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FIA Formula One 2010

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2009 dah berlalu dan kita tau sapa menang sapa kalah.

Untuk 2010 kita buka lembaran baru dan untuk tidak membuang masa majlis dengan ini ingin sekali meletakkan perubahan-perubahan yang telah dipersetujui oleh FIA mengenai peraturan baru di dalam F1.

2010 season changes

Though not as dramatic as the rule changes introduced for the 2009 season, the revisions for 2010 could still have a significant impact on the teams relative performance


The biggest change for the 2010 season is the banning of refuelling during races for the first time since 1993. Pit stops will not become a thing of the past, however, as drivers still have to use both dry-weather tyre compounds during a Grand Prix. Of course, those stops will now be much quicker, quite possibly under four seconds.

The change requires cars to possess a much larger fuel tank - up from around 80 litres to something nearer 250 - and has a major effect on race strategy, with drivers having to pay more attention to tyre and brake conservation. To accommodate the bigger tank, the cars are likely to feature wider rear bodywork and a longer wheelbase. As a result, the weight distribution will be quite different to that of a 2009 car.

Points system

In place of the previous structure, which saw the top eight drivers scoring 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point respectively, from 2010 the top ten finishers in a Grand Prix score points. The change has been introduced as a result of the expanded grid of 13 teams. Under the new system, the race winner takes 25 points, with 20 and 15 being awarded for second and third places respectively. The next seven finishers will score 10, 8, 6, 5, 3, 2 and 1 point respectively.


The minimum weight of the car has been raised from 605kg to 620kg. The initial thinking behind this was to offset the disadvantage faced by taller, heavier drivers in KERS-equipped cars (the additional weight of the KERS system meant they were left with less flexibility in terms of weight distribution than their lighter rivals). By mutual agreement, however, teams are now not expected to run KERS in 2010.

Narrower front tyres

When slick tyres returned to Formula One racing in 2009, the tyre size remained unchanged. In terms of contact area, this meant that the fronts gained proportionally more grip than the rears. This has been addressed for 2010, with front tyre width reduced from 270mm to 245mm, thus helping to bring back a better grip balance. Also, the ban on refuelling means cars will be around 100kg heavier at the start of a race than in 2009, so Bridgestone will use slightly harder tyre compounds to compensate.

No wheel fairings

Teams are no longer allowed to use the wheel rim covers that became so commonplace in 2009. Their removal means one less thing to go wrong when pit crews are trying to change of set of tyres in less than four seconds, and could also aid overtaking by making the airflow immediately behind cars less turbulent.

More teams

Thirteen teams - 26 cars - will feature on the grid in 2010. This means a slight alteration to the knockout qualifying session, which will now see eight drivers (as opposed to five) eliminated in Q1 and Q2, leaving ten to fight it out for pole in Q3. The ban on refuelling means that cars will qualify on low fuel in all three phases of the session.


If a team declares that one of their current race drivers is to be substituted by a driver who has not participated in an F1 race in the two previous calendar years, one day of track testing will now be permitted, on an approved circuit not being used for a Grand Prix in the current season. This is to avoid scenarios such as that seen in 2009 when Jaime Alguersuari made his Formula One debut with Toro Rosso having only previously driven an F1 car in straight-line testing.

In another minor change, teams will be allowed six rather than eight days of straight-line aero testing per season. They will also have the option of substituting any of these days for four hours of wind tunnel testing with a full-scale (rather than the normal 60 percent-scale) model.

sekian terima kasih

berikut adalah pasukan-pasukan yang bakal bersaing merebut kejuaraan pemandu dan pengeluar

AT&T Williams
First Grand Prix 1975
Seasons 34
Races 536
Wins 113
Championships 9

ING Renault F1 Team
First Grand Prix 1977
Seasons 17
Races 263
Wins 35
Championships 2

Scuderia Ferrari Santander
First Grand Prix 1950
Seasons 60
Races 794
Wins 210
Championships 16

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes
First Grand Prix 1966
Seasons 44
Races 666
Wins 164
Championships 8

Mercedes Grand Prix
First Grand Prix 1954
Seasons 2
Races 12
Wins 9
Championships 0

Team Lotus
First Grand Prix 1958
Seasons 37
Races 491
Wins 79
Championships 7

Scuderia Toro Rosso
First Grand Prix 2006
Seasons 4
Races 70
Wins 1

Force India
First Grand Prix 2008
Seasons 2
Races 35
Wins 0
Championships 0

Red Bull Racing
First Grand Prix 2005
Seasons 5
Races 89
Wins 6
Championships 0

First Grand Prix 1993
Seasons 13
Races 216
Wins 0
Championships 0

Seasons 0

Seasons 0

Seasons 0



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Post time 30-1-2010 06:06 PM | Show all posts
Team Ferrari sudah siap sedia untuk bertarung

bertaruhkan Alonso dan Massa....

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Post Last Edit by hyphrigian at 3-2-2010 14:35

Post Last Edit by hyphrigian at 3-2-2010 14:24

    *  Bahrain Grand Prix
    * Bahrain International Circuit
    * March 14
    * Total Grand Prix 6
    * First Grand Prix 2004

    *  Australian Grand Prix
    * Albert Park
    * March 28
    * Total Grand Prix 25
    * First Grand Prix 1985

    *  Malaysian Grand Prix
    * Sepang International Circuit
    * April 4
    * Total Grand Prix 11
    * First Grand Prix 1999

    *  Chinese Grand Prix
    * Shanghai International Circuit
    * April 18
    * Total Grand Prix 6
    * First Grand Prix 2004

    *  Spanish Grand Prix
    * Circuit de Catalunya
    * May 9
    * Total Grand Prix 39
    * First Grand Prix 1951

    *  Monaco Grand Prix
    * Circuit de Monaco
    * May 16
    * Total Grand Prix 56
    * First Grand Prix 1950

    *  Turkish Grand Prix
    * Istanbul Park
    * May 30
    * Total Grand Prix 5
    * First Grand Prix 2005

    *  Canadian Grand Prix
    * Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
    * June 13
    * Total Grand Prix 40
    * First Grand Prix 1967

    *  European Grand Prix
    * Valencia Street Circuit
    * June 27
    * Total Grand Prix 19
    * First Grand Prix 1983

    *  British Grand Prix
    * Silverstone Circuit
    * July 11
    * Total Grand Prix 60
    * First Grand Prix 1950

    *  German Grand Prix
    * Hockenheimring
    * July 25
    * Total Grand Prix 56
    * First Grand Prix 1951

    *  Hungarian Grand Prix
    * Hungaroring
    * August 1
    * Total Grand Prix 24
    * First Grand Prix 1986

    *  Belgian Grand Prix
    * Spa-Francorchamps
    * August 29
    * Total Grand Prix 54
    * First Grand Prix 1950

    *  Italian Grand Prix
    * Autodromo Nazionale Monza
    * September 12
    * Total Grand Prix 60
    * First Grand Prix 1950

    *  Singapore Grand Prix
    * Marina Bay Circuit
    * September 26
    * Total Grand Prix 2
    * First Grand Prix 2008

    *  Japanese Grand Prix
    * Suzuka Circuit
    * October 10
    * Total Grand Prix 25
    * First Grand Prix 1976

    *  Korean Grand Prix
    * Korean International Circuit
    * October 24
    * Total Grand Prix 0
    * First Grand Prix

    *  Brazilian Grand Prix
    * Autdromo Jos Carlos Pace
    * November 7
    * Total Grand Prix 37
    * First Grand Prix 1973

    *  Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
    * Yas Marina Circuit
    * November 14
    * Total Grand Prix 1
    * First Grand Prix 2009

ada penambahan track baru iaitu di korea..

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2010 rule sux

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 Author| Post time 30-1-2010 10:41 PM | Show all posts
kita buka grup facebook mnentang rules f1 2010...


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5# hyphrigian

aku rasa kerja yang sia-sia...:geram:

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tak sabar nak tengok testing kat Valencia bermula 1 hb Feb ni...

berikut adalah driver yang akan test driver :

The Valencia line-up for this week is as follows:


Monday: Gary PAFFETT
Tuesday: Lewis HAMILTON
Wednesday: Jenson BUTTON

Mercedes GP

Monday: Nico ROSBERG (morning) & Michael SCHUMACHER (afternoon)
Tuesday: Nico ROSBERG
Wednesday: Michael SCHUMACHER


Monday: Felipe MASSA
Tuesday: Fernando ALONSO
Wednesday: Fernando ALONSO


Monday: Pedro DE LA ROSA
Tuesday: Kamui KOBAYASHI
Wednesday: Pedro DE LA ROSA


Monday: Rubens BARRICHELLO
Tuesday: Rubens BARRICHELLO
Wednesday: Nico: HÜLKENBERG


Monday: Robert KUBICA
Tuesday: TBC
Wednesday: TBC

Toro Rosso-Ferrari

Monday: Sbastien BUEMI
Tuesday: Sbastien BUEMI
Wednesday: Jaime ALGUERSUARI

Not attending:

- Campos-Cosworth
- Force India-Mercedes
- Lotus-Cosworth
- Red Bull-Renault
- US F1-Cosworth
- Virgin-Cosworth

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5# hyphrigian

aku rasa kerja yang sia-sia...:geram:
Yo-Ya Post at 31-1-2010 00:49

la ni kan trend tak puas hati pasai sesuatu semua buka grup kat facebook...

mu la buat abe....kawe xdak akaun..

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8# hyphrigian

kawe pun tak adok....

benda macam ni kena bagi kat akughi, dia pakar...

memang kerja dia ni....

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5# hyphrigian

aku rasa kerja yang sia-sia...:geram:
Yo-Ya Post at 31-1-2010 12:49 AM

koman-koman heboh sket

tapi kena wat english la kalu idak derang tak pandai baca

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la ni kan trend tak puas hati pasai sesuatu semua buka grup kat facebook...

mu la buat abe....kawe xdak akaun..
hyphrigian Post at 31-1-2010 01:34 AM

takdok akaun kena bukak la

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Time change for Sepang

Fri, 29 Jan 18:20:18 2010

In a bid to try and avoid a repeat of the shortened 2009 Malaysian F1 Grand Prix, whilst taking into account European TV audiences, a compromise has been reached whereby the 2010 event will start one hour earlier.

The 2009 race began at 5pm to help maximize the number of live viewers in Europe, but a tropical storm brought the race to a halt - and fading light then ruled out a restart.

Whilst a repeat of the tropical storm cannot be prevented, the organisers will at least have one more hour of daylight with which to try and fit in the full race distance.

Sepang officials believe as many as 100,000 fans could watch the 2010 race, a 40,000 increase over 2009 figures, fuelled by the return of F1 legend Michael Schumacher and local support for the new Lotus team.

"I expect a turnout of nearly 100,000 on the last day on Sunday. In the last edition, nearly 60,000 spectators turned up on the last day," Reuters reports race organiser Mokhzani Mahathir as having told the Bernama news agency.

The Sepang circuit is currently undergoing repair and upgrade work in preparation for the new season, including work to the pits area, roof structure and spectator facilities.

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takdok akaun kena bukak la
ShadowChaser Post at 31-1-2010 09:39

hang mesti ada akaun......

jadi hang bukakla...

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12# ShadowChaser

aku rasa tahun ni ramai yang datang tengok kat litar  dan tonton kat TV coz :

1. ada 7 th WC ... ni cuma iklan FIA aje....
2. mau tengok kehebatan Alonso dlm Ferrari...
3. kemunculan Vettel untuk merampas gelaran WC
4. Persaingan dalam team Mclaren antara budak hitam dengan button..
5. Kehebatan team baru sebagai pendatang baru....

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13# hyphrigian


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Post time 1-2-2010 08:22 AM | Show all posts
thread baru

cantekk..2010 season yg paling best lepas 3 tahun

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14# Yo-Ya button bakal kena tendang dari mclaren

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Post Last Edit by weta_studio at 1-2-2010 08:37
Sauber unveils new C29

The Sauber team is the first of two to reveal its new car at Valencia's Ricardo Tormo circuit on Sunday afternoon. The Ferrari-powered C29 is the premier car for the Hinwil-based team since founder Peter Sauber bought back all shares from BMW, which departed Formula 1 at the end of last season.
With official pre-season testing due to start at the same venue on Monday morning, the Ricardo Tormo track has welcomed the unveiling of the new Sauber before Renault takes the covers off its 2010 contender at 4:30pm local time (GMT +1); the launch of the French company's car is also likely to include the confirmation of its second driver, tipped to be Russian Vitaly Petrov.

Sauber's first challenger of the decade will be piloted by ex Toyota man Kamui Kobayashi, who drove his first two Grands Prix in Brazil and Abu Dhabi last year and scored three points in the season's final race, and Pedro de la Rosa - the former McLaren test driver returns to a full-time race drive this season for the first time since competing with Jaguar in 2002.
The team is still entered under the label BMW Sauber at present and it remains to be seen whether the name will be modified before the start of the season. The car, unveiled in a plain black and white livery, features a 'shark fin' engine cover and is yet to sport sponsor logos.

Branding for the Ferrari engines is also yet to be confirmed, with Petronas having been the tag before BMW's takeover; however, the Malaysian oil and gas company has become title sponsor of the works Mercedes outfit for 2010.



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Kubica aiming to improve Renault drivability

Robert Kubica will be looking to ensure that Renault's R30 is a relatively easy car to manage in February as the only official pre-season testing of 2010 takes place. The Pole joins the French marque this season after switching from the departed BMW.
With Kubica leading the new-look Renault squad alongside newcomer Vitaly Petrov, the Pole hopes to improve the car as much as possible between now and the start of the season, starting in Valencia on Monday.

"The team has been working on the new car for a long time and it's clear that we are moving in the right direction," Krakw's Kubica explained. "Now we need to maximise the winter tests to keep up this momentum and continue improving the car.

"Our priority is to make the car easy to drive because the new rules favour cars that are not too sensitive - we need a car which behaves consistently in a wide range of conditions."



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 Author| Post time 1-2-2010 09:00 AM | Show all posts
renault la paling ceria dengan livery and kaler..

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