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 Author| Post time 25-12-2006 02:20 AM | Show all posts
2006 Korean Star CF remuneration rating

source from The Sun /HK-------12/3/06

Bayaran tertinggi ialah Ko Hyun Jung(heroin What's Up Fox? & Sprng Day)
15 (hundred million won):
omooo..femes gak die yea..

tempat ketiga ialah Boa n Bi.(seperti yang dapat dibace...)hehe..

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Post time 25-12-2006 04:38 PM | Show all posts tepek pic ni sbb terjumpa.....(plus Xmas 2day)


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 Author| Post time 25-12-2006 08:48 PM | Show all posts

Reply #22 airahthislove's post

tempek le airah..aku lagi suke...:love:

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 Author| Post time 25-12-2006 09:17 PM | Show all posts

Quincy_BOS Tour (53 MB)

Be The One_BOS Tour(63 MB)

Rock With You_BOS Tour

Over theTop_Girls On Top_Remix_Live MNet Awards

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Post time 8-1-2007 09:46 AM | Show all posts
aku suka lagu dia Minna No Kimochi (Every Heart)

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Star shines brighter, Loneliness deepens
BoA tops Oricon charts with her 5th album, Made in Twenty(20)

"When I turn 30, would I be able to release an album called 'Made in thirty'? My ballad songs would have greater depth by then."

Onthe 17th, BoA has released her 5th album Made in Twenty(20), whichtopped the Weekly Oricon charts. Since her debute in 2002 all her 6albums had been topping the charts. She now ranks 2nd amongst Japanesesingers. BoA's hot wave of wind has only begun blowing over in Japan.(lol at that sentence! ha! Cheesey)
Her success story will be to be written on the the text books of Japanese High School for 2nd year English.
BoA who is not very comfortable being interviewed in person, is met up with the journalist through e-mail.

Peoplearound her ask about the significance in the album's title. "I guessit's because I've been a singer since I was so young. People seemsurprised when I tell them of my age. They would react somethig like'Is BoA 20 already?'"

"The thought of trying to part with myimage as a young girl, which is better known to the general public,never really occured to me. Instead, I try to expand the mature side ofme through a more natural transition."
This album contains varietyof genres such as dance music with Electronica as base, ballad, RnB andso on. "I think it is important to deliver trendy music, but it is moreimportant to pick music that suits me. That way, I can approach thefans with more easiness."

Loneliness(孤獨) is her biggest worry.

"Iget really lonely when I'm in Japan. The best way to deal with this isto visit my fan sites. As much as how curious my fans are about mywelfare, I'm curious about my fans too. When I do visit, there aretimes when I'm eager to leave few comments, but since I don't have anaccount..."

"To find out that there is even one devotedfan who loves you, as a singer, without any condition, gives youtremenous amount of strength and courage. I work over and over again soI don't disappoint those people."

Her other hobby iswatching Korean dramas. "I find out about popular Korean dramas andmovies through the internet. Which one did I enjoy the most recently?'Couples (Drama starring Kim Jung Eun)'. Korean dramas are availablefor renting in Japanese video shops."

BoA attracts fans with herpowerful performances on stage. Her Japanese tour for her new album isscheduled from March to April, though there is something to beapprehensive about. "After I had injured pelvis ligament (骨盤靭帶) inFukuoka 2005, leg injuries became quite frequent. I haven't been ableto dance properly for 6 months now."

"When I sing live on stage,I get this strength without really knowing how. How's it like to singwhile dance at the same time? It's difficult, of course. I practicesinging while running on the treadmill to increase breathingcapacity(肺活量)."

HeroJaejoong of TVXQ is BoA's best celebrityfriend. BoA calls him as 'Sense Jaejoong'. "He appears to be quiet anddoesn't really seem like a friendly person on television broadcasts,but he actually has a great sense of humour, it's beyond anyone'simagination. He is also a very pleasant guy"

BoA is also getting ready to transform into an actor. What do you think is the appeal of acting?

"Whenyou're a singer, there are many situations where you only get to workwith one other person. In contrast, there are a lot of people involvedin acting job and I think it's cool how people have to co-operatethroughout the process just for one production. I would only be one ofmany staffs, wouldn't I?"

What kind of advice do you want to give to those singers planning their debute overseas?
"Itis essential to know the language of the country. One other thing toremember is to be never late for any appointments in the business ."

26/1/2007 Chosun Ilbo
Interview by Seung-hyun Choi (

*thanks to translations for the Article ^______^ by hsado at boajjang forums and suejinners@soompi

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 Author| Post time 28-1-2007 03:35 AM | Show all posts

*credit to suejinners@soompi

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 Author| Post time 28-1-2007 03:38 AM | Show all posts

from Wikipedia:

As of November 25, 2006 Media Traffic began displaying charts that traced back to 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago.

Sinceits start in 1999, the first song to reach number one was "Believe" byCher. As of January 6, 2007, the United World chart has had 105 numberone hits.

The current number-one single is "Irreplaceable" by Beyonce.

The current number-one album is "MADE IN TWENTY (20)" by BoA

*cedit to soompi

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 Author| Post time 28-1-2007 03:45 AM | Show all posts

I don't fear decline.
While everyone has been congratulating BoA on her recent success, she mentions about her feet conditions instead.
"Iwon't be able to dance for 6 months. In process of preparing for my 5thJapanese album, my feet began to ache really badly. I've recieved a MRIexamination, and was told to rest for developing inflammation(炎症) in mytoe. My 5th album is already out and have concert scheduled fromMarch..But I'm a lot better now.'

Last week BoA has received agood news. Made In Twenty(20) was no.1 on the weekly Oricon charts.Since her debute, which was 6 years ago, she has set a record forhaving all her 5 albums in the no.1 charts. BoA has been placed 2ndbelow Hamasaki Ayumi (8 albums), along with other prominent femaleartists such as Amuro Namie, Misia, Kuraki Mai charting below BoA. Sheis ranked in tie with Kinki Kids.
Despite her numerous no.1s, she is surely having different feelings of achievement this time.

"Forthe 6 years working in Japan, the most difficult thing was to keeptensions up constantly. It was important that I keep practising until Iam satisfied. I can exude confidence and presence only when there hasbeen enough practice. I like that feeling."

She was only in herteens when the single 'ID: Peace B' was released, now she has grown toa Japan's big star who has released total of 21 singles and 12 albums(including remix, best of albums) so far. Her response to all this was," Well, I haven't changed much since my debute, except that I've lostsome weight." However, she is left with a question that concerns hermusic. It's time for her to develop her own style of music, her fansnow have higher expectations.
[*interesting note: Proper translationfor this last sentence would be, "Fans' expectations are high, theywill no longer be satisfied with 기성복 like music". The interviewer usesthe word 기성복(pre-made clothing,旣成服) to describe her music in the past.I think he is implying that her music had been generic and lacking inpersonal style.]

"Although I don't write most of my music, itis true that I've been singing with the emotions that are my own. If Ifailed to convey those emotions, I probably have not grown enough tohold my own philosophy and life experieces into my music. But I amstill growing and one day, I really believe people will be able tolisten to real 'BoA music'."

After her success, there hasbeen a boom of many Korean female singers trying to follow up BoA'ssuccessful career. None of them proved to be a real 'Second BoA'. Her response to all this was that you have to become the 'first of yourself' instead trying to become the second of anyone. BoA has indeed been successful but it doesn't mean that she has no worries herself.

"Idon't have any fears of going through any declines in my career. It isinevitable when you've went through lengths of training and havereached your peak. I think it is a senior's (先輩) duty to pass downtheir top position to the juniors (new comers,後輩). It is also a naturalflow to do so."

She has also planned for a new Korean albumin 2 years this year. She will also start acting. Some fans aresceptical on her new challenge, but BoA feels firm about starting heracting career. "If I am afraid of criticisms, I won't be able tochallenge anything new." Says BoA, who always seemed like a young girlis now a grown up.

She is now 20 years old. She has made manyachievements, but still has many things to achieve in the future. Asthe interview proceeded, she showed a full confidence in herself. Her'gutsy-ness(?)' probably won't change for the next 10 years. Havingsaid that, she smiled and displayed her last gutsy-ness for theinterview.

"The reason I gave up on going to university was thatI didn't want to loose my sincerity towards music. Chances will comelater. Hard-working women are always perceived to me as being beautifuland charismatic. Even if I'm not married after 10 years, I'm confidentthat I'll have a wonderful life as a single. I have my music with me."

Interview by Bum-suk Kim
translations for the Article ^______^ by hsado at boajjang forums

*credit to suejinners @soompi

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Post time 2-2-2007 03:32 PM | Show all posts
Jan 18, 2007
All 6 of BoA Albums Top Japan's Oricon Chart

Singer BoA's fifth album in Japan "Made in Twenty" has topped the Oricon daily chart on its first day of release Wednesday.
The 21 year old has had all five of her Japanese albums and her 2005 Best of Soul album top the chart, setting an impressive record.

Made in Twenty comes a year after her fourth album Outgrow was released in February last year. In a survey conducted by Oricon news, it was chosen as the most anticipated album.

The album includes some of her popular singles such as Tomorrow of Seven Colors, Brand New Beat, Winter Love, Key of Heart and other bonus tracks for a total 15 songs.

Source: KBS Global

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Post time 2-2-2007 07:53 PM | Show all posts
MADE IN TWENTY to be Released in Korea

For those of you residing in Korea, your time has come! SM announced that MADE IN TWENTY will be released in Korea on January 24, 2007. Unlike the Japanese version, the Korean version will include a MADE IN TWENTY poster along with a short BoA photo collection consisting of seven photos. (shown below)

In addition, for those that pre-order the album will gain a chance to win the latest Olympus Digital Camera BoA advertises for through a raffle. Get it while you can!

BoA The Live DVD Release

For any BoA fan, the biggest present is to see BoA sing. According to the MADE IN TWENTY DVD, the BoA The Live Tour 2006 DVD will be released on March 7, 2007. This DVD will indeed be a special one as BoA sang with a live band for the first time in her concert career.

Source : Bestiz
Credits: BoA'sHouse + AkimotoTsubaki@kpopkingdom

No.1 on Oricon Charts for One Week

Singer Koda Kumi, who released her album "Black Cherry" on January 4, held the No.1 spot on the charts for a whooping three weeks. For three weeks, no singer in Japan could take her off the No.1 spot. On the 17th of Janauary, this all changed. BoA's latest album, MADE IN TWENTY(20), which was released on the 17th, topped the Weekly Oricon Charts and held her spot at No.1 for one whole week. The three week No.1 parade was abruptly cut off by our beloved BoA and has held the No.1 spot for a whole week. Koda Kumi, who was on the No.1 spot, sold a total of 57,804 albums, 20,000 more than the second place holder. But now with BoA at the No.1 spot, there is a high chance that she will beat the unbeatable Koda Kumi.
As a foreign singer in the large Japanese Music market, BoA is proving her popularity once again. Let's just hope that she holds this spot for weeks to come.

Source: Newsis
Credits: BoA's House + KpopKingdom

BoA Named #2 Singer in Japan in Respect to Sales

Upon rising to the No.1 spot on the Oricon Charts for the 5th time with her five albums, BoA has been named the second best singer of Japan in respect to sales. Beating Japan's top singers who have set the record of topping charts four times such as Amuro Namie and Utada Hikaru, BoA has been named the second best singer of Japan. This is indeed a honor considering the fact that BoA is a foreign singer in the Japanese market. Just behind Japan's top singers, Kinki Kids, Hamasaki Ayumi, and Hikaru Kenzi, BoA is not far from beating them as well. With the continued support from her fans, this is a feat not far from being accomplished.

Source: Newsis
Credits: BoA's House + KpopKingdom

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Post time 5-2-2007 05:07 PM | Show all posts
It's Lonely at the Top: BoA Turns 20

BoA again tops Japans weekly Oricon music chart with her latest album Made in Twenty

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Post time 20-2-2007 10:58 AM | Show all posts
BoA Planning to Enter Drama Arena

Korean pop singer BoA, who has captured the hearts of fans across the world with her dance and music is planning to reveal yet a new side of BoA to her fans. SM Entertainment announced that BoA is planning on entering the Korean drama arena this year and are trying to decide which drama will best suit BoA and be a good starting role in the acting business. Although SM has not made any official decisions or future planning for this, they are very determined to put BoA in the Korean drama market, but also being careful not to make a mistake and take an unsuitable role, as many other Korean artists have done in the past. We hope to see BoA on TV every week sometime this year.

Source: Review Star
Credits: BoA's House + akimototsubaki@kpopkingdom

BoA's New Tastebuds: Start with Beer and End with Soju

BoA, who has recently reached the minimum age to legally drink in Korea and Japan has stated that she drinks on the Japanese show "Nanai-Size" in response to the question "Now that your twenty, do you drink alcohol?" She stated that she drank moderately and enjoys starting with beer and ending with the most loved alchohol drink in Korea: Soju, specifically "Cham Ee Sul" or "참이슬". BoA also stated that her ideal boyfriend would be of tall stature because she is somewhat short. Let's just hope BoA doesnt enjoy soju too much.

Source: Sports Seoul
Credits: BoA's House

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Post time 25-2-2007 02:29 AM | Show all posts
BoA The New "Corn Beard" Tea Model

BoA has been contracted to GwangDong Corp to advertise for their "Corn Beard" Tea. BoA will be shooting her first Korean Tea Commericial this month and the commericial will be on air early March. We look forward to her tea commercial as the Lipton Tea commercial in the past.

Source: Daum
Credits: BoA's House  + Bestiz + KpopKingdom

Poster Deal for Both DVDs

According to Avex Japan, those who purchase both the BoA the Live 2006 DVD as well as the Complete Clips 2004~2006 will recieve a poster (shown above).

Source: Avexnet[Japan]
Credits: BoA's House + KpopKingdom

BoA's 1st Korean Concert - Made In BoA

The Hallyu Expo which is an annual event which promotes and awards the people who ride and continue the "Hallyu Wave" or "Korean Wave," will be hosting BoA's 1st Concert in Korea in the name of "Made in BoA." The concert will take place in the Jeju ICC Tamra Hall on February 24, 2007. Only BoA will be performing in this concert, most likely with only Korean songs. Ticket prices are fairly low at about 22,000 won ($25). We look forward to the broadcast on TV or a release on DVD.

Source: Hallyu Expo
Image: Interpark
Credits: BoA's House + KpopKingdom

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dah besar si BOA ni rupernyer...dulu igt lagi dia kuar kt mtv umor dia kalau tak silap br 15 or sumthing..loneliness is her biggest problem?? jgn dia end up mcm dabin or unee dah la yer...:pray:

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Reply #35 chrysalis_9's post

uish..mintak jauh jadi macam unee...
tapi memang kesian kat die...die dah tinggalkan zaman remaja n zaman sekolah..baru umor 20, tapi dah ade harta 40juta dollar..pergh..die pun ade saham dalam SM Entertaiment..

nampak sangat kemewahan tak menjanjikan ape-ape..

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BOA in Korea after one year and 6 months last performed...

credits to boanjel at boajjang forums + sportsseoul+naver+soompi

This particular performance was special for BoA
"Made in BoA, 2007" was the title of this mini concert.
Most of her fans were worried about her foot-leg. but she still performed really well.
She lipsynced some of dance songs but her ballads were of course LIVE.
There were interviews inbetween ^^
They asked who her close friends were and she says Yeon Hee, Lee yeon hee ^^.
then the fans started screaming out all these names
BoA " they know better than I do!"
fans laugh^^
She then says "JaeJoongie"
fans scream~~
BoA says "Your dongbangshinki fans~ huh?~~?"
she also says "HeeChul oppa"
fans scream~~~
She says she has a lot of close-good friends under SM

credit to suejinners@soompi

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Originally posted by skuter_buruk146 at 26-2-2007 01:10 PM
uish..mintak jauh jadi macam unee...
tapi memang kesian kat die...die dah tinggalkan zaman remaja n zaman sekolah..baru umor 20, tapi dah ade harta 40juta dollar..pergh..die pun ade saham dalam SM Entertaiment.

kalau tak silap aku ramai yg tak puas ati ngan SM nih..dulu shinhwa bawah SM kan??lepas ada krisis derang kuar frm SM n masuk Happy..antifan boa bengang sbb SM asik fokus kt boa sbb parents boa ada jawatan tinggi dalam SM..tah ye tah idak..DBSK under SM kan??jgn ada org jeles boa bestfren ngan Hero n Hee Chul(suju) dah la yer..

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 Author| Post time 27-2-2007 01:49 AM | Show all posts

Reply #38 chrysalis_9's post

haha.. ye kea...setau aku Boa memang ramai antifan...sekarang nie bile die balik perform kat korea, antifan cakap die makin gemuk...tapi aku rase bende tue normal lea...sedangkan siti yang kat m'sia nie pun antifan cakap macam-macam...inikan plak boa yang femes satu asia..

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Post time 5-3-2007 05:05 PM | Show all posts
[BoA to Sing in Korea for One Night Only]

The pop star BoA will give a single concert titled by Made in BoA 2007

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