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1991 Febuary, Osaka,         Tetsu formed L'Arc~en~Ciel with hyde on vocal, hiro on guitar,tetsu on         bass, and pero on drums.  The name L'Arc~en~Ciel was chosen by leader         Tetsu, and this name means "an ark in the sky " in french, which literally         means rainbow.  This was a name of a french movie that tetsu watched,         and he thought that the name sounds nice ( and yeah no other paticular         reason ) he chose it for their band name. Of course he wouldn't have known         how much this name actaully can reflect their band right now, and probably         become one of the most significant words in the late 90s of Japanese rock         history...

        In that year's May 30th, they had their first LIVE in Nanba Rockets, they         became very popular inside the indies circle and from that point on they've         started a lot of activities around Osaka. They had many mor elives in         Nanba Rockets.. and also other live houses for that time.  
        In 1992, guitarist Hiro left the band and tetsu called his childhood friend         Ken right away, since they desperately needed a guitarist for a LIVE that's         upcoming.  At that time Ken's still in University in Nagoya studying         architecture, and under Tetsu's pushing and persuading..Ken decided in         3 days that he'll stop his studies and return to Osaka to join L'Arc~en~Ciel.          Of course Ken's parents are extremely pissed about this... (haha thanks         to tetchan!) and i heard that ken still haven't talked to his parents         SINCE THEN !(@_@)
        After that they continued their activity, and in October 1st they recorded         "Voice" for the Omnibus CD "Gimmick" And 1 month later, Nov 25th, they         released their 1st single " Flood of Tears" (c/w Yasouka) and it was only         a limit of 1000. (it's like impossible to find that single now..since         there were only 1000 copies! and it's seen in Japan for 60,000 yen! (         original price 971 yen!!!!))
        However, in Dec 30th, drummer Pero left the band after a LIVE performance         at Osaka Music Hall.  Tetsu then called up Sakura and asked him to         be their drummer. However, they didn't even know Sakura, and Sakura was         in Tokyo. Tetsu had just seen him in some lives before and thought of         calling him up.  Sakura doesn't even know L'Arc~en~Ciel either..but         he still travelled from Tokyo to Osaka to see who they are. (and there         goes the unmei no deai between hyde and sakura i guess? ^^;)

In 1993 Jan 16th,         Sakura joined Laruku.  That year April, they released their 1st album         "DUNE".  However some songs were written by Hiro (i'm in pain and         no truth), and they couldn't use it in their album so they got in quite         a lot of trouble.  (I think Claustrophobia was written by hiro? but         then they changed it to Shutting From the Sky in DUNE) During the recording         of DUNE laruku members had to live in the weekly mansions in         Tokyo ^^; ( except Sakura coz he was originally from Tokyo anyways) And         the album " DUNE " got #1 in Oricon Indies Chart in May ^_^ Then following         they had the tour ' Close to DUNE", " Feel of DUNE" from June to the endof         that year. It had been a lot of trouble for them since they live in Osaka,         they always have to drive back and forth from Tokyo to Osaka in ther "laruku         car". Tetsu was the driver because hyde drives so extremely slow (like         an old man) that everyone couldn't stand him. (Although he claim that         he drives so slow because it's not his car) and Sakura doesn't know the         road very well and he always end up going in big circles (and wasting         gas) and Ken's such a reckless driver that although Tetsu always falls         asleep, he can't even sleep when Ken's driving coz he'd have to pay attention         for him, and ending up not sleeping which made no he decided         to drive.       
In Sept 93, all members         of Laruku slowly moved to Tokyo to persue their career. But haido didn't         really want to move to Tokyo..because he that would mean that he would         not be able to meet his friends and parents very often,and Tokyo just         seemed like a metropolis with not very friendly people..litte trees..dirty         streets to him.
        In 1994 Feb, there was a TV Special " L'Arc~en~Ciel Valentine TV Special"         called " Nostalgic no Yokan" (haha i have that video but it's a total         blur -_-" but it was kinda funny how they did it for valentines...why         Laruku right? no idea..) and in Sept, hyde stared in an Axia tape CM.          Their success continued till 1997 with release of videos, singles, and         tours and with their 1st million seller album "True".  
        Unfortunately, in 1997, Sakura was arrested for some drug related problem,         and he officially left L'Arc~en~Ciel on 1997 Nov 4th. The release of the         single "the Fourth Avenue Cafe" was also cancelled. Laruku then stopped         their activities for a few months, and they came back in their Reincarnation         97 Live in Tokyo Dome with new drummer Yukihiro (ex DIE IN CRIES), breaking         the ticket sales record of Tokyo Dome with a sold out in 4 min. They then         released the album " Heart" and continued to release big hit singles like         Winterfall, Dive to Blue, and they made it to the Kohaku of 1998 for their         first time with their million seller single HONEY.  In July 1st 99         they released 2 albums at once "Ark" and "Ray" and sold a 5 hundred million.          They then had their national Grand Cross Tour 99 with over 650,000 fans.          They then continue to spread their music to other parts of the world,         and had a promotion trip to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand in Sept 99.          They crossed the year 2000 with 55,000 fans in Tokyo Big Sight in Reset         Live and also making their 2nd apperance in Kohaku, also releasing their         1st single in the new millenium NEO UNIVERSE/finale on Jan 19th 00.          In the summer of 00, they released their album REAL, which again proved         their talents as muscians. After REAL and REALIVE, they released their         first best album Best Clicked Singles 13 with 13 songs all voted by fans         across asia online. Their promotion even went over asia into the US and         started a whole L'Arc America campaign. On top of that, their new single         "spirit dreams inside" was used as an ending theme song for         the movie Final Fantasy (spirits within) all across the world. Since then,         each member began to indulge in their own solo work, and had not been         releasing anything as a band for more than a year. But ... after so many         years, of ups and downs, L'Arc~en~Ciel is now one of the top bands in         the Jrock scene, and their legend is to be continued with their colors         shining above us...always. People always ask me, are they gonna disband?         Well, even if they do, I think they will always shine above me. What I         like them for is their music and everything that has made up L'Arc~en~Ciel,         and these things will not go away even if they disband. I can still always         listen to their music and remember them, therefore, I'm not even concerned         of their disband at all, VIVA LARUKU!

cr:Fourth Avenue Cafe

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L'Arc~en~Ciel Profile'

Name: hyde (VOCALIST)
Real name: Hideto Takarai (we're not supposed to know but we just do..haha)
Nickname: Doi hachirou (by tetchan), also called " hide " when they first started Laruku.
Height: ~157
Birthday: Jan 29th 1969 (we're not suppose to know either, but well fans just have their ways)
Place of Birth: Wakayama, Osaka ( Kansai )
Family : Mother, father ( only child )
Martial Status: married with Megumi Oishi

Name: tetsu (BASS also Leader of Laruku)

Nickname: tet-chan ( kawaii ~~)
Real name: Ogawa Tetsuya
Bday: 10/3/69
Height: ..he look pretty tall with platforms..but actually he's kinda
From: Osaka
Family: dad, mom and 2 younger sisters
Marital Status: married to  Ayana Sakai.
Hobby: Cars,plastic models, Anime (Gundam, Evangelion...he likes Asuka from EVA), shopping shopping and shopping!
Fave color: Pink ? I always see him wear pink clothes! But he say he like most colors....
Fave food: Japanese food..melon?
Fave clothes: shorts, with super cute buffalo platform shoes, brand name clothes...
Dream (when he was a kid): Become F1-Racer, open a hobby store
Favorite Actress: Sophie Marceau

Name: Ken (GUITAR n composer)

Nickname: Kenchan
Real name: Kitamura Ken
Bday: Nov 28 1968
Height:178 ~ tallest in Laruku
From: Osaka
Marital Status: People said he's married with an elevator girl~ but some say they already divorced *_*
Hobby: Shopping, driving...
Fave color: Silver, Black
Fave Animal: Dolphin and Cat~ Ken has a grey cat called Elizabeth Slick.
Fave food: Japanese food ( Ramen, Sushi), hamburger
Fave alcohol: Jack Daniels
Fave cigarette: Marlboro Light Menthol
Fave clothes: Jun, Y's for men, Domon ,Crazy Under Wear, 5351
Dream (when he was a kid): Detective or Hard Rock Guitarist ( Well so it means your dream came true ken-chan?)

Name: Yukihiro( DRUMS)

Nickname: Yukkie
Real name: Awaji Yukihiro
Bday: 11/24/68
Height: 165 cm
From: Osaka
Hobby: video games, remixing, Evangelion...(Ayanami Rei)
Fave cigarette: seven stars
Fave color: Black & red
Fave food: Chocolate of a drink.. Coke ( but he always has toothache...), Japanese food.
Fave brand: Hysteric Glamour (he has same stylist as tetchan)


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L'Arc in Magazine Cover

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~~letak ape2 aje~~

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wahhh..umah baru laruku dah..
tak tahan baca time dorang tubuh band nie..
hyde bawak keta slow cam old man

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sesaje jln kat dlm thread ni.. err mcm mane nak sbut nama kumpulan ni?? sori lah me baru nak mengenali mrk..

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Originally posted by atie_chippy at 19-3-2009 22:41
sesaje jln kat dlm thread ni.. err mcm mane nak sbut nama kumpulan ni?? sori lah me baru nak mengenali mrk..

panggil laruku je..

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Reply #8 ayie77's post

aik... ejaan lain sebutan lain...

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Reply #6 ayie77's post

hyde patuh undang2 jln raye

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byk lak umah baru bukak hari nih...

go laruku go !!! :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

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Reply #9 atie_chippy's post

klu dibahasajepunkan tak lain...

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Originally posted by Ley at 19-3-2009 23:04
hyde patuh undang2 jln raye

kalu ken lak bawak..tetsu kena stanby jaga...kekekkeeke
alasan hyde sebab bukan keta dia...wakakakakkaa

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Reply #12 Kittie's post

owh gitu...

go laruku go...

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saje upkan kan...


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me dh jatuh centa ngan lagu2 laruku ni..

ade link tk nk dl lagu2 diorg ni...

edit : baru pasan ade link kt atas..

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Reply #16 amemiya's post

hehe... bersusun Ley letak...


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aku pon motip gak masuk sini...

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Reply #18 skymania's post


ko motip ape..

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Reply #18 skymania's post

motip uols masuk sini?


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