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DAH 2020, MASIH ADA ORG JOIN MCOCEAN (Multi Level Marketing) ??

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Post time 15-2-2020 04:33 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Dah 2020

Aku masih x faham kenapa ramai yg masih nak join MLM, dan yg aku perasan mereka target org pencen or tua2 or 35 ke atas, org2 kampung2

Kadg jenuh aku nak ckp yg benda ni penipuuuuu, contoh paling annoying skrg fingo, hadoiii laaaa..

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Post time 16-2-2020 11:56 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by adila39 at 24-2-2020 11:34 AM

saya tutup thread ni ya sbb mcm xd manfaat. unless otherwise do let t me know.

Okay TT I dah bukak thread u ni... tq for pm....nnt i baca more ni..


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 Author| Post time 25-2-2020 04:51 PM | Show all posts
adila39 replied at 16-2-2020 11:56 PM
saya tutup thread ni ya sbb mcm xd manfaat. unless otherwise do let t me know.

Okay TT I dah buka ...

TQ! ada lagi org yg tau mc ocean kat cni? huhu

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Post time 26-2-2020 09:48 AM | Show all posts
Edited by youcannotseeme! at 26-2-2020 09:51 AM

"McOcean Holding Sdn Bhd & Steady Dynasty Sdn Bhd adalah syarikat yang diklasifikasikan sebagai syarikat perniagaan Multi Level Marketing (MLM) satu syarikat yang berunsur penipuan. Fokusnya cari ramai org join plan RM35k network franchise."

kalo anda dijemput oleh mcocean, dia org akan berahsia dulu, masa dinner sembang ada dentist, polis, doktor, phd holder yg join, banyak jadi full-timer, tapi ku nampak FOOL-TIMER lebih sesuai namanya. Banyak event mcam dinner event, charity event member sendiri yg organize utk bonding, semua expenses sponsor sendiri, brg brg charity tu bkn dari mcocean HQ pun. taik betul.

mcocean is a RECRUITMENT scam which focus on recruitment. they will use a lot of BASIC business concept but make it sounds FANCY to confuse and try to convince ppl to join.
Words like: Product distribution business, indirect selling, secret business plan, only suitable for quality people, mcocean 3 stage of business process, mcocean has a very good SYSTEM to sell its products,...etc! This is such a waste of time, they all memang pandai jual mahal and talk nonsense like they are all millionaires.
They tell all this because they will try hard manipulate your mindset to be your own boss, to earn extra income for your future, make your parents proud, work hard now to enjoy after you become KP which you have rm20k monthly income, etc!  Just BE CAREFUL and don't walk in to the bank with them! they will tell you must have product sales, this business must sell product to get profit and downline. They will brainwash you over and over to make u take the rm35k package.

Many mcocean victim out there is telling the truth. They are using mostly unethical approach for their recruitment activities. The activities like dinner events, badminton, futsal, visiting some old folks home and charities.... they look normal but it is just a trick which mcocean ppl are trained to make friends with you all and in the process they will psycho you to join this "mcocean big family". At the end if you join, you will find that you are just sharing the business DEBT with your uplines. You will find that you have just bought lousy overpriced mcocean ener products which cannot sell to market out there!

mcocean business rugi.png

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