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Wu Zun, Ella, Danson Tang Sweeps Hong Kong During Hana Kimi Promotion

March 10, 07

Popular group Fahrenheit's Wu Zun and Jiro Wang, S.H.E's Ella, and Danson Tang Yu Zhe's Taiwanese idol drama, Hana Kimi, will be airing on TVB starting the 18th. Yesterday TVB invited three of the popular idols, Wu Zun, Ella, and Danson, to promote the drama in Hong Kong. It attracted over 4,000 fans, similar to the time Lee Young Ae came to promote Jewel in the Palace.

Fans lined up overnight just to reserve a good spot

The Hana Kimi Hong Kong event began at 3:00 at Tsuen Wan. Wu Zun and Danson both arrived at Hong Kong at 10 in the morning. Because Ella's flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong was delayed, the event was pushed back half in hour. By the time Wu Zun and Danson arrived, many incidents already happened. Many fans fell down and numerous fans chased their idols from their cars.

For this event, some fans lined up early on Thursday to reserve a good seat. The place was crowded with 4,000 fans even before the event started. Luckily, they had 80 securities to keep everything under control. There were numerous times when the crowd started shouting when they thought their idols arrived. Tracy Ip and Eddie Lee tried to bring the atmosphere up amongst the crowd, but in the end, it was no use.

36 lucky fans were chosen to stand close to their idol and receive their autographs. The three idols finally arrived at 4. To make a grand entrance, the three entered through a red carpet. They constantly waved to the fans by their sides and the fans loudly screamed their idol's names. When they arrived on stage, the three used Cantonese to greet the fans. When Wu Zun, who was the most popular one, opened his mouth to say something, the fans started screaming.

With the accompany of the host, they watched a short promotion clip. When they showed the kiss scene between Ella and Wu Zun, the fans shouted. When the host jokingly asked Ella if she could demonstrate it one more time, Ella said, "Okay! (Really?) How is it possible?" Due to requests from the fans, Danson sang a song while Ella hugged him for a second.

Ella spends 5 hours for promotion

Because Ella has to return to Taiwan for song recordings, she could only stay for five hours in Hong Kong. Those that were lucky enough to receive their autographs were very excited. There were fans that cried when they saw their idols. Afterwards, Wu Zun expressed that he did tell the fans to stop crying. Because it's only once in a while that they come to Hong Kong, the fans were probably too happy. Ella expressed her gratitude for the love from the fans. It proves that all her hard work was worth it. Regarding fans that lined up on Thursday, Wu Zun felt pity for them. When Danson left the airport, around 30 cars were following him.

This is Danson's first time in Hong Kong for work. He actually wanted to go out and eat this time, but was rejected by his staffs. Ella jokes that everytime she comes to Hong Kong, she will go to the gift shops in the airport. Many fans are satisfied with the kiss between Wu Zun and Ella. Ella smiled and said that many fans probably want them to be together.


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Rainie Yang: Strawberry Princess

March 10, 07

Due to the weather change, Rainie Yeung has been sick but she still continued to work hard while shooting for an advertisement, while dressed up as a strawberry princess

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Post time 15-3-2007 05:53 PM | Show all posts
Rainie Yang Nervous About Her Performance in Lesbian Movie "Spider Lilies"

March 13, 07

he Taiwan movie "Spider Lilies," winner of the Teddy Bear Award for Best Gay/Lesbian Film at the Berlin Film Festival, held a forward screening at a Taiwan university on Monday. Director Zero Chou, lead actress Rainie Yang (in the picture) and actor Jay Shih all attended the premiere ceremony at the university. Talking about her kiss with co-star Isabella Leong, Rainie Yang said that she was quite nervous and awkward during the shooting.

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Angela Tong Happy to Play 'Ugly Betty' Again

March 13, 07

The 2007 Golden Globe-winning series "Ugly Betty" will soon be airing on TVB Pearl and yesterday, TVB held an 'Ugly Betty Performance Contest' at Causeway Bay's World Trade Centre to promote the series. Angela Tong appeared in her 'Betty' costume again, wearing a colourful outfit, thick-rimmed glasses and braces, looking very 'ugly' indeed.

Compared to her earlier performance as 'Lee Siu Ho', Angela says that this image is much easier. As for her diamond braces, they were sent to her from a Canadian friend and they have come in handy for this event. She laughs that having weird teeth seems to be lucky for her! Asked if she minds being asked to play ugly roles all the time, she says that this is not really an ugly character, she smiles: "I don't mind. This isn't really an ugly role, more like a cartoon character and I am very happy to play her."

Angela also laughs that she has had her photo taken with the two Mr Hong Kong representatives at the event Matthew Ko ad Otto Chan and says: "Of course I want to be photographed with handsome men!" She explains that Betty is very fashion conscious, so they have found her some models to pose with. When the reporters laughed that she is looking for a handsome boyfriend now that she single, she says: "I am playing Betty now!"

Asked if she would like to find a new boyfriend, Angela says that she is not looking intentionally and has not found anyone yet. She feels that the most important thing is to be happy together and she is quite enjoying single life for now because she feels free. Asked if she was not free before, she laughs: "I feel different." As for her criteria for a partner, she says she does not know and she has to see what fate brings and whether they get along, after all when you are dating you will spend a lot of time together.

Matthew has been revealed visiting Winnie Shum's home by a magazine recently, staying there for about two hours and also buying her a $10,000 dog to make her happy. He seemed prepared to respond to the reports at yesterday's event and admits that he bought a Shiba two weeks ago, but it suffered shortly afterwards from illness and he did not know what to do. He knows that Winnie is a dog lover, so he asked her for advice and Winnie taught him to feed the dog with glucose, because she used to be a nurse and knows how to look after animals.

However, the reports suggest that he proved he is often at her home because he knows the security code for the main door and Matthew explains that as Winnie was holding a lot of things that day, he offered to enter the code for her. He insists that he is not looking for a relationship at the moment and is focussing on his career. Asked if he likes girls like Winnie, he says he prefers more refined girls with long hair, so he will only be friends with Winnie. Matthew also says that good friends cannot date each other and as he and Winnie do not have many friends in Hong Kong because they have returned from abroad, then they keep each other company and it is a normal occurrence for friends to go out together.


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Jolin is the New Levi's Model for Taiwan

March 08, 07

BoA's contract with Levi's Taiwan ended last Dec. 2006. Levi's appointed Jolin Tsai, a popular local artist as the new model for promoting this international jeans brand in Taiwan.

Jolin will be paired with a Hongkong artist, Edison Chen. The Levi's new ad's were shot in Japan last December. Jolin was appointed as the new model because of her rising popularity, obtained by the success of her concert tour in Taiwan not long ago.

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The top ten in that list is:
3. It started with a kiss
4. Meteor Garden
5. Smile Pasta
6. Hana Kimi
7. Corner of Love
8. Mr. Fighting
10. Top of Forbidden City

Mingdao is the king of idol dramas with 2 dramas that made 1st and 2nd. WZBQW set a phenomenal record of 8 that no one can beat. Devil Beside You, also a widely popular drama, didnt make the list because airing at the same time with WZBQW.

cr. asianfanatics

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 Author| Post time 23-4-2007 12:40 PM | Show all posts
Brunei born star Wu Zun is set to star with Hong Kong star Gillian Chung in his next movie.
April 19, 2007

Wu Zun arrived in Hong Kong yesterday afternoon (April 18) to meet the movie producer and director; its very likely that he will join the movie.

The details of the movie are not released yet, but it was mentioned that its related to swimming. The leading actress has been confirmed to be popular artist Gillian Chung.

Yummy! Celebrities

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 Author| Post time 23-4-2007 12:45 PM | Show all posts
Fahrenheit Has a Five Year Contract: They Will Not Split
April 21, 2007

FAHRENHEIT, a Taiwanese boy band, currently can be titled as the most popular new generation boy band of Asia. This band has a total of four members: WU ZUN, WANG DONG CHENG (Jiro Wang), CHEN YI RU (Calvin Chen), and YAN YA LUN (Arron Yan). Out of the four, Wu Zun is the most favorite of their management company because his popularity has exceeded the other three. There are also people who have said that Wu Zun will be more popular if he leaves the band. Therefore, fans of the other members of Fahrenheit protects them, saying that Arron Yan and Calvin Chen should form their own mini band to counterattack Wu Zun and Jiro Wang's popularity.

Although Fahrenheit have commercials together, lately Wu Zun has been accepting some of his own commercials. He also has some of his own dramas and his own movies. Although next week Fahrenheit will attend to an ad promotion together, tomorrow Wu Zun is attending to his own product endorsement promotion. Alone his popularity is increasing and this cannot be avoided. Fans of the other members grew angry and say that it is unfair and that they should be together because they are one boy band. Their management company, Comic, and their music label, HIM, all say that they will definitely be required to be together if it is for their album or any onstage performances.

However some fans are still not quite satisfied with this and someone also suggested for Arron Yan and Calvin Chen to form their own mini group. They said, "That way they can get more exposure and it will even out." They suggested that since Fahrenheit releases a new album every summer, aside from that Calvin and Arron can release their own small EP album.

Some fans are also beginning to feel for Jiro Wang saying that when Fahrenheit first came out he was the most popular. Even in commercials and dramas he was the main character.

Their manager said, "It is true that recently Wu Zun is getting more popular but that is because of the effect of the drama "Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (Hana-Kimi). Soon the other members will have the same opportunity too."

Five Year Contract

In their latest commercial, ELLA of S.H.E is sitting next to Wu Zun eating and she eats the piece of rice that was on his cheek. She cries, "How come the rice on your cheek tastes exceptionally delicious?" This sweet scene has attracted many people. However, who is the small little guy sitting next to the two? There were audiences who feel that his role is like the third wheel. Fahrenheit's manager said in a rather annoyed tone, "That's Arron Yan, ah." She also said that in the following years Fahrenheit will have breakthrough performances. Currently they are signed to a five year contract. They cannot split at the moment.

Source: Luan He Bao
Translations by Scarlett @

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 Author| Post time 23-4-2007 12:48 PM | Show all posts
Fahrenheit Warns Fans of Wild Actions: Less Visits to HK
April 21, 2007

Taiwanese boy band FAHRENHEIT stormed through Hong Kong two nights ago. This was not the first time that Fahrenheit has experienced their fans' warmness and enthusiasm. Together they said that they are quite frightened from their wild actions and they wish for their fans to calm down. They also sent them a warning, stating that if they do not stop these actions it will prevent more future chances of them coming to Hong Kong. From early afternoon at the aiport where over 100 fans were waiting for them; to the 14 vans chasing them to their hotel; to the dangerous risks of climbing to rooftops and fainting fans at Times Square, and to their Wild Day Out mini concert where over 1,000 fans appeared at the venue, fans were uncontrollable. Because of the confusion and chaos the concert had to end early. Fahrenheit sighed and said that it was unfortunate.

Two nights ago Fahrenheit went to Hard Rock Cafe to hold their Wild Day Out mini concert. Once they appeared on stage over 1,000 fans screamed. All they did was pushing the crowd more toward the stage to have a closer glimpse of Fahrenheit. Even the metal gate that was surrounding the stage was kicked down. After singing two songs the hosts had to pause the concert and told fans to settle down before Fahrenheit could continue to sing their next songs. There were also some fans who could not stand the stuffy environment and fainted. After about 15 minutes the concert continued, but Fahrenheit only sang two more songs and left.

Source: MingPao
Translations by Scarlett @

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Police Arresting Alan Lo For Vandalizing on Shanghai Streets
April 21, 2007

Corner with love's last episode will be out this weekend. One of the scene in the ending episode is Xiao Zhu, being on the streets of Shanghai and vandalizing it by drawing there. As filming of this scene attracted a large amount of fans to crowd around and ended up blocking traffic as well as the vandalized board prepared by the crew looked like it really was drawn on the wall, even the police stopped by and thought that Xiao Zhu was really vandalizing and almost arrested him.

In the end, the police gave a sigh of relief as they found out that the crew only nailed a board to the wall and once filming was finished, it would be removed. The police also decided to help out since they were there already and helped the crew keep the filming area in control so that the crew can successfully finish filming.

This week, besides showing the last episode, there will also be a small section on behind the scenes shown and there will be lots of hilarious NG parts. The director, Da S, Xiao Zhu, Chen Zhi Kai etc will all go onto the official website of the drama after 22nd night's Corner with Love is shown to thank the fans and viewers for their support.

In order to match the drama name Corner with love, the director chose a particular street in Shanghai to film the corner and let the painting that Xiao Zhu gave Da S be painted on the wall. However, to avoid being sued for vandalizing in China mainland, the crew specially made a board and recruited the help of Art Faculty students. Even Xiao Zhu the main male lead also joined in to help and climbed up and down.

However, Xiao Zhu really has too much fans in Shanghai and the fans ended up causing the already very narrow street to become even packer and hence caught the attention of the police. When the police arrived, they for a split second really thought the painting was done on the street wall and immediately wanted to arrest Xiao Zhu, the on-screen offended. The misunderstanding was cleared after an explanation was given.

Corner with Love has received lots of good reviews and places that appeared in the drama are becoming hot tourist spots. For example, in the drama the museum that Da S and Xiao Zhu both stayed in before was previously listed as a historical building and not open to public. However, due to Corner with love, under the request of the public, the building has now been open for the public to visit.

Also, the Shilin ...(not really sure what it is, think is omelettes or somethign?) da tou long ke zai jian is now also very popular as Xiao Zhu and Fang fang learned to cook there. Their business is now three to four times better. Besides that, fans have even asked for tour operators to organise Corner with Love three days two nights tour package.

In addition, the most popular thing from the drama now is the specially designed shoe made by film maker Chai Zhi Ping. Those who want to own this shoe, go answer some questions on the official website of the drama after watching the last episode of Corner with love and you can win the limited edition of the shoe, the televised novel and the precious art sketches.

Source : Yahoo Tw
translated by minivicki for

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Xu Wei Lun's Voice Dubbed in "Want to Fly,"
April 17, 2007

XuWeiLun's drama "Want to Fly" aired its first episode last night on CTS, but her original voice was voiced over, causing the audience to be unhappy. Being able to voice over herself was WeiLun's wish, so the producer, 杜志脩, has decided to air the original version with WeiLun's voiceover as rerun, but the time slot is not decided yet.

"Want to Fly" was WeiLun's last finished production that she made, and her voice being dubbed has caused many internet fans to be displeased and flooded the CTS forum with their unhappiness with voice over. Some angered fans even replied: "Might as well make it a silent film!" It was also said that WeiLun's family also didnt want their daughters voice to be dubbed.

It was planned that WeiLun would record the voiceovers herself, but it was too late. Good friend Ariel Lin wanted to help out and fulfill WeiLun's wish, but because of the conflicting times with her own schedules, she wasnt able to.

Source: Apple Daily
Translated by m1ss @

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Famous actor/director Stephen Chow has expressed interest to feature rising star Wu Zun in his next production.
April 13, 2007

Stephen Chow is planning to produce a TV drama based on his popular movie Kungfu Hustle,

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[News]Sara Will Hold Leehom's Hands,Performing Chinese and Korean"Sweet Tornado"

Sara Will Hold Leehom's Hands, Performing the Chinese and Korean "Sweet Tornado"

Recent reports specified that the Korean pop singer SARA, who is currently focusing on the Chinese market, will hold hands with WANG LI HONG (Leehom Wang) to attend to one of Beijing's large charity functions. Also, this function will also include the Korean group SHINHWA and also the popular YUAN QUAN. They will appear to support the funding of college students that are in need of money.

Ever since Sara's debut in China, she has specifically made remarks of her admiration towards Leehom. Sara really admires him and she really hopes there will be a chance of collaboration. Also, in one of Leehom's photo albums, Sara has left a comment where she displayed her great praises towards him.

A while back when Sara was in Taiwan for promotion, besides being organized to meet with LUO ZHI XIANG (Show Luo), her company was also planning to have her and Leehom meet, but because Sara had a sudden call to fly to Singapore, the stars never met.

When speaking about Leehom, Sara says that she really admires his music, especially his style of using Chinese instruments and melodies while mixing them with hip hop, R&B, and similar western melodies. This is also the style that Sara is currently trying to achieve. Sara explains that in her own Chinese album, "Ming Yun (Fate)", there are some songs with this style. However from now on Sara hopes that she can use the music of both Korea and China to mix with western music hoping to give the musicgoers more pleasant and unique music to the ears. ^^

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Jay Chou Avoids Tsai Classmate, Miss Hou Screening 「Secret」,
Sunday, July 22, 2007 Taiwan

Translated by Cmiley

[Film/MusicKing] Jay Chou's first directed work [Secret 不能說的秘密], welcomes femalesupporters. President Chou says: [I hope mom brings grandma to see thepremier will be really touched, as for Tsai classmate, Miss Hou I alsowelcome them to come watch the movie, but not the premier since I'mafraid of exagerated media written.

For promoting [Secret] JayChou spared no efforts, yesterday afternoon with Guey Lun Mei (桂綸鎂),Huang Jiun-Lang (黃俊郎), and Ice Cream (雪糕) were at Xi Men Ding Cinemameeting fans. Even though President Chou had a small cold, but wearinga diamond star necklace, gigantic diamond ring and diamond watch is notpossible to not attact people even if you don't want to.

PresidentChou's mother Ye Hui Mei entered the area low keyed, Chou says:[Thankful to my mother for buying me the piano, wanting me to practice,right now the movie is a payback for my mother. At that time I didn'treally want to learn because everyone else was playing, later it wasuseful for girl friends, hard work wasn't wasted, it's a very strongfeeling of acheivement.]

Right now the the exciting preview atthe premier only shows the competiton of the piano scene, through thelens it enters the [stomach] of the piano, has the production of pianopower skill, Chou says: [Even though the inspiration is from foreignfilm [Legend of 1900], but I have new creations, I spent more time onspecial effects than them.]

In the film Chou and Guey Lun Meiplays the piano and plays love, Chou says: [Before I've seen her in theeast district while I was driving, wearing a cap, looking like a littleboy, the type where you really want to flick her ears. Then later I sawher jewelery commercial, she has a special attitude, then cooperatingtogether, she is a very hard worker.]

But on the scene, Guey LunMei complained Chou wanted her to cry too much, Chou immediately says:[It's for the plot, there was heavy crying, small crys, crys withtears, 1 tear drop, 2 tear drop, not dropping the tear, girls areprettier crying.] Saying it professionly, like the words of a director.

Alsoasked if Chou wants the Golden Horse award? He says: [There's plenty ofnominations for the Golden Horse Award, I hope this film and friendscan walk the red carpet. I'm a very passionate person for differentnationality, but still feel Asian films, Asia music are the best.

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July 19th, 2007

Vicki Zhao and

Chinese actress and pop singer Vicki Zhao shoots a music video with South Korean singer and dancer Jun Jin in Shanghai, on Wednesday, July 18, 2007.

Chinese actress and pop singer Vicki Zhao is hoping to pass for a dancer in a music video for her song "Qia Qia Ai."

Appearing on Wednesday in Shanghai wearing an eye-catching white wig, the singer collaborated with popular South Korean dancer Jun Jin for the first time in the video.

Jun Jin, who debuted as a dancer in the K-pop band Shinhwa, offered hand-to-hand tips to help Vicki Zhao play her role of a bar dancer.

The music video is being produced by veteran Chinese musician, Li Quan.

Source: English CRI

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2007/08/03 00:14


Conceived in October's Hong Kong female artist Cecilia Cheung, expected due date was next week, Cecilia's stomach sudden stomach pains last night rushed to the hospital for childbirth, at 9:45pm on the 2nd, Cecilia Cheung Caesarean section, giving birth to baby boy weighing 3.1kg, both mother and baby were safe.

"Nicholas-Cecilia Love"'s love crystal was finally born, original expected date was next week's little nicholas, couldn't wait and on 9:45pm on the 2nd reported early, meeting the couple's first child, excited is not only Nicholas Tse, the whole family including the media have been waiting at the hospital entrance, and waited to share this silver couples' parenting joy.

Cecilia Cheung's Caesarean section giving birth to 3.1 kg baby, and both mother and son safe, making everyone very excited, in fact, ever since the burst of the pregnancy news, Cecilia Cheung concentrated on staying home being a housewife, rarely appearing on screen, and the very considerate Nicholas Tse also started to take on the family, when in delight being the man flying everywhere still not complains, not expecting baby boy will arrive early, Cecilia Cheung on the night of the 1st experienced pain, making the father to be, Nicholas, very nervous, having to bring her to Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital late night to give birth.

Today not only the son is born, Cecilia also successfully sold her property in Hong Kong, earning 21.6 million NT dollars, can say its a double celebration, it seems little nicholas's birth, has already helped bring the family luck, and even having his own milk money ready.

Translated by: tdrama*addict

credits as labelled

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[News] Huang Sheng Yi "bravely saved" Kangta

"Stop filming! What do you all want? He's not the real Kangta, He's a patient!" Squatting beside the fainting Kangta, Huang Sheng Yi (kangta's co actress) screamed at the reporters. Yesterday, at the filming of <<Ding's family happiness>>, a scene of "Beauty saving the hero" is on. HSY crowded by numerous reporters, screamed and pull reporter's arms hostilely.

The drama is currently in the process of filming, yesterday when reporters went to visit, they were just in time for the scene HSY brawling with reporters to save the Kangta who lost his memories.

According to HSY's brief intro, in the drama, Kangta lost his memories after he fell from the Great Wall of China, and she happens to "pick" him back from the road. (shatt: omg, so nice to "pick" up a guy who looks like kangta on the road  ) And named him, "that who".

"Just now that scene said that it happens to have a <<Super star Imitation Competition>>, everybody thinks that "that who" really looks like kangta, so I bought him here to attend the competition, and got 1st unexpectedly. Reporters were very curious how he can imitate so similar, so they rush in for interviews. In the flash lights of the reporters, Kangta fainted, ad seems to have recalled similar experience in Korea, while I run to him and protect him. So it became the scene you all saw just now of me brawling and hitting people."

In this drama, kangta was fully acting himself, not really much of a difference in real life, since he's acting himself, kangta naturally is used to fans attitude to him, but kangta feels that fan's attitude is poles apart during the filming.

He said: "In real life, my fans is very gentle to me, in this drama, they seems to be more aggressive."

Kangta filming for some time in china, kangta feels that he actually prefer china's way of filming, because in Korea, a lot of dramas film and broadcast at the same time, while in china they film first then broadcast. "I very much preferred the way china works, because it's less stressful" Although it's more relax for kangta to act as himself, but this time all of his lines were in English or Chinese rather than using his mother tougue, it was kinda taxing for him.

News credits: Baidu / An Qi Xuan
Special thanks: Shatt3red of AnChilHyun soompi thread
Credits: kangtagreen27@DTH

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The Star 26 Sept 2007 ... 583&sec=central

Emotional high at spectacular show


Established act: The lanky Gigi Leung rendering a number.
She belted out a total of three songs during the concert.

THE Perfect Concert 2007 on Monday was about fostering ties amid the impressive star-studded performances.  

About 8,000 delegates from China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore joined the locals in thronging the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil for the charity show.  

Emotions ran high as the national anthems of Malaysia and China were played, signalling the start of the concert.

Ten singers from Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan performed their best to delight the audience. They included Aniu, Yi Jet Qi, Sun Nan, Huang Xiao Ming, Wang Jing, Gigi Leung, Kary Ng, Jonathan Lee and Fahrenheit.  

Shows depicting the culture of the various ethnic groups in Malaysia were lined up in between.  

The crowd's emotions reached its peak with the appearance of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit.  

They cheered, whooped and clapped along with inflatable batons when the band performed. And their hearts melted when the boys displayed their sweetest smiles at the emcee's request.  

As the Mid-Autumn Festival was to be celebrated the next day, elements of the Chinese culture were sprinkled throughout the show.

Besides the appearance of legendary character Chang Er at the beginning of the concert, the conversations between the emcees and artistes centred mainly on the festival.

The first Malaysian Idol, Jaclyn Victor, drew applause from the audience when she greeted them Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

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Taiwans S.H.E. thrills 18,000 fans, Monday December 3, 2007 Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: Hot Mandopop all-girl group S.H.E. wowed 18,000 fans at Stadium Merdeka on Saturday night with an electrifying performance.

Winning their fans over with their girlie camaraderie, the Taiwanese trio thrilled their excited audience with a string of their hits.

They sang hits like Bu Xiang Zhang Da (Dont Want To Grow Up), Xing Guang, (Starlight), Bu Zuo Ni De Peng You (Dont Want To Be Your Friend), Shi Mian Mai Fu (Ambushed From Ten Directions), Zhong Guo Hua (Chinese Language), Zhen Me Ban (What To Do?) and Bo Si Mao (Persian Cat).

They also had their audience singing along to their own compositions Lau Po (Wife) and Shuo Ni Ai Wo (Say You Love Me).

The girls also did some solo performances. Ella Chen gave a rousing drum solo and later rendered Qiang Qiang, a song she composed for her beloved pup.

Selina Ren surprised fans with a dance solo comprising a medley during which she had several costume changes.

S.H.Es special guests for the night were Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit. The band comprising Wu Chun, Calvin Chen, Aaron Yan and Jiro Wang were missing their fourth member but they still dazzled the crowd with three of their hit songs.

S.H.E's third member Hebe Tian joined Fahrenheit for their award-winning duet Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue (Only Have Feelings For You) from the boys

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F4: Waiting For You

After 4 years, F4 finally release a new album! Japanese and other Asian fans anticipates the long-awaited album release. There will be 2 groups songs and 2 songs each member, for a total of 10 songs.

CD releases
December 19, 2007 CD in stores (Japan first release)

1. Goodbye / F4 BS Nippon Television "Waiting For You" ending theme song
2. No Escape / F4 BS Nippon Television, "Waiting For You" opening theme song
3. You Are My Only Persistence / Jerry- NHK drama "The Hospital" theme song
4. Listen to Your Heart / Vanness
5. Should Not / Vic
6. Love Non Stop / Ken
7. 7 Days / Vanness
8. White / Vic
9. No Matter / Ken
10. I Love You / Jerry


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