malas nak ngapdet lak...
minho oppa....wat ler tweet sendirik

x kuar x pasti dorg nk ngesub ke x HB13 tu...

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