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[Tempatan] Over 200K Rohingya Refugees In M'sia, Are We Putting Refugees Needs Ahead Of Our

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Last week, the Malaysian government announced their intention to help Rohingya refugees who are fleeing the conflict in Rakhine by opening up the country's borders to allow them in.

And it is a commendable action by the government, because as of the time of writing, the Rakhine issue seems endless, and no real solution is at hand as of yet. But just because it is a commendable action, does not mean that the move by the government will not have any serious repercussions.

Deputy Home Minister, Nur Jazlan Mohamed, cautioned that Malaysia should be wary of the Rohingya militants who might be taking advantage of Malaysias goodwill and use the crisis as a window of opportunity to enter the country.

Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed.

"We also have to be cautious. Although we are willing to accept the Rohingya refugees on humanitarian grounds, but the huge number can be worrying to us on the possibility that some of them may be sympathisers of the militants who are active in their country, he told reporters.

And its not only the militants that raises concern about the growing influx of Rohingya refugees.

Some Malaysians, particularly the ones with more nationalistic views have reacted with alarm at the continued influx of refugees into Malaysia, and some of the issues raised were regarding the burden it will place on Malaysians to ensure that the welfare of the refugees were being met, and of course, if they are able to assimilate to the Malaysian way of living.

After all, there have been noteworthy incidents concerning the Rohingyas in Malaysia before. Most recently, 44 ethnic Rohingya were arrested by the Malaysian police last August after holding an illegal protest gathering in front of the Myanmar embassy.

And a few days after that, several Malaysians took to internet forums to voice out complains of how the refugees are taking over certain areas like Selayang and making themselves at home amidst unsanitary and unhealthy living condiitions.

Which is not a surprise when Salam Rohingya, a non-governmental organization claimed that they have been asked Why do are they going to such great lengths to protect an uncouth ethnic group like the Rohingya?

And this raises an interesting conundrum in the the Rohingya dilemma, if Malaysia keeps on taking on the Rohingya refugees, how will Malaysians be affected?

Which is why we at Malaysian Digest decided to talk to individuals who are closer to the issue and familiarl with the plight of the Rohingyas.

In A Crisis, We Cannot Look At The Benefits That We Can Get From Helping
Rohingya refugees holding a protest in front of Tabung Haji

One of the prominent issue raised by nationalists regarding the influx of the Rohingya refugees, is how can they contribute to Malaysia?

After all, if they are staying in Malaysia they surely will take up precious resources and space in the country at the expense of Malaysians, so its a fair question isnt it?

But according to Jerald Joseph, a Commissioner for SUHAKAM (Human Rights Commission of Malaysia), that way of looking at the Rohingya situation is flawed.

Jerald Joseph

Jerald explained that the situation faced by the Rohingya can now be labelled a crisis, and we should not be looking at how Malaysia will benefit from taking them in.
What the Rohingya is facing in their own country right now is a crisis. And in a crisis, we cannot look at the benefits that we can get from helping.

For now, we are helping the Rohingya because it is the right thing to do, not because it can benefit us in anyway, said the commissioner.

Jerald also pointed out that it is true that it will burden Malaysia in some ways especially in education and healthcare, but this is where international communities need to play their roles, in helping Malaysia to take care of the refugees.

This is where the United Nations (UN) and Asean needs to play their roles. As a short term measure, Malaysia can provide refuge for the Rohingya, but at the same time a solution needs to be worked out among the countries so that the future of the Rohingya can be ascertained, said Jerald.

When speaking about the Rohingya issue in Malaysia, most Malaysian might be forgiven for thinking that it is something fairly recent, when it is actually not.

The first known military crackdown faced by the Rohingya actually happened back in 1978. And from the periods of 1991-1992, the Rohingya again faced military action in their own country.

And this is a fact that Jerald would like to point out at most Malaysians, that it is not a new issue.

It has been going on for years actually. There is quite a history behind the Rohingyas search for refuge, and it is an continous issue.

The reason people are making an issue out of it now is that because the Malaysia government is now very open and vocal about their support of the Rohingya people, said Jerald.

According to statistics from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR), so far there are 56,000 registered Rohingya refugees in Malaysia. But Jerald said that this doesnt reflect the true numbers, because most of them might not be registered.


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Post time 14-9-2017 10:20 AM | Show all posts
Kalau diorang taknak keluar dari negara diorang then why ngkau tak pegi wilayah lain dalam Burma tue je? Ngkau neh memang musibattt lar dasar keling!

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Post time 14-9-2017 10:53 AM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
embak sidaknya ke Sarawak

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Post time 14-9-2017 11:46 AM | Show all posts
bukan cakap menteri tu. kelak mereka ni bawak masalah. dengan sifat ganasnya. jangan dah jadi masalah baru nk fikir selesaikan......

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