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[Miscellaneous] Guide to hunting cheap air tickets

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The following article will guide you through the steps to hunt for cheap airline tickets.

First of all, Phuotvivu will recommend the top websites and apps that you must always check before booking any flight. After that, we will point out some useful tips to save you time, money, and become a cheap flight booking expert anytime, anywhere.

Compare airline ticket prices
A quick and easy way to do this is by using flight search tools or air fare comparison sites. Start using it by following these steps:

Step 1: Access the best flight search tools listed below (click the link to open a new tab).

Step 2: Enter your destination and departure date to compare fares at the fare comparison pages.

Step 3: Or, please return to this page and click on the link to find the most popular flight tickets above.

Step 4: Repeat steps # 2 & # 3 until you are sure to find the best offer page.

Step 5: Review the results to choose which website or airline offers the cheapest fares.

There is no 100% perfect ticket comparison page. So you should check many websites to make sure you do not miss the cheaper flight tickets because the results shown are not complete. Start with Skyscanner and Momondo, then check other search engines before deciding to book tickets.

When searching for airline tickets online, always use incognito or private browsing mode to make sure prices don't change based on your search history. Just right click on the links above (or any link on this page) and select "Open in incognito tab" as shown below.

Check airline promotion tickets
To find cheap air tickets besides tips is to book at least 1 month in advance, the cheapest tickets are always available when you book at the time the airline has promotions.

If you already have a list of the airlines that you regularly use, go to their website and find promotions? By searching on "Deals", "Special offers", "Promotions", "Promo tickets" and so on. Another way is to view promotions posted on its Fanpage, Twitter and Instagram pages. You should like & follow the airlines' page so you don't miss promotions.

Don't waste time checking regular websites, sign up for emails and use Momondo's "Track fare" feature and Skyscanner. This way, you will receive automatic updates via email when the cheap fares program is launched.

Cheap airline tickets in Vietnam
If you are looking for cheap flight tickets in Vietnam, please refer to the airlines listed below:

Jetstar pacific
VietJet Air
Vietnam Airlines
Enough Air
Should you book your flight now or wait for cheaper fares?
If you already know your arrival and departure dates, the minimum rule you must know to save money is not to wait, especially if you're about to fly within 2 to 3 months.

Airlines often offer low round-trip tickets at the original price and when seats are available, the remaining tickets will be more expensive. For most flights, the price increase usually starts 2 to 3 months before the departure date, especially for long flights to Europe and the US.

Air tickets may be sold below the airline's original fare if either of these occurs:

Promo tickets / Promotions
Flight ticket error
It is best to book early when you know in advance of flight time and destination.

Not all airlines offer promotional fares regularly. Promotions are usually announced at least 3 to 6 months prior to the flight date (the cheapest tickets usually sell one year in advance).

How to book the cheapest flight possible
The most important strategy to book cheap flights is to be flexible with your travel plans. You can find cheaper airfare by checking the ticket price 1-2 days before or after the scheduled flight date. If you are planning to arrive on Sundays, try checking the fare difference if you fly on a Friday, Saturday or Monday.

Here are the rules you should refer to for the cheapest tickets:

Use the best airfare comparison pages.
Plan your trip based on the cheapest airfare dates
Consider low-cost airlines.
Research cheap airline tickets
Choose the cheapest place to fly.
Identify the fault ticket promptly because it can be booked then the airline will cancel the ticket immediately after.
Check ticket prices early and register for price alerts.
When to book cheap flights
Usually, airfare is cheaper when the demand for that flight is low. You should avoid flying during peak months, holidays and weekends but not necessarily always. You can check the air fare chart for the months of the year to know the ticket price trends and make the right decision when booking a flight.

With Skyscanner, it's easy to view this chart. You only need to select the destination, then fill in the "Departure" and "Return", "Entire month", select "Cheapest month" and search.

When to book cheap flights
Usually, airfare is cheaper when the demand for that flight is low. You should avoid flying during peak months, holidays and weekends but not necessarily always. You can check the air fare chart for the months of the year to know the ticket price trends and make the right decision when booking a flight.

With Skyscanner, it's easy to view this chart. You only need to select the destination, then fill in the "Departure" and "Return", "Entire month", select "Cheapest month" and search.

Momondo also makes it easy to compare daily fares, but what Phuotvivu really likes about this site is detailed flight information. Enter your destination and random flight date, then select "Flight Insights for" in the upper right corner. Here, you can learn the factors that affect ticket prices including the months / weeks with the cheapest airline tickets of the year. See more:

Momondo provides more detailed flight information on the "Search Flight" feature. Just visit this page, choose your starting position on the "Fly from" option. Then select "Everywhere" on the "Incoming flight" option. Select the "World" area and finally the country / city you want to visit.

Cheap airlines in the world
If you want to travel on a budget, book low-cost, low-cost airlines by offering affordable fares, then charge extra for utilities that are usually free when you fly. with regular airlines. These may include checked baggage, in-flight dining, etc. Generally, you only pay for what you need.

In Europe, the price difference between a low-cost airline and a regular airline is usually very large, so it's easier to pick a carrier that offers cheaper fares. However, in Southeast Asia, the price difference is not too high.

Here is a list of popular low cost airlines around the world:

VietJet Air
Jetstar Asia
Lion Air
Cebu Pacific
Enough Air
Jeju Air
Malindo Air
Enough Air
Australia & New Zealand
Jetstar Airways
Norwegian Air
Pegasus Airlines
North America
Southwest Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Allegiant Air
Sun Country
Virgin America
South America
Fly Gol
Azul Brazilian
Air Algeria
Air Arabia
Royal Air Morocco
LAM Mozambique
It's easy
Find out a more comprehensive website with low cost airlines listed by country here.

To make sure you don't miss the airlines that can fly with you, check out the airports listed on Wikipedia & the list of airlines and destinations. Just visit and enter the name of the airport into the search box. Enter "Singapore Airport" in the search box of Wikipedia or "Wikipedia Singapore Airport" in the search bar of Google.

See your needs and set only the utilities that are most needed
Always check flight details before purchasing and reading airline terms. Follow these steps:

Check the location of the destination airport . Large cities often have more airports. Some low-cost carriers choose to fly to airports far from the city, which can increase your transportation costs.
Buy more of the exact checked baggage you need . Ensure luggage does not exceed the specified size (length / width / height) and the number of bags allowed. Do not just look at maximum weight. It is always cheaper to buy checked baggage before flying, especially when booking a ticket, and always more expensive than buying at the airport. And even more when you were caught by the employee on the last minute boarding. If you want to know how much it costs to buy checked baggage, see the list of airline baggage charges on TripAdvisor.
Use online check-in if available, if you fear you will be late to the airport. During the check-in process, most airlines will give you one last chance to pre-purchase cheaper gadgets. Have your credit card ready.
Check which terminals you fly to if you book the next flight on different airlines or separate destinations on the same airline. Make sure you have enough time to travel between the airport terminals so you don't miss the next one.
Check utilities details before booking. Some low-cost airlines have pre-selected utilities for the booking process. You may end up spending money on add-ons that you may not need or even know about. Usually travel insurance, seat selection, meals and free luggage.
Print your ticket . The famous Ryanair Airport forces customers to pay a huge fee if there is no air ticket when arriving at the airport. So always print tickets in advance for sure.
Choose the cheapest place to fly
If you want to travel as cheaply as possible, plan your trip based on cheap fares instead of destinations. The ways to know when to book cheap air tickets are indicated above.

However, if you want to know "The cheapest place to fly," use the flight search tool with a map view. Just enter where you depart and your expected flight date. The estimated price appears in hundreds of countries around the globe from your departure point. The list of destinations is organized by price, which helps you plan your trip quickly based on the most efficient place to fly.

Here are the best websites you should check:

Google Flights
Discover faulty fares
On rare occasions, airlines can make mistakes when posting fares, leading to significantly reduced flights. Price errors occur for a variety of reasons including human error, technical problems, or currency fluctuations.

These sites are very sensitive in recognizing faulty fares

Airfare Watchdog
Secret Flying
Fault tickets are often very cheap sometimes when the order is completed and the airline automatically canceled, as in the case of Air France last Tet.

Get free flight on airline gift program
Why pay for flights when you can get them for free? Join the frequent flyer program offered by your favorite airlines and sign up for a credit card reward for every transaction you make.


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