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FIA Formula One 2010

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Post time 16-12-2010 08:05 AM | Show all posts
Reply 1339# satusembilan

pasni leh anjur South East Asia Championship pulak

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Post time 17-12-2010 11:28 AM | Show all posts
Reply 1339# satusembilan

lepas tu herman tilke reka litar

baik tak payah la

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Post time 17-12-2010 11:52 AM | Show all posts
Reply 1342# weta_studio

hampir semua @ semua trek2 baru adalah gabungan rekebentuk daripada trek2 lama...

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Post time 17-12-2010 02:59 PM | Show all posts
tak kisahla ambik dari trek mane..

tp boring trek design dari org sama...

maybe ada org lain yg boleh design trek yg lebih hebat banding herman tino tu

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Post time 17-12-2010 03:14 PM | Show all posts

Group Lotus considers building F1 engines

Group Lotus has already confirmed that it has purchased a 25 percent stake in the Renault F1 Team ahead of 2011 although the Proton-owned, Norfolk-based sports car company is now also pondering the fabrication of Formula 1 engines.

Present at the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) in British capital city London on Wednesday, Lotus Group CEO Dany Bahar C a former employee of Red Bull who switched to Group Lotus from Ferrari in 2009 C explained the situation.

The fact that we have announced well be developing an engine for the IndyCar Series for 2012 already shows that we are heavily interested in becoming an engine manufacturer with our own brand, he said.

"We have the capacity and we design engines for other OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), so there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to build and design engines for ourselves."

Bahar added that, while Lotus is now title sponsor of the the 'Lotus Renault GP' team - despite the French manufacturer having sold all shares in the Enstone squad C he does accept that the black and gold cars will still be referred to as Renaults in the 2011 season.

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Post time 17-12-2010 03:16 PM | Show all posts
Jaypee International Circuit


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Post time 17-12-2010 11:35 PM | Show all posts

Under new moveable bodywork regulations for next season, drivers will be able to adjust their car's rear wing from the cockpit. The change is one of a number of revisions confirmed by the FIA in the newly-published 2011 regulations, following last weeks World Motor Sport Council meeting.

The rear-wing system will be electronically governed and will only be available for activation when a driver is less than one second behind another at pre-determined points on the track. It will then be disabled once the driver brakes. The FIA hopes the system will boost overtaking opportunities during races.

Although the adjustable rear wing can be used at all times during practice sessions and qualifying, it can only be activated once a driver has completed at least two laps of the race itself. Like KERS (which will reintroduced next season after the teams agreed to suspend its use in 2010) the system wont be compulsory.

In other changes, minimum car weight has been raised by 20kg to 640kg, to give teams running KERS more flexibility in terms of weight distribution, a second tether will be added to every wheel to improve safety and F-ducts and double diffusers have been banned.

As well as their technical revisions, the FIA have also updated the sporting regulations for 2011. Gearboxes will need to last for five races, instead of four, whilst a curfew will be imposed on team personnel connected with the operation of the cars. This will last between midnight to 6am when practice is scheduled to start at 10am, or 1am to 7am if practice is scheduled to start at 11am.

Drivers will receive three sets of dry weather Pirelli tyres to use in P1 and P2 and must return one set after each session. A further eight sets will then be at their disposal for the rest of the race weekend, although one set of each specification must be handed back before qualifying.

If a driver fails to use both specifications of dry weather tyres during a race, they will be excluded from the results. If a race is suspended and cant be restarted, and a driver has failed to use both sets of tyres, 30 seconds will be added to the drivers race time.

During the first phase of qualifying, any driver who fails to set a lap within 107 percent of the fastest time will not be allowed to start the race. However, in exceptional circumstances, which could include a driver setting a suitable time during practice, the stewards may permit the car to start.

The refreshed sporting regulations also contain several references to driving protocol, with aggressively defensive manoeuvres, gaining an advantage by leaving the track, pit-lane overtaking and the correct way to respond to waved blue flags all mentioned.

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Post time 22-12-2010 11:56 AM | Show all posts

Major changes set for 2013 Formula 1 cars

Formula 1 cars are set to take on radical modifications ahead of the 2013 season, according to an investigation conducted by BBC Sport, as team bosses hope to improve racing and in particular overtaking opportunities. The new-style and slightly slower vehicles, inspired by the ideas of designers Patrick Head and Rory Byrne, would have significantly smaller wings and specially-shaped floors.

With the proposals having been drafted by Williams Head and Byrne, a major player in the Michael Schumacher domination years at Ferrari, the aerodynamic changes would see downforce being created differently as cars used around 35 percent less fuel and become more challenging to drive, despite speeds decreasing to some extent.

The drafts have now been sent to F1 governing body the FIA in Paris ahead of a meeting for the Technical Working Group (TWG) in January.

The most significant changes would be the following:

- Much smaller front and rear wings

- A far greater proportion of the total downforce of the cars will be created by the underfloor, compared to the wings

- A major reduction in the amount of total downforce created by the car  

- To achieve this, the underfloor of the cars will be shaped along its length to generate downforce for the first time since the 1982 season - currently cars have bottoms that are flat between the wheels  

- The average proportion of a lap that a driver is able to spend on full throttle to be cut from 70% in 2010 to 50% in 2013  

- Tyres will remain large and chunky to ensure cornering speeds remain high  

We are only going to have roughly 65 percent of the amount of fuel and a (limited) fuel (flow) rate - that was a given, Head, who with Byrne began drawing up ideas in March, explained to BBC Sport.

We were just told, 'That's what it will be, you've got to come up with a car spec that is not going to be more than five seconds a lap slower than a current F1 car.

So some circuit simulation was done by Rory at Ferrari and when we'd come up with some numbers, in terms of drag and downforce, it was then to try to come up with a geometry of a car that could try to achieve that.

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Post time 23-12-2010 02:30 PM | Show all posts
- The average proportion of a lap that a driver is able to spend on full throttle to be cut from 70% in 2010 to 50% in 2013  

apo maknonyo nih

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Post time 28-12-2010 01:31 PM | Show all posts

Mosley: Montezemolo is making life difficult for Formula 1
According to former FIA President Max Mosley Luca di Montezemolo is not making things much easier for Formula 1 but making things more difficult for the sport instead. The Ferrari President suggested earlier this month that F1 should consider three cars per team, but according to Mosley this is completely nonsense.

Introductin three cars per team is nonsense, Mosley was quoted as saying by German magazine Auto Motor und Sport. It will only give the big teams more power in Formula 1. Without new teams Formula 1 will die.

The problem with Luca (di Montezemolo) is that he never had to start a Formula 1 team from scratch. He has no idea how hard it is to compete when you're running a new team. Formula 1 already has a lot of problems and Luca is making the problems bigger rather than smaller.

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Post time 3-1-2011 08:34 PM | Show all posts

Di Montezemolo against new style F1 engines

Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo has voiced his criticisms over the modified Formula 1 engines which will be brought into use for the 2013 season, with the current 2.4-litre V8 units set to be replaced by 1.6-litre, V4, turbocharged powerplants.

F1s last significant engine regulation changes came at the start of the 2006 season, with eight-cylinder engines replacing the previous V10 versions. However, di Montezemolo is not shy when sharing his opinions over the planned four-cylinder specification of 2013 and beyond.

We are not going to build V4 engines for road cars just because we now need them for Formula 1, the Italian explained to Germanys Auto Motor und Sport.

Four cylindersthat sounds a bit pathetic for the top class. Couldnt we have decided for a V6 turbo? We shouldnt confuse saving money with being cheap; there are other ways of reaching the goals (motorsport governing body) the FIA wants us to in order to save money.

Di Montezemolo went on to add that he will be supporting any changes to the idea. When there's even the smallest chance of avoiding the V4, I want to go for it, he continued, with Ferrari also being reported as requesting a delay for the introduction of V4 power by at least one season.

That's right, but we need unity amongst all teams for that, the 63-year-old concluded.

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Post time 3-1-2011 08:39 PM | Show all posts

Gascoyne: Lotus situation a great shame

Mike Gascoyne has labelled the overall situation a great shame, with regards to the Renault F1 Team being relabelled 'Lotus Renault GP' and therefore meaning two Lotus teams will be on the Formula 1 grid this year, with his own Lotus Racing squad now renamed as Team Lotus.

The Lotus name made its return to the sport in 2010, with Gascoyne and Tony Fernandes introducing Lotus Racing as one of a trio of debutant teams.

However, the Renault squad has now been renamed following a buy-in from Norfolk-based sports car manufacturer Group Lotus C an entirely separate company to that of Gascoyne.

I think its a great shame, the Chief Technical Officer explained to Paul Tans automotive blog of Malaysia. On one level Tonys stressed to everyone that a team is about the people in the team and whatever were called isnt going to change what we are as a team and weve built up that team and the fan base around the world and in Malaysia C weve built up that team and that isnt going to change.

For me as an engineer, whether you paint it green or black or pink or bright redhowever fast the car goes at the first test wont be affected at all by what the team is called. Having said that, I think were all intensely proud of what the team has achieved this year as Lotus Racing, bringing the name Lotus back into Formula 1 C that can never be taken away from us.

However, the Englishman admits that recent events have met a disappointing end.

I think we brought tremendous value to the brand and we want to continue to do that, Gascoyne continued. For me, Lotus is about engineering C its about building, engineering and racing racing cars; thats what Team Lotus did, it did it in Norfolk and thats what weve done here in Norfolk.

Was Colin Chapman and Lotus about branding a French car as Lotus? Im not so sure it was; I think Colin Chapman was one of the great innovators in Formula 1 and when he brought sponsorship into Formula 1 I think he thought hed be receiving it, not giving it out, but thats for Tony and the shareholders to work on.

As I say, we feel weve got the best shareholders in Formula 1, were very proud to work for them and were going to repay them by working hard and designing them a quicker car; they can call it anything they like and well still be doing that job for them, but there is still a sense of pride of bringing Lotus back into Formula 1.

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Post time 6-1-2011 01:24 PM | Show all posts
MOD... kasi tukar la tajuk ini benang... 2011...;)

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Post time 6-1-2011 01:25 PM | Show all posts
atau kena buat thread baru?:re:

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Post time 6-1-2011 03:23 PM | Show all posts
Reply 1354# satusembilan

boleh buat thread baru utk season 2011

season 2010 dah tamat..

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Post time 6-1-2011 03:25 PM | Show all posts
Reply 1351# satusembilan

luca patut cakap awal2 dgn todt tu sebelum pengumuman enjin baru

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Post time 7-1-2011 03:22 PM | Show all posts
Reply 1355# weta_studio

ko bukak lah thread f1 2011 tue...

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Karthikeyan springs surprise with HRT deal

Narain Karthikeyan will make his F1 comeback next season following news that he has inked a deal to race with Hispania. The Indian, who last competed at the top level back in 2005 with Jordan and who tested for Williams in 2006 and 2007, confirmed the development via Twitter.

[Im] back in F1 in 2011, he wrote. [Ive] signed a deal to race for HRT. Ive always maintained that my time in F1 was not over and now Im making good on that promise.

Ive worked really hard to come back to F1 and it will be a dream come true to race in front of my home crowd in the Indian GP in October.

Im looking forward to the Indian public spurring me on with their blessings and good wishes. [I will be] ramping up my fitness regime now - big time. I see plenty of hours in the gym in the near future.

Speaking to The Times of India, he added: "It has been a while in the making, but I am delighted to be racing again in Formula 1 in 2011.

I am confident that I have the pace, the fitness and the will to succeed. I am extremely grateful to the Tata Group, without whose unwavering support, this comeback would not have been possible.

"I'm looking forward to racing for HRT, and to working again with Dr Colin Kolles [Team Principal at HRT]. We have a long standing and excellent working relationship together.

During his time in the F1 wilderness, Karthikeyan competed in A1 GP, winning twice for A1 Team India. He has also raced at Le Mans, in NASCAR and the Superleague Formula.

Hispania Racing meanwhile has yet to put out any official statement in relation to its 2011 driver line-up.

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Post time 10-1-2011 08:44 AM | Show all posts
Reply 1358# satusembilan

ada bakat tapi dgn team takde bakat

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