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Post time 26-3-2019 04:13 PM | Show all posts
stop tgk GA lepas new intern masuk.
then tah thn bila tah astro start balik dari season, baru lah ikut balik sampai skrg. cuma i  tak tgk part grey-sloan mati, kapal terbang terhempas tu.

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Post time 26-3-2019 04:15 PM | Show all posts
harap  mer takkan ada pengganti derek sbb drg ni lah icon cerita ni..
still hope alex jumpa balik ke izzie dah mati?

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Post time 8-7-2019 10:47 AM | Show all posts
dulu obsessed dengan this series masa session 1 to 6 ... lepas tu stop... now ada tertengok iklan dia kat astro... mcm "who are theseee people???

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Post time 15-7-2019 09:22 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
ujung bulan ni season baru start

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Post time 9-9-2019 08:30 AM | Show all posts
[size=1.125]Grey's Anatomy is planning a big return from a fan-favorite character in Season 16. The longrunning ABC medical drama is hoping to secure the return of a big name from its 15-season history and we need to know who it's going to be immediately. Series showrunner Krista Vernoff revealed the scoop to TVLine in an interview in August, with the outlet revealing this week that the returning star will not be Katherine Heigl.
[size=1.125]"I'm trying to get someone back," Vernoff told the outlet at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour in August. "There's someone I'm hoping will make an appearance this year, [but] it's a real maybe. I'm trying."
[size=1.125]The writer chose not to reveal the name of the character she was pursuing at the time, or how long the actor or actress playing them would be sticking around.
[size=1.125]Vernoff spoke candidly about the show's 16th season with the outlet this week, teasing many of the cliffhangers from the Season 15 finale will lead to major consequences for the characters involved.

[size=1.125]Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) will have to deal with "stressors" on their relationship after the season ended with her fired from the hospital and him in jail. Richard (James Pickens Jr.) and Alex (Justin Chambers) will also be dealing with being unemployed after also being fired by Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) in the finale.
[size=1.125]Jo (Camilla Luddington), who was last seen being committed into the psychiatric wing in the season finale, will return in Season 16 with the tools to "process the multiple traumas she has survived in her life," Vernoff said.
[size=1.125]The mystery surrounding Jackson's disappearance into the fog will be addressed very early in the premiere, with Vernoff teasing to the outlet that the big fight between Jesse William's character and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) right before he went MIA will take a big toll in their relationship.
[size=1.125]"They are in a pretty difficult place when we pick up. It's hard to take back the things that were said in those woods," she told the outlet. "They will have to continue to unpack their feelings about what happened on that trip for some time to come."

[size=1.125]As previously reported, the premiere episode is also set to introduce a new Grey's Anatomy/Station 19 crossover couple. The shows will be blending further now that Vernoff is also running the firefighter-centered drama series, set to make its Season 3 return in 2020.
[size=1.125]Who do you hope to see return in Season 16? Grey's Anatomy returns with new episodes Thursday, Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


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Post time 9-9-2019 08:35 AM | Show all posts
Everything to Know About 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16

Greys Anatomy is coming back not just once ... but twice!
Thanks to the show's dedicated fans, ABC announced in May that Shonda Rhimess epic medical drama is returning for two more seasons. The announcement officially makes Grey's the longest-running primetime medical drama in TV history.
Besides the renewal marking a huge milestone for Grey's, here's everything we know about season 16 so far.
When is Greys Anatomy coming back for season 16?
The 16th seasons air date was announced, confirming that Shondaland's #TGIT is here to stay.
You can tune into new episodes when the season premieres on Thursday, September 26.

Will Ellen Pompeo still be on the show?
Its confirmed that Ellen will return to portray the lead character Dr. Meredith Grey for the next two seasons, according to Deadline. Last year, the actress signed a contract for seasons 15 and 16, which made her TVs highest-paid leading woman on a primetime drama series. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, her new deal tacks on one more season.This comes as a surprise to everyone as Ellen recently told Entertainment Weekly that she was definitely looking for a change.
Im feeling like were coming to the end of the stories that weve told and that we can tell, she said in September 2018. Im really excited to do some new things, its about time that I mix it up and Im really excited about my producing career ... My children are getting older so I want to be more available to them now.
But showrunner Krista Vernoff recently told TVLine about the big plans for Meredith's character arc, highlighting her relationship with Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti).
Theyve got to navigate the complexities of a new relationship in the wake of Meredith having been fired and having broken the law, said Vernoff. "There are stressors on their very new relationship coming from the ramifications of those decisions last season.

Is anyone else returning to Grey's for season 16?
What has fans even more excited about the show's renewal is the news that a favorite character will return for the 16th season. In an interview with TV Line, showrunner Krista Vernoff teased it, but didn't confirm the actor.
"I'm trying to get someone back," Vernoff said. "There's someone I'm hoping will make an appearance this year, [but] it's a real maybe. I'm trying."While fans hope that means Patrick Dempsey's iconic character Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd will appear on their screens, they're not so sure the show will bring him back from the dead again. Last season, he played McDreamy's ghost in season 15's "Day of the Dead" episode.
More realistic guesses are Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) or Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). But an overwhelming number of Twitter fans are hoping for Kate Walsh's Addison Montgomery to make a glorious return.

Will Greys Anatomy season 16 feature new characters?
Were not quite sure if any new doctors are entering the scene, but we can confirm that three characters have been promoted to series regulars. Chris Carmack, Jake Borelli, and Greg Germann, will all play key roles in the upcoming season, according to Deadline.
Chris, Jake, and Greg have been recurring for us as guest stars and have popped as fan favorites, said showrunner Krista Vernoff. We are excited to continue revealing their characters and we are beyond thrilled to welcome them to the Greys Anatomy family.Chris and Jake celebrated the news on social media:
Great news from Hollywoodland! Honored to be joining this esteemed crew!!! wrote Chris Carmack, who started as guest star Link in season 15.Dreams do come true, shared Jake Borelli, who has played Dr. Levi Glasses Schmitt for the past two seasons. #GreysAnatomy has been my home for the past two years, and saying that Im over the moon excited about this doesnt scratch the surface.

Are Teddy and Owen together?
They've had a pretty tumultuous relationship since their early days as army surgeons, but it looks like they're in a good place. We just left off with Teddy giving birth to Owen's baby, and Owen ultimately declaring his love for Teddy. In a recent interview with People, actress Kim Raver said she feels good about their relationship.
"I think Owen has done a lot of work on himself," she said. "I think they're in a really great place for this to be an amazing, amazing relationship. Of course, they did have poor Tom there doing the baby crib and eating a sandwich. I was like, 'Really?'"
As you'll remember, Tom is the third part of this relationship triangle, as he dated Teddy during her pregnancy and helped her prep for the arrival. So we'll have to see how he reacts to the intimate moment shared between Teddy and Owen in the delivery room.

What's going to happen to Jo and Alex?
At the end of season 15, Jo checked herself into Grey Sloan in an effort to get treatment for her depression. Showrunner Krista Vernoff told TVLine in June that even though all the plot lines haven't yet been finalized for season 16, she envisions a happy ending for the couple.
I hope therapy brings her back to herself and Alex, Krista explains, while continuing to say she wants Alex's luck to turn. He gets to heal that wound that keeps repeating, where he chooses women who go into mental-health crises. Id like to see that story complete for him, with Jo returning to him in a way thats beautiful."
Sounds good to us!


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Post time 10-9-2019 09:31 PM | Show all posts

Grey's Anatomy: 5 Characters We Wish Would Leave (And 5 We Want Back)
As the show gears up into entering its sixteenth season, it goes without saying that Greys Anatomy has been a smash hit. The show isnt even due to end soon either, meaning fans will have many more episodes to follow their favorite characters.
This doesnt mean that all the characters should be kept on, though, because the show can benefit by going out with the old and in with the...old? Thats right, Greys Anatomy has had so many characters as regulars that theres a lot of room to bring in former characters back. In order to do so, the series should curb its cast by letting some go, and here are 5 characters we wish would leave and 5 we want back.
Its high time we get closure for Izzies storyline, because fans are still hoping for her to make a comeback even though shes been off the show for ten years. Since Greys Anatomy is expected to last at least another two years, Izzie doesnt need to be brought back just to wrap things up.
As the actress will be free soon since Suits is ending, Izzie can come back permanently on the show. Ideally, this should lead into Izzie and Alexs story having a definite progression toward an ending, rather than a hushed one we had in Season 6.
We feel the show has really been reaching very far to give Jo storylines of her own. At one point, she had a long-lost husband, then it was revealed her real name isnt even Jo. Now, the reality of her conception has caused her to spiral into the psych ward.
Theres too many tragedies with Jo and it has become very much like a soap opera. In an ideal scenario, Jo should be written out, preferably dying in such a way that reflects her tragic life. Even more ideally, this could bring Izzie back to tend to a grieving Alex.
The show is called Greys Anatomy, but it was very much a ship steered by Meredith and Cristina until the latters departure. Since shes been gone, Meredith has had plenty of people the show has wanted us to see as her confidante, but none have reached the right kind of chemistry.
Cristinas return is pretty much impossible, though, as the actress is currently killing it on another show, but the heart wants what it wants. Should there ever be a way to bring her back, it should have Cristina return to the hospital as the Chief of Surgery.
Teddy should never have returned in the first place, as her departure in Season 8 had been very well done. She and Owen were one friendship that hadnt been twisted because of drama, but were at that point where theyve become parents.
Now that things have gone so far, you can be certain the show is only going to give them further problems that will ruin the current situation she and Owen have. Its better to simply let her go with one actual happy ending, because otherwise you can be certain its only going to get bad for her.
Its hard to believe we actually want April back, as she had gotten really rather annoying by the end of her time on the show. However, since Jackson is pretty much lost as a character at present, its better to bring April back.
Sure, she had a good departure when she got married, but the fandom has never been onboard with that coupling and still crave April to be with Jackson. The best course would be to bring April back for one more long arc that culminates in her and Jackson finally remarrying and staying together for certain.
[size=1.8em]When Maggie was first introduced, it appeared as if the show was going for an overhaul, but she hasnt done much. Instead, we got to see her and Jackson get together, a couple that has been largely panned by the fanbase.
[size=1.8em]Before that, she was in another ill-received love triangle involving her own sister, which makes it clear that Maggie doesnt have much of a place on Greys Anatomy. It would be more intriguing to see her having a last arc where she goes on a journey of self-discovery, before heading on out and leaving her job to find herself.
[size=1.8em]This is one character we definitely wont be seeing coming back, but the hope remains well at least see Addison one more time. Theres too much ambiguity over what happened to her for fans to be completely satisfied.
[size=1.8em]Knowing Addison, there most probably happened to be some sort of problem in her most recent marriage, and it wouldnt be the worst thing to have Addison return to Seattle the same way she had left it back in Season 3. As both Derek and Mark are gone, now might be the best time for Addison and Meredith to be seen together.
[size=1.8em]It was a surprise seeing Amelia transition from Private Practice to Greys Anatomy since she wasnt the most noteworthy character on the former, and she hasnt exactly set the screen alight on the latter show either.
[size=1.8em]She was brought back to be the love interest for Owen, but now it seems that ship has sailed. At present, her relevance is tied down to being Merediths sister-in-law and Owens ex-wife, rather than having a connection to the audience itself based on her own characterization. Theres not much else to say about her other than its better she skidaddles.
It was fine seeing Callie go when Arizona was still on the show, as we could imagine her moving on into an actual relationship. However, since Arizonas exit yet again apparently brought her together with Callie, wed rather see her back.
Callie and Arizona were always breaking up and getting back together, which made their exits feel hollow and incomplete. Since this time Arizona wont be returning, it would be good to see Callie having a fresh start back in Seattle where we can see her settle with a permanent love interest.
[size=1.8em]It pains us to say it, but Owen has outlived his usefulness on Greys Anatomy. He was initially reliant on Cristina for relevance, but his nice guy persona made him likable and we were invested in him finding new love.
[size=1.8em]Now that he does have that in Teddy and the child he had craved for so long, Owens story is complete and theres no need to keep him on. Like we mentioned with Teddy, theres only heartbreak and drama waiting for Owen by sticking around, and its better if we see him go happily into the sunset with his child.


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Post time 13-9-2019 08:32 AM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Lama gila tak marathon greys anatomy

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Post time 13-9-2019 09:05 PM | Show all posts

Ships as in relationships cause major waves on one of TV's most couple-crowded shows. Just look at all the hospital hookups of Grey's Anatomy!

Ahead of the ABC medical drama's return, we're helping you remember where your favorite couples were and teasing you about what's to come in the gallery above.

Meredith and Andrew (Ellen Pompeo and Giacomo Gianniotti)

Dr. Grey finally told her beau she loved him while he was in jail after falsely admitting to the insurance fraud she committed to save a child. After fessing up to her bosses, she was fired.

"Meredith said she will take [legal] responsibility [as well]," executive producer Krista Vernoff says. "Their relationship will definitely be altered by the stress they'll go through.

Alex and Jo (Justin Chambers and Camilla Luddington)

After learning she was the product of rape, Jo shut out her husband and started drinking heavily. By Season 15's end, she'd checked in for treatment.

"We play that story through," says Vernoff. "Jo and Alex stand a good shot at happiness." Not that their troubles are over, since Alex was also fired for his role in the insurance fraud.

Owen and Teddy (Kevin McKidd and Kim Raver)

The new parents and longtime friends "finally have their shot at actual coupledom," Vernoff promises. "It's a messy shot because they left people in pain in their wake." That would be her boyfriend Tom (Greg Germann) and his ex-wife Amelia (Caterina Scorsone).

Plus, "They've got a brand-new baby and [Owen's adopted toddler] Leo."

Maggie and Jackson (Kelly McCreary and Jesse Williams)

Their romance was always fragile, but when Drs. Pierce and Avery went on a disastrous camping trip, harsh words were exchanged.

The relationship may not survive, warns Vernoff. "Things were said that will be pretty hard to come back from."

Richard and Catherine (James Pickens Jr. and Debbie Allen)

The road ahead is a bumpy one for the married docs. No surprise, since Catherine, an owner of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, sat in silence as Chief Bailey (Chandra Wilson) fired Richard for abetting Meredith's insurance scheme.

Notes Vernoff: "That's a bitter pill for him to swallow."

Levi and Nico (Jake Borelli and Alex Landi)

Levi's romance with the hunky and confident Dr. Kim intern Schmitt's first same-sex relationship hit the skids after Nico accidentally killed a patient. But once Levi came out to his mom and Nico finally processed his feelings, the duo emerged stronger.

While the relationship will move forward, says Vernoff, "they continue to discover they are two people who are wired very differently."


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Edited by LinguaFranca at 21-9-2019 06:35 AM
Sorry, But the New Season of 'Grey's Anatomy' Is Already Doomed
Everything is on fire and it hasn't even started.

SEP 19, 2019
When Greys Anatomy returns on September 26, the show has a lot to tackle. I mean, the season's tagline is literally "where do we go from here?" That's a pretty good question, ABC! Not only is Meredith potentially behind bars for insurance fraud, but a bunch of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospitals most essential surgeons have been firedand thats just scratching the surface. Given that this show is about to enter its 16th season, there are bound to be plenty of ups and downs (and drama) along the way, but have we finally reached the point where enough is enough?
TBH, Season 16 is already doomed, based on what we know about the new episodes so far. Of course, this is literally Greys were talking about, so even if its bonkers, everyone's going to follow Merediths adventures until she inevitably dies from a freak hospital-related accident...even if thats 20 seasons from now. (Its going to happen.) Still, whatever Shonda Rhimes has in store for the season ahead needs to be enough to dig almost everyone out of the hole theyre currently in. Trust, season 16 is going to be a lot. Here's why.

After DeLuca took the fall for her and turned himself in for the insurance fraud Meredith committed to get coverage for a patient seeking asylum, she couldnt let him sit in jail for a crime she was responsible for. This makes sense. Just like Meredith didnt want DeLuca to do time for her, she also felt she had no choice in letting a child go without the care she desperately needed.
After the season 15 finale, fans had no idea if Meredith had been locked up, or for how long. Although, thanks to this trailer, we do know shes out and doing community service.
Meredith has three kids at home, and this scandal could definitely end her career. She managed to bounce back from tampering with Dereks clinical trial many seasons ago, but this is way more intense. Somehow, Grey's Anatomy is going to have to find a way for Meredith to bounce back without justifying insurance fraud. Uh...good luck.

At the end of the season, Meredith, Alex, and Richard were all fired. Its all because of Merediths insurance fraud, because Alex and Richards plan truly backfired when they tried to help.

This means three of the four doctors who have been on the show since the first season no longer work at the hospital. Do fans even want to watch a show where Richard, Alex, and Meredith arent working at Grey Sloan Memorial? Would it essentially become the Miranda Bailey show? Actually, that might not be so bad

There are so many loose ends that need to be tied up this season. Owen and Teddy are starting a relationship, Jo entered treatment for her depression, Meredith is facing the repercussions of her criminal activity, Alex and Richard are unemployed, and Jackson is justout in the fog somewhere while Maggie waits in the car.
Obviously, this stuff needs to be wrapped up, and theres so much going on that it could make this season feel a bit less fresh. In a show thats been going for 16 seasons, thats understandable, but are we going to keep rehashing the same drama? This is supposed to be season 16, not season 15 2.0. Meredith Grey deserves better!

In an interview with E! News, Krista Vernoff said that no couple is safe. Yup, that would even include the ones who ended things on a high note, like Owen and Teddy and Amelia and Link.

"When you guys have the question, 'should we be worried?,' My answer is yes across the board," Vernoff told the site. "Anyone who's thinking they can come in knowing what couples are solid or safe, or what to expect, should be a little worried."
Its definitely going to be interesting to see where Greys picks off after such an eventful finale, and hopefully, Season 16 will give the show the revival it needs. But honestly, even if it doesnt, how are we supposed to stop watching? Almost two decades in, theres no quitting now.

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Edited by LinguaFranca at 28-9-2019 03:41 PM
'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 debuted and people have feelings
Updated 1352 GMT (2152 HKT) September 27, 2019

Chris Carmack and Caterina Scorsone star as Atticus Lincoln and Amelia Shepherd in the new season of "Grey's Anatomy."
This story contains spoilers about episode one of "Grey's Anatomy" Season 16.
(CNN)"Grey's Anatomy" has returned to play with our emotions.

The hit ABC drama debuted it's new season Thursday night and it was a lot.

From Amelia Shepherd (played by Caterina Scorsone) using her date with Atticus Lincoln a.k.a. Dr. Link (Chris Carmack) to float the idea of a three-way, to Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) facing the threat of losing her medical license, there was plenty of "OMG" moments.
But what seemed to really mess up social media was the revelation that Amelia might be pregnant -- which of course was not the kind of threesome she was envisioning."Omg the new episode of grey's anatomy... amelia... sweetie," one person tweeted.[size=1.2]Character Jo Karev (Camilla Luddington) also got some major support from husband Alex (Justin Chambers) after she checked into a psychiatric facility for 30 days to deal with her issues.
He dropped to one knee and proposed to her all over again.
"Marry me again, please," Alex said. "I don't want an out. You offered me an out."
All together now - Awwwww!
During the episode Luddington was over on Twitter answering questions from viewers and offered up her own commentary about the possible Amelia baby news."And omg... Amelia!!!!!!!! #GreysAnatomy," the actress tweeted.


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Post time 28-9-2019 11:15 PM | Show all posts
iols baru tengok pilot episod season 16 ni...
insurance fraud grey kene community service je ke?

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