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MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 15 Ogos 09-Sunway Lagoon Resort in KL

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OK Let,s discuss on this award here. Only for ASIAN artist... Asian artist. Other than that

This post will be update once it will be released esok.

MALAYSIA ... 5219&extra=page%3D1

May 28, 2008

MTV Asia Awards 2008 Coming To Genting- City of Entertainment, Malaysia, For the First Time

By News Desk

MTV Networks Asia's flagship show - MTV Asia Awards (MAA) 2008 is all set to take over the Malaysian music scene! The highly anticipated pan-regional music event is back for the sixth year running, bringing music excitement to all music fans in over nine countries in Asia. For the first time, the Awards show that celebrates and pays tribute to regional and international music talents will be held at the Arena of Stars in Genting- City of Entertainment, Malaysia on August 2, 2008 and will be hosted by Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars. The MAA 2008 will be broadcasted to over 291 million homes across the region. Regular updates will be available at the official website at Portions of the programming will be carried on MTV channels worldwide, reaching more than a billion viewers across 162 countries.

This year's host Jared Leto is an accomplished singer and actor. In 1998, Jared Leto formed the band 30 Seconds to Mars in which he is the lead vocalist and guitarist. The band had spent most of the last four years touring the world and their second album A Beautiful Lie was certified platinum by Recording Industry Association of America in 2006. Since then, the band has picked up the MTV2 Award at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards for the music video, "The Kill," as well as bringing home the Best Rock Video and Video of the Year at the 2007 MTV Australia Video Music Awards. Leto also garnered critical acclaims for his role in the movie Requiem For A Dream, after which he went on to work with David Fincher on Fight Club and Panic Room.

"It's an honor to be a part of what I'm sure will be an exciting and unforgettable night in a magical and beautiful country," says Leto. "MTV has been an important home for 30 Seconds to Mars throughout our worldwide journey. I am very proud to join everyone in such a unique and gorgeous location like Malaysia. It is going to be a crazy and wonderful night."


The glamorous music affair will be witnessed by thousands of screaming fans and millions of home viewers across the region, reinvigorating their passion for music. MTV will be presenting a total of 16 awards during the show to honor and promote the icons of youth culture and music. There will be nine regional favorite artist awards and seven international awards which include exciting additions such as The Video Star Award, Breakthrough Artist, The Innovation Award, Best Hook-Up, Bring Da House Down Award and edc Style Award.

Be prepared to be knocked out by the spanking new refreshing format of the Awards. With live music at the center stage, expect nothing but a whole night of exciting performances. The highlight is on pure music entertainment with five sets of live acts in the evening, each performing sets of two to three songs. In a nutshell, "M" is back and better!

To foster interaction with the audience, MAA 2008 is going multi-platform to allow fans to call the shots on the 10 voting categories come June 14. A novel dimension to the Awards is the "So You Wanna Be A Presenter" contest where local viewers submit their coolest and quirkiest video at for the chance to present the nominees in the awards show. The winner will get an exclusive VIP treatment in the show and may even rub shoulders with his/her favorite celebrities!

The latest updates, news and contests for MAA 2008 can be found at the official website at and WAP site at from June 14 onwards.


Favourite Music Artist Awards from Asia
Favourite Artist Mainland China
Favourite Artist Hong Kong
Favourite Artist Indonesia
Favourite Artist Korea
Favourite Artist Malaysia
Favourite Artist Philippines
Favourite Artist Singapore
Favourite Artist Taiwan
Favourite Artist Thailand

Favourite International Artist Awards in Asia

Favourite International Artist in Asia
Video Star
Breakthrough Artist
The Innovation Award
Best Hook-Up
Bring Da House Down
edc Style Award

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Post time 13-6-2008 07:24 PM | Show all posts
wa nk g la...baper hengget tiket ek?

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Post time 13-6-2008 10:30 PM | Show all posts
nama2 artis belum keluar lagi ye??

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Post time 13-6-2008 11:46 PM | Show all posts
wow, dh ada rumah tuk MTV asia la... x sabo nk vote for my idol artist ^^

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Post time 14-6-2008 08:23 AM | Show all posts
nominees are BigBang,SJ,Wonder Girls and SNSD

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Post time 14-6-2008 08:49 AM | Show all posts
skang nih kat korea... SNSD first, Suju 2nd, big bang 3rd & WG 4th...

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Post time 14-6-2008 09:26 AM | Show all posts
ada masuk tv tak??

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Post time 14-6-2008 09:30 AM | Show all posts
xkan suju kalah ngan snsd...

:pompom: :pompom::pompom: BIG BANG!!!WONDER GIRLS!!:pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

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Post time 14-6-2008 04:25 PM | Show all posts
Originally posted by miss_mulan77 at 14-6-2008 08:49 AM
skang nih kat korea... SNSD first, Suju 2nd, big bang 3rd & WG 4th...

wah.. ni kene vote for Suju...
takleh kalah kat SNSD...
aja..aja..hwaiting:pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

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Post time 14-6-2008 05:17 PM | Show all posts
mintak2 Jay @ LeeHom ade la...

kalaula jrock ade join..

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Post time 14-6-2008 08:25 PM | Show all posts

Reply #9 skymania's post

vote sky~~jgn x vote!btw, kene reg dlu aite~~hoho pdnla aku click pg td, xmo klua pape!

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Post time 14-6-2008 08:27 PM | Show all posts

Reply #12 jeanlouisfinch's post

masuk kali nih... dah 3 kali vote.. tggu jer mase cukup 10 min...

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Post time 14-6-2008 08:29 PM | Show all posts

Reply #9 skymania's post

vote sky~~jgn x vote!btw, kene reg dlu aite~~hoho pdnla aku click pg td, xmo klua pape!

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Post time 14-6-2008 10:16 PM | Show all posts
vote byk2.... heheheh...

limau... for sure la masuk tv.... kat ch MTV tu....

mcm exited je.... saper ye yg akan buat persembahan???

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 Author| Post time 15-6-2008 01:52 AM | Show all posts
Artis Jepun takde sbb dorang ade MTV Award sendiri. Kite post kat forum lain tadi. so just copipes. lol.

Here are my overall opinion for this year awards. btw, today they played some MV from Asian nominees.

Favourite Artist Mainland China/HK/Taiwan - since I not familiar with anybody. I just know S.H.E only. Well, if Farenheit/LeeHom/Jay Chou it will be different story.

Favourite Artist Philippines - I only knew past year winner Rivermaya. Anybody can suggest/give info about the nominess. How about the Philipino Idol dude? I can't wait for Paragon Child to debut.

Favourite Artist Thailand - I know nothing about recent singer. I just know Tata Young and Bird Tongchai

Favourite Artist Singapore - JJ Lin n Stef Sun not bad but why they don't have Taufik Batishah/Imran Ajmain or maybe Aliff Aziz.

Favourite Artist Korea - I rooting for Big Bang for performances & awards and WG for presenting the award. It not wise to bring 13 ppl or 9 ppl with the entourage for just few min appearances. If ppl said they famous here, it will be unfair for other singers from other countries too. btw, Malaysia have REALLY strict codes for dressing for performances/concert so another minus point.

Favourite International Artist in Asia - LP is famous here but why no MCR since they had concerts in Asia early this year. anybody can do. I don't mind.

Favourite Artist Indonesia - I love all the nominees here. Just wish that PeterPan, Sheila on 7, Dewa19 or Keris Patih and Gita Gutawa on the list too. I root for Andra & The Backbone and Yovie & Nuno
- Andra & The Backbone [Sempurna MV] I like this song.
- Mulan Jameela [Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi MV]
- Nidji [Heaven MV] from Heroes drama
- Yovie & Nuno [Menjaga Hati MV] I so love this song.

Last but not least. from my country.

Favourite Artist Malaysia
- Faizal Tahir just because this is his year
- Nicholas Teo he's cute but i not really know much
- Pop Shuvit a great contender too
- Siti Nurhaliza just because she have win all the previous awards.

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Post time 15-6-2008 07:15 AM | Show all posts
aq dah voted... server d0wunk cam stuck2 jew... hurm, x kesarh r...

btw, aq nak gi sgt r... tp kal0 nk masuk kene dpt invitation, kal0 x leyh, x silap aq lah...
s0, kene b00k hotel/suite/etc dulu, kan???

sapew2 yg dah gi tu, tumpang r aq... aq nk gilew gi... plz!!!!
tid0w kat lantai p0wn x pew r...

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Post time 15-6-2008 12:14 PM | Show all posts

Reply #15 adikkeluangman_'s post

tak kenal nic teo ke??? ni ada thread nic teo ... &extra=page%3D1


rasanya kan tahun ni mcm faizal tahir je yg menang....

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 Author| Post time 15-6-2008 08:16 PM | Show all posts
Ustaz_SUFI; Awak ni laki ker perempuan. Mostly kitorang kat sini budak perempuan. Kalau ye pun kitorang ni pergi. Mmg ler awak tak leh join kalau awak ni laki. So far yang confirm tiket or how to get in must through their contest at the website.

eyka; statement atas tu saya letak kat forum lain b4 put kat sini. malas edit. kite tau lah psl nick teo tu. Akak kalau ade plan nak stalking. btau tau. maybe saya nak ikut.

Alamak. event ni few weeks after my new seme. hope takde kelas hari jumaat n kursus motivasi hari sabtu.

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Post time 15-6-2008 11:59 PM | Show all posts
hahahahha! Yayyy M'sia punya nominees naseb Mawi xdak! :victory: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

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Post time 16-6-2008 06:58 AM | Show all posts
yippeeee SUJU oppa... kalo deme menang mmg besh aaa

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