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Post time 23-2-2008 06:46 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
My wife and I ada option to migrate, to start a new life, set up a biz..
We will enter & apply the Visa as a businessman

My questions are:

1.Which country is the best if we want to set up a new biz, Australia or UK?

2. For those who already being a PR at these countries(Australia, New Zealand, UK), what are the possible biz opportunity that both of us should venture into?


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Post time 23-2-2008 10:40 PM | Show all posts

Reply #1 RedDevils's post

Hi RedDevil's.... ...takuttttt...

Migration is a big thing to do. Tapi kalau betul dah ready apa salahnya.

Anyway, sebelum sesapa boleh jawab your questions rasanya perlu jugak kami tau what is your expertise and how much money or capital you are talking about? Then baru boleh suggest opportunities of businesses and industries.

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 Author| Post time 26-2-2008 09:43 AM | Show all posts
Originally posted by platinum8 at 23-2-2008 10:40 PM
Hi RedDevil's.... ...takuttttt...

Migration is a big thing to do. Tapi kalau betul dah ready apa salahnya.

Anyway, sebelum sesapa boleh jawab your questions rasanya perlu jugak kam ...

Yes, MIGRATION is really a massive, humangous decision to make..

I am a medical doctor by training, currently a GP.
But I have no intention at all to practice medicine if I'm migrating..I want to do business.

Capital wise, Insya-Allah, we have RM 2.5 mil...and that's for setting up biz + buying/renting essential things(such as car, house, etc) during the first few months of migration process..

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Post time 26-2-2008 09:50 AM | Show all posts

Reply #3 RedDevils's post

Hmm...depending which countries you choose, RM2.5 will be less than it suppose to be. Kalau kat UK lagi kecik jadinya. Kat US kena divide 3.2. But you did not mention US.

Why tak nak dok Malaysia dah? If you move and start a new life, that means you will gamble with your life saving. Only if you're willing to take the risk, you might be successed, and you might be failed. So its like 50/50. Also depending what kind of business you're interested? At least kena tau jugak selok2 business yang you minat. It is very risky to be in a business yang you tak tau apa2.

How about francais business? Sekurang-kurangnya all equipments, promotions and training will be given. Just my 2 cents

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 Author| Post time 26-2-2008 10:29 AM | Show all posts

Reply #4 hirokuyumi's post

Hahaha...if I have the 2.5 mil in Malaysia, then it's another story..And definately I will stay here..
(my savings tak jejak pun 1 mil.. )

The trick is, the RM2.5 mil will only 'appear' if I do migrating with my spouse.
How?..Panjang ceritanya..
So just assume that, if both my wife & I agree(to migrate), then the 2.5 mil aid will follow..and duit ni HALAL ye...

Niat dihati mmg nak pi UK..tapi memandangkan currency rate nya yg dahsyat..maybe tolak tepi..
US? far..

High in my list are actually either Australia or N.Zealand.

Anyway, thanks for your opinion...

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Post time 26-2-2008 10:41 AM | Show all posts

Reply #3 RedDevils's post

It's true apa yang Hiro cakapkan tu. It's pretty risky to do businesses yang you do not familiar with or have no expertise in it. Anyway, in any business situation, high risk high return. If you are prepared for the incoming or up coming risk then give it a go.

BTW, what is your interest? eg.. real estate, tourism, F&B, IT etc. And do you have any preferences in terms of life style? Country or city etc...

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 Author| Post time 26-2-2008 11:14 AM | Show all posts

Reply #6 platinum8's post

Our interest..?
Hmmm..F&B in the list...

We are also  planning to set up a Halal One Stop Cente...hence our target area would ideally be in Australia(where there are lot of Muslims society over there)...

Next, probably penternakan kambing le..

I pernah tinggal kat Sydney for about 2.5 years..
Maybe kalau migrate nak duduk Melb or Brisbane..

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Post time 26-2-2008 05:02 PM | Show all posts
I tgl kat Australia jugak. Tapi I tak pasti samada boleh bagi pandangan atau tidak sbb I ikut husband je ke sini. Dia Aussie man dan kerja makan gaji je. Kalau business2 ni, I'm not sure.

Tapi kalau you rajin, you boleh jengok Kebanyakkan forummer kat situ semuanye nak migrate atau dah migrate ke Australia. Tapi kebanyakkanye semua makan gaji.

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 Author| Post time 26-2-2008 07:54 PM | Show all posts

Reply #8 mallanhead's post

Thanks a lot mallanhead...

By the way, which part of Aussie u tinggal?
How do find your place?

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Post time 26-2-2008 08:06 PM | Show all posts

Reply #9 RedDevils's post

I kat Perth. Tmpt yg I tinggal skrg ni ok lah. Oriental shop melambak. Barang2 pun mcm2. Tadi baru buat nasi ayam pakai instant paste, made in Australia siap ngan chop halal dari Australia Federation of Islamic Council. Badan yg membagi chop halal tu.

Tang org islam tu mmg banyak dan I selalu lah jumpa sbb anak2 I gi Islamic School. Butcher halal pun banyak gak. So far kalau pandai cari mana nak cari yg halal or anything Asian mmg senang kat sini.

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Post time 27-2-2008 12:35 PM | Show all posts

Reply #7 RedDevils's post

F&B is quite a good option kalau you nak venture into business where it doesn't really need much expertise in handling it. Someone like you can easily learn the business. What you need to do is just to learn the areas and study the activities around the location.

As for sheep/stock farming (in aussie), RMK2.5mil is not enough. You will need to get the space (land) to start with, which will cost you more than that. Then the cost of planning to set out the farm, animals etc that you have to look into. Tapi kalau betul minat probably you can borrow some from the financial institution.

Anyway, please dont quote me literally. I might be wrong.

Another opportunity that you can keep an eye on in Aussie is a real estate business. But for a start you need to get yourself attached with or working for the real estate company. Where you will be able to have a better understanding about the property market.

Just my humble opinions....

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Post time 5-3-2008 03:49 AM | Show all posts

Owning a business is not that easy

Kalau tak ada pengalaman, F&B bisness ni susah -- nak dpt loan, sewa kedai, gaji perkerja, bayaran utk supplier etc etc.

- Tukang masak pulak mesti pandai masak (food quality), menu mesti bagus, taukey pun kena pandai masak manalah tau tetiba tukang masak mogok ke.

Kena sabar sebab ambil masa utk orang kenal restaurant kita. Keeping price at above average also help to make it more attractive.

Kalau saya lah kan saya ambil franchise - jual kfc halal, Starbucks, Subway or a Rainforest Cafe.

Going towards business is a good idea if you like to be dependent. Personally, I think this decision is influenced more by the desire to earn more (which is not a bad thing at all). In general, business is too tight and competitive these days, with all the cost cutting trends and success of third world countries in coming up with cheapest of the services. This fact makes me think that probably targeting a top job is a more realistic aim than starting a new business.

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