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Post time 29-6-2006 10:29 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
hello kawan2 semua especially kawan2 yg hardfans bagi chinese entertaiment around Asia....

Welcome to Chinese News and Info Entertainment thread
~ Taiwan, Hong Kong, China Main Land & Malaysia ~

disini bel bukak thread khas utk kita semua berkongsi apa saja tentang latest news, articles, ranting drama dan etc berkenaan gan chinese artis kegemaran anda semua. Thread ni merangkumi Taiwan, Hong Kong, China Main Land dan Malaysia. Adalah diingatkan semua posting dan sumber yg anda perolehi adalah berpandukan peraturan dibawah ni..

Rules and regulations:

    1.   This is only for latest news/info/chart related to Chinese Entertainment. You guys can put any articles, news, drama rating, Oricon chart related
          to actor, actress, singer and group.

    2.   Make sure all sources is reliable and give credit. No gossip or rumoured news.

    3.   News and info only in Malay or English. Please translate first before post.

    4.   This is STRICLY for viewing. Any discussion please continue in artist thread

Selamat Berforum...:hug:

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 Author| Post time 29-6-2006 03:21 PM | Show all posts

[size=-2]~183 Club
183's debut album is scheduled to release onAugust 4, 2006 Page 1

~ Mark Cheng Ho-Nam
June 23, 2006 : Mark Cheng going Hollywood with The Rogue Page 1

[size=-2]~Joe Cheng Yuan Chang
July 21, 2006 : Joe Cheng is more outstanding than Ming Dao Page 1

[size=-2]~Roger Kwok
July 25, 2006 : Roger Kwok and Cindy Au's Wedding Held at Hong Kong Disneyland [size=-2]Page 1

~ Vanness Wu Jianhao
June 23, 2006 : Kang Ta Forms Group with Taiwanese Singer Vanness Wu Page 1

~Jerry Yan Cheng Xu
June 27, 2006 :Jerry Yan's New MIA Jewelry Ad ReleasedPage 1

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 Author| Post time 29-6-2006 03:25 PM | Show all posts

[size=-2]Aug 23, 2006 : Hong Kong Daily Hails "Married to Mafia 3" Page 1

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 Author| Post time 29-6-2006 03:26 PM | Show all posts

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 Author| Post time 29-6-2006 04:30 PM | Show all posts
Mark Cheng going Hollywood with The Rogue

June 23, 2006

Hong Kong actor Mark Cheng Ho-Nam will be making his Hollywood debut in ?he Rogue,? starring alongside Jet Li, Jason Statham and Devon Aoki.

In an interview by Malaysia press, Mark said that the movie had finished its shooting and is currently in post production.

Although Mark didn? revealed further details, according to the story plot of The Rogue, I can guess that he will be playing as one of the mobster head.

After marrying his Malaysian wife, Mark spent lots of time in Malaysia running a restaurant franchise. He revealed the movie news during an interview in conjunction with the opening of his 4th restaurant.

taken from Yummy! Celebrities and Entertainment News

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Post time 29-6-2006 05:37 PM | Show all posts
aku pun nak buat reserved jugak... kekekeke

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Post time 29-6-2006 05:45 PM | Show all posts
Jerry Yan's New MIA Jewelry Ad Released, Monday June 27, 2006 Taiwan

The new MIA tv ad starts broadcasting in July.
From July 1-31, at the outside pillar in 116 Cheng Pin, there will be a super large newest Jerry picture.

credits to ai wei of + keeyshane @ asianfanatics

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 Author| Post time 30-6-2006 02:16 PM | Show all posts
June 23, 2006

Kang Ta Forms Group with Taiwanese Singer Vanness Wu

Singer Kang Ta has formed a group with singer Vanness Wu (Wu Jianhao in Chinese), a member of the Taiwanese group "F4," with the purpose of sweeping the Asian music market together.

The new group "KANGTA & VANNESS" will release its first album, which was produced by South Korean producers, across Asia in mid-May.

Music fans are excited at the fact that two top stars in Asia have joined efforts. The collaboration between Kang and Wu was anticipated when the "Golden Melody Awards" ceremony, the largest music awards ceremony in Taiwan, was held on May 8, 2004.

With the awards ceremony giving momentum, they became friends and promised to "engage in new kinds of activities to surprise all of Asia together." Since last year, they began systematic preparations for their joint activities.

An official from SM Entertainment attached importance to the collaboration between these two Asian stars, saying, "Their formation of a group is not a mere outcome of cooperation between two big stars in Asia, but has presented a new formula for activities through cooperation between a hallyu star and a star from the Chinese-speaking region. Their cooperation is also very meaningful in terms of cultural exchange, as they are expected to provide fans all over Asia with high quality music content produced with Korea's outstanding technology."

taken from KBS Global Entertainment News

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Post time 17-7-2006 10:50 PM | Show all posts

183 Club debut album

183's debut album is scheduled to release onAugust 4, 2006. It'll comprise of 10 brand new songs (nothing from the OSTs) and produced by Warner Music. For their pictures....u can check it out at 183 Club thread.

credits to asian fanatic & Jungeiry

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Post time 25-7-2006 05:19 PM | Show all posts
2006-07-25 10:14:40

Roger Kwok and Cindy Au's Wedding Held at Hong Kong Disneyland

Roger Kwok and Cindy Au finally concluded their seven-year relationship with their fantasy wedding at the Hong Kong Disneyland. On Saturday, July 22, 2006, Cindy is officially 'Mrs. Wong'. ??

This couple's wedding has been planned by both of their parents to bring surprises to them. Because both Roger and Cindy love the Disney characters, they held their wedding at Disneyland. Cindy delightedly said, "When I was little I dreamt of having my wedding led by my parents and it is like a dream come true that night. My father handed over my happiness to Roger and it felt really warm and romantic. My tears were rushing in but to keep my make up, I had to surpress the tears." That scene was also very touching for every friend and relative, including the newlyweds themselves.




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Post time 25-7-2006 11:12 PM | Show all posts
^ eh roger kwok kawin... camner aku boleh terlepas berita ni....

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Post time 26-7-2006 05:31 PM | Show all posts
cindy au ni yg mana satu?

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Post time 28-7-2006 12:03 PM | Show all posts
[2006.07.21]Joe Cheng is more outstanding than Ming Dao

<Prince Turn into Frog> has just ended broadcasting on Hong Kong? channel; it has also brought Ming Dao to fame with its popularity. But after watching <Dong Zhang Xi Wang> featuring Joe Cheng Yuan Chang introduce his drama <It Started with a Kiss>, I feel that this male star will soon overtake Ming Dao and shine brighter than the former. Talking about looks, Joe is definitely better looking than Ming Dao; Although Ming Dao also sings, Joe is an inborn model himself, plus he is also Lin Zhi Ling? colleague. Of course Joe is not famous due to these relationships, but rather because of his capabilities.

Joe has acted in a few dramas and his popularity is not worse than Ming Dao; but if we were to ask people in Hong Kong, they would know Ming Dao more than Joe at the moment. However, Hong Kong people are deeply affected by the dramas they watch, soon they will also start to give Joe more attention. Owing to the fact that Joe? drama <It Started with a Kiss> has not been broadcasted in Hong Kong just as yet, but this show will definitely put Joe on people? minds once this show is aired. Joe would surely be able to hit into the Hong Kong market, maybe he?l even be more popular than Ming Dao.

Translated by: Engel
Source: Macau Daily 澳門曰報

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 Author| Post time 31-7-2006 11:43 AM | Show all posts
Thanks to Lian He Bao.
27th July 2006

The Hospital Premier, Jerry Fans Buys Up all Tickets

Jerry Yan's charm cannot be stopped. A charity premier of The Hospital is selling one ticket at 2000(TW) dollars and 1164 tickets were sold in 2 days. Some fans even bought 200 tickets at one go, showing the wealth of Jerry fans, making it hard for other F4 fans to follow back to back. A friend of Jerry pointed out that, even though his relationship with Lin Zhi Ling have faded, the back of his car still has a dog cage, just that coffee's appearence isn't seen anymore.

The Hospital would be holding its charity premier on the 13th of August 2006. A ticket that cost 2000 dollars included the pictorial book and T-shirt. However, it sold 1164 tickets just 2 days after it was opened for sale. The charity organisation have already recieved 232 8000 dollars, with fans asking for more.

Person in charge said, after it opened for sales on the 20th, many calls came in asking about it. After 2 days when half the seats , 1164 tickets were sold, there were fans calling in to complain they couldn't get tickets. Currently, they are considering to add seats. Some seats that were supposed to be only sold on that day itself might be opened for sale earlier on the 5th of August.

The spending issue of Jerry fans are shocking. Just Japanese fans, they have already formed a 250 person tour group to attend this premier in Taiwan and also for a holiday. Korean, HK and Asia Pacific's fans have also arranged to come and see their idol in Taiwan. Recently, Jerry who just returned from a Indonesia concert was spotted with a mini dog cage at the back of his car. The length and width of the cage was similar to the poodle, Coffee that he gave to Lin Zhi Ling. Looks like even though their relationship have faded, Jerry still thinks about her and even keeps the dog cage.

Extra Note : To people who are taking the below translation, DO make sure you ONLY CREDIT
Xiujuan @ for the translation. No extra credits should be given and no changes must be made to the translation. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Post time 9-8-2006 11:13 PM | Show all posts
Originally posted by hhhhh at 28-7-2006 12:03 PM
Joe Cheng is more outstanding than Ming Dao

<rince Turn into Frog> has just ended broadcasting on Hong Kong? channel; it ...

errkk.. ensem sgt ke JC tuh?? :stp: aku tgk Ming Dao laaaagi ensem :love: walaupon aku tgk JC dlu dlm ISWAK.

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Post time 23-8-2006 03:19 PM | Show all posts
Aug 23, 2006

Hong Kong Daily Hails "Married to Mafia 3"

The influential Hong Kong daily Oriental Daily News published a full-page article on its front page on August 19 about the South Korean movie "Married to Mafia 3."

The final scene of "Married to Mafia 3," which stars Hong Kong star Qi Shu, was secretly filmed August 18 in Hong Kong. The scene shows Qi Shu and another Hong Kong star, Ken Lo, fighting on the roof of a building. The movie's production company kept the location of the scene under wraps, but the next day Oriental Daily News had published a large photo of the filming site.

The production firm's CEO said he was surprised to see the photo in a copy of the newspaper that his production crew brought from Hong Kong, adding that the paparazzi had probably hidden in a nearby building.

The newspaper posted the photo of Qi Shu and Ken Lo shooting the scene and described the atmosphere of the filming site in detail.

The article was published under three dramatic headlines: "Outraged Mafia member Qi Shu Slashes Ken Lo," "Qi Shu Ponders Her Life in Front of Gun Muzzle," and "Bloodshed on Rooftop."

The article said that film experts praised Qi Shu when she was shooting the scene, and that she was wearing tight clothes and wielding a dagger with her face covered in blood stains. The newspaper also wrote that the actress slightly injured her back when Ken Lo accidently hit her as he was overly engrossed in the acting. "Qi Shu was hurt enough to shed tears but resumed filming after a brief break, to the applause of the production crew," wrote the newspaper.

Oriental Daily News also wrote that Qi Shu treated the production crew to ice cream and snacks because the weather was extremely hot when the scene was being shot.

At the bottom of the page, the newspaper also introduced the first two parts of the "Married to Mafia" series, saying that Hong Kong star Zhang Ziyi appeared in a cameo in the last two scenes of the movies.

"Married to Mafia 3," the last in the comic movie series, will open late this year. Unlike the first two installments, starring actress Shin Eun-kyung, "Married to Mafia 3," which stars top Hong Kong stars, depicts a story of a female Hong Kong mafia member who is banished from Hong Kong and comes to Korea, where she is protected by the Korean mafia. The cast also includes Lee Beom-soo, Hyun-young and Oh Ji-ho.

Source: KBS Global



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Post time 26-8-2006 12:18 AM | Show all posts
August 25, 2006

Disgust over bra-clad pix.

PETALING JAYA: Fans of Gillian Chung, one half of famed Hong Kong singing duo Twins, are outraged that bra-clad pictures of her have appeared on the cover of a Hong Kong magazine and on the Internet following her performance in Malaysia.

The photographs were allegedly snapped without Chung's knowledge while she was changing costumes during a singing performance in Genting Highlands last week.

One of the cover photos in question, published in the current issue of Easy Finder magazine, shows Chung fixing her bra backstage. Her breasts were not revealed.

The second, smaller cover photo shows Chung undressed shoulder up. The headline reads, Ah Kiu releases bra near back window,'' using Chung's Chinese nickname. Local fans jammed radio station 98.8s Oriental Rice Bowl programme yesterday to voice their support for Chung, venting anger and disgust at the parties responsible for the pictures.

IN TEARS: Chung breaking down over the obscene photographs of her on the cover of a Hong Kong magazine. On her left is Choi. Inset: One of the secretly taken photos of her in the dressing room.
It was reported that Chung was emotional and cried when the pictures hit the streets in Hong Kong a few days ago and also on the Internet.

The pictures showed her bare back and Chung clad in a bra while she was in the changing room with her personal assistant. The Twins had performed at the Arena of Stars in Genting on Aug 18-19. Twins, comprising Chung and Charlene Choi were former models turned Cantopop darlings.

Oriental Rice Bowl presenters Sam Mak and Louise Lau were not surprised over the flood of calls when Chung's topic came up for discussion.

Many of the callers are her fans and expressed support for her. They all condemned the pictures, saying such violation of privacy was cruel to the singer.

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Reply #17 DaoMing_Si's post

semalam ada tgk ni kat entertaiment news... tapi masa tu tak paham kenapa...

yg mag hk tu pun satu hal pegi jual lagi.... org yg amik tu pun giler jugak... ni jadi kes yg gambar bogel kena ketuk ketampi kat lokap lak kang....

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Post time 26-8-2006 04:08 AM | Show all posts

Reply #18 eyka's post

mag hk kan memang camtu.. bace kat asianfanatics tue memang da banyak artis dorang wartawan siar gambar lebey kurang camtu.. bende camni jadi kat sini wat malu negara je.. mau dier serik nak wat concert kat sini da..

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Post time 27-8-2006 03:13 AM | Show all posts

Reply #18 eyka's post

tu org memang sengaja letak videocam di situ....
kesian la tgk Gillian Chung.......

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